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Nnebe Business Services Ltd: Market Research Reports

Nnebe Business Services Ltd is a market research provider analyzing major African industries and serving different clients among which are competitive traders, financial analysts, economists, stockholders, enterprises and independent consumers. The consumers search for advantageous solutions on emerging businesses of Africa that are offered by Nnebe Business Services’s proficient team via comprehensive market reports. The reports are based on relevant African stock market database together with other reputable resources.

Intelligence service includes various essential in-demands:

  • historical analysis;
  • consumption analysis;
  • supply and demand overview;
  • company profiling;
  • key participants and trends study;
  • risks and challenges within the industry;
  • forecasting.

The industry coverage includes: electric power, energy, banking, consumer products, production and technical facilities and others. Nnebe Business Services Ltd renders information on manufacturing revenues, current tariff pays and growth factors. Impeccable solutions offered by the firm ensure clients’ successful entrance and further performance in the region.

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Ghana Power Sector Report 2011

US$ 800.00

Ghana's electricity sector is undergoing a period of change with a spurt of new power projects that will raise total installed generation capacity in the country by 65% to a total of 3,600 MW by 2013....

February 2011 30 pages

Electric Power Sector in Nigeria - 2010

US$ 1,000.00

Nigeria suffers from a serious crisis in electricity supply due to decades of poor management, planning, monopolistic inefficiency, and a lack of capital funding. In 2010, the country has less than 50...

November 2010 40 pages

Fast Food in Nigeria - 2010

US$ 500.00

Fast food in the traditional sense is not new to Nigeria. The corner seller of suya, akara (fried bean cakes), roasted plantain, fried yam, and roasted corn has been an age-old feature of many Nigeria...

June 2010 21 pages