Precergy is a newly established UK independent consulting agency. Via its comprehensive research and varied consultancy the agency offers a range of business-like solutions, forecasts and consistent directions.

Dynamic development of the energetic sector requires continual monitoring and an observant eye of the specialists to be aware of the market situation, key participants and predict industry developments. Relevant and accurate data delivered by Precergy is a prerequisite for further high-quality research across the energy and power industry.

Precergy’s focus of interest is to ensure a reliable analysis of the industry comprising:
  • SWOT analysis;
  • due diligence;
  • entry strategies;
  • competitive analysis;
  • competitive intelligence;
  • consumer studies;
  • policy assessment;
  • opportunity overview.
Adopted to clients’ needs and followed by strategic design and insightful conclusions each report frameworks the most efficient business decisions, marketability and profitable investments.

Research Reports By Precergy

Found 2 publications
India Power Market Forecast 2014-2023 US$ 2,800.00 Feb, 2014 132 pages
China Power Market Forecast 2014-2023 US$ 4,400.00 Feb, 2014 131 pages
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