Strategic Analysis Limited

Strategic Analysis Limited is a research group of the Henry Jackson Society supplying the customers with commercial insights, advisory services and domain-specific decisions. Those who search for reliable data and business opportunities across Euroasian region and the Middle East will discover the service beneficial for efficient performance. Strategic Analysis Limited pinpoints subrisks that can impact business activity to optimize secure market entries.

Devoted analysts utilize their knowledge to uncover economic and political risks, ensure better understanding of ongoing market and social events and identify capabilities of the clients. Premium research features a set of crucial findings including:
  • current trend analysis;
  • performance scenarios;
  • competitors’ assessments;
  • forecasts;
Skillful experts conduct bespoke reports that consider every client’s interest. Timely, suitable to use, regularly updated reports and country summaries are high-demand products of the agency. Strategic Analysis Limited specialists represent the agency on the Sky, the BBC, AL Jazeera channels and are expert editors of such periodicals as the New York Times, the Financial Times others.

Research Reports By Strategic Analysis Limited

Found 11 publications
Individual Country Report: YEMEN US$ 65.00 Mar, 2013 21 pages
Individual Country Report: UAE US$ 65.00 Mar, 2013 25 pages
Individual Country Report: SYRIA US$ 65.00 Mar, 2013 36 pages
Individual Country Report: SAUDI ARABIA US$ 65.00 Mar, 2013 37 pages
Individual Country Report: MAURITANIA US$ 65.00 Mar, 2013 31 pages
Individual Country Report: LEBANON US$ 65.00 Mar, 2013 54 pages
Individual Country Report: JORDAN US$ 65.00 Mar, 2013 30 pages
Individual Country Report: ISRAEL US$ 65.00 Mar, 2013 39 pages
Individual Country Report: IRAQ US$ 65.00 Mar, 2013 55 pages
Individual Country Report: EGYPT US$ 65.00 Mar, 2013 33 pages
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