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iGATE Research is a worldwide provider of advisory, market research, and analytics services. The firm serves as a one stop source for all the industry and market research needs comprising syndicated and custom research as well as analytics services. iGATE Research equips companies with valuable information in regard to creating a strategy, identifying business opportunities, diversifying product ranges, expanding their businesses to global markets, assessing the levels of competition, among others.

Combining a refined understanding and in-depth expertise of the industry, the company’s qualified and experienced professionals assist clients in taking better-informed decisions. They work cooperatively to offer high quality research solutions to clients across manifold industry sectors including life sciences, health care, travel & tourism, IT, retail, telecommunications, consumer retailing, amid others, seeking to exceed clients’ expectations with any and every project report.

Located in New Jersey, U.S., the agency works extensively with other advisories and global businesses. Its top-rank services comprise:

  • Syndicate Research,
  • Custom research,
  • Consulting support.
iGATE’s insightful and relevant reports cover various industrial sectors such as:
  • Retail Trading;
  • Logistics;
  • Healthcare and Medications;
  • Food;
  • Travel industry;
  • IT and Media;
  • Transportation industries and many others.
Stake holders are offered ultimate knowledge on business solutions and strategies, major market participants and trends, competitive environment evaluation, market entry support, new-age business and manufacturing technologies overview and other assistance.

Meeting every customer’s need iGATE's key principle is to assist him to come up with sound decisions and assess opportunities on how to enter a new market or boost revenue.

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Asia Medical Tourism Market and Forecast To 2022 US$ 2,800.00 Jun, 2017 640 pages
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