SunFaith China Ltd.

SunFaith China Ltd. is a Shanghai-headquartered trusted consultancy firm, mainly specialising on business-to-business market analysis and competitive intelligence to multinational customers. SunFaith has a total of more than 60 employees and 17 divisions and work places with a strategic location across Mainland China.

Supported by corresponding public authorities as well as powerful intelligence and investigation networks, SunFaith is endowed with the capability of delivering original, up-to-the-minute and cost beneficial information.

With decades of accrued research expertise along with a team of professionals in motley areas, SunFaith’s market research service comprises a heap of industry lines, such as electric power and control, mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and auto components, consumer commodities, light industrial goods, printing, and wildlife preservation.

SunFaith’s offerings are broadly categorised into standard services (custom market analysis and market competition intelligence) and non-standard services, including industry analysis, dynamic market intelligence, monthly market briefing reports, sourcing / distribution channel research and more.

Research Reports By SunFaith China Ltd.

Found 101 publications
2012 China’s Textile Industry Analysis Report US$ 500.00 Feb, 2013 10 pages
Report on China’s CT Machine Industry in 2009 US$ 480.00 Nov, 2010 15 pages
Report on China’s Food Industry in 2009 US$ 500.00 Sep, 2010 15 pages
Report on China’s Coal Industry in 2009 US$ 400.00 Sep, 2010 10 pages
Research Report of China Vitamin Complex Market US$ 400.00 Dec, 2009 11 pages
Research report of TCM formula granules market US$ 400.00 Jul, 2009 8 pages
Report on Means of Avoiding Employee Fraud US$ 100.00 Jul, 2009 5 pages
Research report on anti-HBV drug market US$ 400.00 Jul, 2009 8 pages
Research report on home medical device market US$ 400.00 Jul, 2009 10 pages
Chinese industry report - White wine industry US$ 450.00 Jul, 2009 25 pages
Analysis Report of China's Multivitamin Market US$ 350.00 Jun, 2009 7 pages
Research report on multivitamin market US$ 350.00 Jun, 2009 7 pages
Research report of China’s private hospitals US$ 350.00 Jun, 2009 7 pages
Research Report of Cold Medicine Market US$ 400.00 May, 2009 11 pages
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