Reevolv Advisory Services Private Limited

Founded in 2008, Reevolv Advisory Services Private Limited (Reevolv) is a specialist investment banking and management consulting company providing one-stop-shop services in the fields of financial consulting and operations advisory, business strategy to private equity firms and corporates.

The company’s mission is to work along with entrepreneurs in assisting them in attaining their goals. Its motto is to meet companies’ needs via the whole life span by rationalising their resources consumption and access to capital and hence boost value of all stakeholders.

Reevolv is a research initiative, with the aim of covering sunrise industries. In bulk, the sunrise sectors make up different consumer services and products that are often unorganised, fragmented and localised by nature. There are various investment and growth avenues. Still, the availability of qualitative information or data points is a major challenge. Through its proprietary studies, Reevolv seals these gaps by examining particular sectors within wider consumer market space. The research publications usually feature market size data, industry dynamics, major challenges, key success factors, players’ profiles with financial metrics, PE deals and valuations.

Research Reports By Reevolv Advisory Services Private Limited

Found 9 publications
Indian Ladies Handbag Industry Report US$ 850.00 Aug, 2014 151 pages
E-Commerce - Deal Multiples (Select Transactions) US$ 500.00 Mar, 2014 103 pages
QSR & Fine Dining US$ 500.00 Jan, 2014 80 pages
Indian Footwear Industry Report US$ 750.00 Aug, 2013 157 pages
Indian Eyewear Retail Industry Report US$ 850.00 May, 2013 159 pages
Indian Salon Industry Report US$ 750.00 May, 2013 89 pages
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