Conglomerates Company Research Reports

Conglomerates are multi-industry corporations active in various markets completely unrelated in their nature. A conglomerate usually operates globally and is made up of one company holding a control stock and a number of companies engaged in multifarious businesses. The diversification of conglomerate’s activities allows to reduce production costs, minimize the risk of being involved only in one market and to maximize profits. Nevertheless, some conglomerates tend to focus on one business field.

General Electric, Royal Dutch Shell, Lotte Group, Toyota Motor, ExxonMobil, BP, Wal-Mart Stores, Chevron and Johnson & Johnson are amid the key world conglomerates.

The catalogue encompasses research reports offering in-depth examinations of conglomerates’ operations. The studies provide SWOT analyses of separate companies along with vital information on the conglomerates’ strategic position, market shares, PR activities and stock prices changes. Moreover, data on financial performance including sales, revenues, income, assets turnover, profitability are at hand in the reports.

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