FocusEconomics SL

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, FocusEconomics is an inexhaustible source of market intelligence and comprehensive economic data provider. The company renders advisory services to Eurasian, American and African regions. Over 70 countries regularly get reliable, accurate and unique reports and consulting support that highlight various commercial sectors and challenges.
  • FocusEconomics offers a range of investigations including;
  • Extensive market analysis;
  • Strengths and weaknesses of key economies;
  • Driving trends;
  • GDP growth rates;
  • Market development prospects;
  • Country or regional industry summary containing geographical, financial, political information;
  • Inflation rates;
  • Economic dynamic and development monitoring; etc.
Special attention is given to business impartial outlook. Qualified experts provide consensus and economic forecasts for transnational enterprises, government bodies and various financial institutions. Thus, they are enabled to reduce risks, get better strategic scenarios and evaluate growth opportunities.

Research Reports By FocusEconomics SL

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