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Goode Intelligence: Market Research Reports

Goode Intelligence offers custom research and market analysis. Since 2007 it ensures international ventures with elaborate reports and business innovations covering such sectors as biometrics, identity control, mobile devices and data safety.

Goode Intelligence miscellaneous services are required by:

  • IT consumers;
  • Investors;
  • technology providers;
  • emerging and strong companies,
  • looking for better strategic decisions; financial leverage; product based marketing or successful market entries.

Ready-made and customized reports are profound and reliable products of insightful investigation, qualitative-quantitative analysis and benchmarking assessment. Highly-qualified experts carry out independent and careful study on the field meeting every specific need of a client. Moreover, long-term forecasts are included into cross-section data of a report. Goode Intelligence keeps up-to-date with the recent market developments, newly emerged companies, different economic issues ensuring assistance in elaborating best market decisions and identifying winning strategies.

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Monthly Fingerprint Biometrics Market Intelligence

US$ 300.00

... pages, monthly publication covering: Industry and market news Company news including; Sales wins and loses Share price M&A activity Investment ... and opinion Interviews with those involved in mobile biometrics Selective market forecasts (taken from GI’s market forecast reports) Event news (where the ...

January 2014 20 pages

Mobile Biometric Security Market Forecast Report 2013 - 2018

US$ 2,400.00

Mobile Biometric Security Market Forecasts is a 66 page report that provides detailed regional and global market forecasts for the mobile biometric security ... their next generation devices – not just fingerprint sensors but other biometric technology as well. “This will become even more important in the post- ...

October 2013 66 pages

Mobile Banking Security Insight Report; Securing the Mobile Banking Channel

US$ 1,200.00

Mobile Banking Security provides an insight into the current state of mobile banking security. This 40+ page report analyses the importance of security for mobile banking and investigates how technolo...

October 2012 49 pages

GI Mobile Security Survey Report 2009-2011 Data Version

US$ 400.00

The mSecurity Survey 2011 Report data only edition includes all of the survey data that Goode Intelligence has captured since the first edition of the survey report was published in 2009. It is a valu...

April 2012 23 pages

GI mSecurity 2011 Survey Report Premium Edition

US$ 1,050.00

The GI mSecurity 2011 survey report premium edition provides a detailed picture of how organisations currently view mobile security (mSecurity) and collates responses from information security profess...

April 2012 95 pages

GI mSecurity 2011 Survey Report

US$ 995.00

The GI mSecurity 2011 survey report provides a detailed picture of how organisations currently view mobile security (mSecurity) and collates responses from information security professionals and IT ma...

April 2012 76 pages

Mobile Phone Biometric Security; Analysis and Forecasts 2011 - 2015

US$ 3,995.00

Mobile phone biometric security is a strategic analysis of the market for mobile phone biometric security products and services. This 200+ page report includes an investigation on current mobile phone...

June 2011 245 pages

Mobile Security Survey 2010

US$ 995.00

The full report is an 80 page+ analyst report that explores all of the data that has been derived from the 2010 mSecurity survey. It includes quantitative data, analysis, industry news, opinion and re...

February 2011 79 pages

The Mobile Phone As An Authentication Device; Analysis and Forecasts 2010 - 2014

US$ 3,200.00

The Mobile Phone as an Authentication Device examines in detail the rising level of activity in this growing market. The first report in the Goode Intelligence (GI) mSecurity Series.Mobile Phone As An...

November 2009 257 pages