Tobacco Market Research ReportsĀ & Industry Analysis

Tobacco is amid the most widely used substances around the globe. The tobacco market is amid the most profitable ones. Its representatives have enormous economic influence on the world stage, with sales generating over USD 490 billion in revenues.

China is the top tobacco consumer, accounting for over one third of the global market. Today, the tobacco market is represented by such majors as British American Tobacco, ITC Ltd., Goldfrey Phillips India Ltd., Philip Morris International, Austria Tabak and others.

Despite its evident negative impact on health, tobacco use continues to remain the key social trend. However, rising health concerns amid purchasers together with government restrictions and tobacco products promotion limitations have resulted in a fall of the consumption growth tempo. In the coming years, the tobacco demand rise is set to be primarily encouraged by the emerging markets, while the developed countries may witness a consumption drop.

Research reports under this category offer thorough analyses of the tobacco market. The reports provide in-depth industry trends discussions and insights into the business environment. The researches include comprehensive overviews of the industry drivers, risks and profiles of top and minor market players. The reports also examine world, regional and domestic tobacco markets, and study future prospects of the industry.