Proriv Company

'PRORIV' Company provides qualitative and quantitative research using a unique methodology developed to ensure better market understanding for the clients.

Focusing on the customers’ needs the experts have elaborated a series of interview techniques that reveal consumption peculiarities, perceptions of a specific brand and motivation factors.

Further studies are supposed to analyze market segments and key brands, estimate secondary motives and classify the most active socio-demographic groups.

Interviewing survey informants enables to identify behavioral characteristics of buyers, reasons and choices. Practicing this approach 'PRORIV' Company discovers well-directed strategies and offers efficient business solutions. On this basis they perform extensive reports that feature:
  • market share and segmentation;
  • historical data;
  • economic challenges;
  • brand development prospects;
  • consumers behavior analysis and classification;
  • competitive landscape overview;
  • product ratings; etc.
PRORIV’s research findings are formula for success, launching a new product and increasing revenue.

Research Reports By Proriv Company

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