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Innovative Research and Products is a reputed provider of industry/market research reports and technical-commercial assessment of buzopps and technology commercialisation for corporate and institutional organisations. The company’s professional staff are capable of identifying the leading trends at the earliest stage possible as well as being in touch with the novel developments.

iRAP offers research and analysis on both present-day and next gen products and technologies, encompassing a good bit of areas, such as nanotechnology, nanoparticles and nanomaterials, advanced materials, metals and alloys, automotive and aerospace components, chemicals, coatings, energy including ultracapacitors and supercapacitors, electrical and electronic materials, plastics, electronic and optical devices, organic food, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and a lot more.

iRAP’s renowned client list includes but it not limited to Abbott Labs, BASF SE, Cabot Superior MicroPowders, Bayer Materials Science AG, 3M, Dow Chemical Co., DuPont, FujiFilm Corporation, JSR Microelectronics, Intel, The Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd., JSR Microelectronics, EPCOS AG, Canon Inc., Cooper Busman Electronics, Applied Materials, Inc., among many others.

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