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Plastics manufacturing is a prime industry where Plastics News Group is involved. It publishes extensive research reports that feature feasible set of solutions, market statistics and insights focused on end-user market performance.

Plastics News Group’s customers regularly obtain accurate and unparalleled knowledge through printed and online media accessible sources. A proficient editorial team and competent advisors administer a website, provide e-newsletters, and arrange various conferences and seminars. Together with a strategic design and growth drivers the research comprises plenty of significant components including:
  • company profiles;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • business ranking;
  • revenue prospects;
  • personnel data.
Its core journal Plastics News is directed to North American marketplace and its participants with a view to expand globally. The periodical contains profound and reliable market information, competitive intelligence, consumer studies and other efficient elements for productive business performance within its territory and overseas.

Research Reports By Plastics News Group

Found 11 publications
Thermoformers Market Review and Outlook 2012 US$ 499.00 May, 2012 33 pages
Thermoformers 2012 US$ 400.00 Feb, 2012
Market Data Book 2011 US$ 700.00 Dec, 2011
Blow Molders 2011 US$ 400.00 Nov, 2011
Film and Sheet Manufacturers 2011 US$ 400.00 Sep, 2011
Rotational Molders 2011 US$ 400.00 Aug, 2011
Rational Molders 2011 US$ 400.00 Aug, 2011
Injection Molders 2011 US$ 700.00 May, 2011
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