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IDATE DigiWorld: Market Research Reports

A European investigation agency IDATE, founded in 1977, delivers consulting and research services for individual and public companies scrutinizing media and telecom industries. An ample experience in advisory assistance rendering and ever increasing professional staff has enabled IDATE to renovate its business philosophy and develop into a leading-edge provider of market intelligence.

Today IDATE carries out insightful analysis of digital economy, ensures clients’ competitiveness and undertakes accurate and relevant data. High-level IDATE experts regularly publish a number of market reports, track innovative climate and establish credible dealings with industry participants and governmental bodies. All of above empowers the clients with unrivaled business knowledge, effective decision making, solid strategic position and viable tools for further advancement.

Moreover, IDATE has launched DigiWorld programme which accumulates and demonstrates multifunctional capabilities and performance of the company. DigiWorld Institute offers such events as the DigiWorld Summit, the DigiWorld Yearbook and Clubs held every month where clients participate in various research programmes, collaborate and find efficient business solutions.

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Covid-19 contact tracing applications: National strategies in technological terms (Bluetooth, QR Code, GPS) and geostrategic terms (sovereignty, use of data) US$ 1,650.00

This study contains a survey of the digital contact tracing approaches deployed for COVID-19 all over the world via the benchmark of more than 50 countries (and more than 40 identified initiatives). I...

June 2020 59 pages
FTTx markets in Europe – Dataset & Report: Markets as at December 2019 - Forecasts up to 2024 US$ 4,400.00

This study proposes an overview of the evolution of FTTx technologies at December 2018 in major European countries. In order to provide a ... architecture Factoring in overlaps when applicable FTTx as a share of total broadband customers Leading superfast broadband players’ market share Breakdown of FTTH vs. FTTB ...

June 2020
Logistics 4.0: Outlook of the most promising LPWAN IoT market US$ 2,750.00

This report explores the market opportunities for solutions based on new technologies (IoT, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence) in supply chain management and logistics...

June 2020 73 pages
5G for Industrials – A game changer for the industry – Dataset and report: Markets at 2020 & forecasts to 2026 US$ 3,300.00

This report analyses the deployments of 5G networks in industrial use case.It presents the underlying technologies needed to attain the goals of 5G for industrials.As an introduction, it also extensiv...

June 2020 66 pages
The TV and Video Services Market in North Africa and Middle East – Dataset & report: Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable, IPTV, OTT, Video on demand - Data & forecasts up to 2024 US$ 3,300.00

This new 2020 edition adjusts its scope to focus on North Africa and the Middle East and expands to cover 12 countries. For each country, the TV and OTT video market analysis includes the levels of ac...

June 2020
Today’s main cybersecurity trends: Growth driven by AI, 5G and the growing ubiquity of the cloud and IoT US$ 1,100.00

In the space of a few years, cybersecurity has become a key part of companies’ strategies. As every part of their business is going digital, they have become increasingly vulnerable cyberattacks that...

June 2020 23 pages
Impact of new mobile network architectures: Will operators see significant gains in the medium term? Will 5G lessen their dependence on traditional equipment suppliers? US$ 3,300.00

This report answers the following questions:Will virtualisation of the 5G radio access network truly enable significant gains for operators in the medium term?What impact will dynamic spectrum managem...

June 2020 61 pages
Power Utilities and FTTH: Focus on the FTTH strategies of key utility players across the world US$ 1,650.00

Utility players are investing massively in full-fibre infrastructure. Why? What are the incentives to enter these specific markets and to diversify their activities ? This report analyses five specifi...

May 2020 30 pages
The strategies of towercos and fibercos: Full integration in the telecoms value chain US$ 3,300.00

This report gives a snapshot of the development of towercos and fibercos, specifically in Europe, China and North America. In particular, it analyses the various business models and go-to market strat...

May 2020 37 pages
5G Markets in Europe – Database & Report: Data & forecasts up to 2025 US$ 4,400.00

This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the mobile market in Europe with the arrival of the fifth mobile generation. It explores the driving forces behind the market gro...

May 2020
Blockchain for Telcos: As adoption nears, the telecom sector must have shared visions ready US$ 3,300.00

This report echoes one in 2019 by IDATE DigiWorld on the impact of blockchain and decentralisation on media markets. The study presents the opportunities for CSPs to leverage on blockchain capabilitie...

April 2020 41 pages
World TV & Video Services Markets – Database & Report: Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable, IPTV, OTT, VOD - Data & Forecasts up to 2023 US$ 5,500.00

This half-yearly updated observatory on the TV & Video services market includes a database and a state-of-the-art report. It covers ... financing/licensing fees TV ad revenue Pay-TV revenue Revenue from OTT services: video advertising revenue (in-stream ad), DTR, Download to rent, EST, Electronic Sell ...

March 2020
World Telecom Markets & Players – Database & Report: Markets at December 2018 & Forecasts to 2023 US$ 3,300.00

This study, including a report and a dataset, delivers a snapshot of the major global telecom market trends. It covers historical data (2013-2018) and forecasts up to 2023 for the main market indicato...

March 2020
Cloud Gaming: The Era of Games Streaming: Stadia's push to conquer the video game market US$ 1,650.00

This report provides an analysis of cloud gaming, at both the industry and market level, with the recent launch of Google Stadia.

February 2020 24 pages
Operators’ STB strategies: Winning Set-Top Box Strategies for Operators US$ 2,750.00

The rapid changes in users’ video content viewing habits, starting with streaming, is upsetting pay-TV providers’ traditional role and forcing them to rethink their set-top box (STB) strategies. Despi...

February 2020 28 pages
World FTTx markets – Database & Report: Markets at June 2019 & Forecasts up to 2023 US$ 6,600.00

The bundle World FTTx market includes two deliverables: 1. A half-yearly updated dataset covering: 70+ ... architecture FTTH/B VDSL FTTx/Docsis 3.0 % of the different FTTx architectures in total fixed broadband market Emerging FTTx markets By country Current broadband market National regulation regarding ...

February 2020
Advertising: TV versus OTT - The future of commercial TV channels in the age of OTT migration US$ 3,300.00

Commercial TV channels are facing a twin threat: the migration of both viewers and advertisers to the Internet. Television is still the medium that best withstands the advance of the Internet, but the...

February 2020 85 pages
Digital China: The other digital superpower US$ 1,650.00

The stunning emergence, over the past decade, of China’s digital economic miracle is transforming the country – and its domestic and global position. Once a follower, digital China is now a world lead...

February 2020 23 pages
Cellular IoT Markets – Dataset & Report: Opportunities for NB-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox and LoRa before 5G introduction, Markets at 2018 & Forecasts to 2025 US$ 4,400.00

This study including a report and a dataset analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the IOT market around the globe. It explores the driving forces behind the market’s growth and tr...

January 2020
IoT in the NewSpace era: Will this shake up the satellite industry? US$ 2,750.00

This report analyses the main satellite market trends and their impact on IoT markets. It explores technological developments, how well satellite suits each of the target vertical markets, as well as...

January 2020 49 pages
Future TV: Where does Europe stand in the future audiovisual landscape? US$ 3,300.00

The doubts surrounding the future of the audiovisual sector are changing in nature. It is now accepted that linear television channels will not disappear tomorrow, but they will be consumed less as OT...

January 2020 44 pages
Digital Twin Cities: Laying a new cornerstone in the smart city’s digital foundations US$ 2,200.00

The Digital Twin is a concept that first appeared in the early 2000s, and has been applied to a number of industrial sectors (space, aeronautics, automotive, construction…). The concept applied to the...

January 2020 50 pages
High-Altitude Platform Station Systems: The long and uncertain road to the market of balloons and drones US$ 1,100.00

While much attention in recent years has been cast on the development of LEO satellite constellations to provide connectivity in remote or hard-to-serve areas, high-altitude platform station systems i...

January 2020 20 pages
World 5G Markets – Dataset & Report: Data & forecasts up to 2025 US$ 4,400.00

5G is one of the most disruptive moves in the recent years. 5G is really on, 5G really kicked off in 2019 in all world regions. This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in t...

January 2020
Blockchain in media: The impact of blockchains and decentralisation on media markets US$ 3,300.00

In this study we present the potential impacts of blockchain technologies on the media industries. We present the nature and main value proposition of the blockchain technology, as well as a summary o...

January 2020 40 pages
Omnichannel strategies in retail and telecom industries: Impact of digital on stores US$ 1,100.00

The report describes the concept of omnichannel and its major trends with a focus on retail and telecom industries. It presents key omnichannel initiatives implemented by retail and telecom companies...

December 2019 31 pages
Key IoT Verticals: IoT strategies of mobile network operators US$ 2,200.00

The report explores the Internet of Things (IoT) strategies of selected mobile network operators (MNOs). It describes the business- and consumer-oriented IoT offering of these MNOs and highlights thei...

December 2019 50 pages
Edge computing: Battle between cloud providers, industrials and telcos US$ 3,300.00

This report provides a global overview of the edge computing market. It explains why the concept is gaining so much traction and the high expectations alive there from deploying it. Alongside a review...

December 2019 60 pages
Pay TV markets and players: The market's transition to OTT US$ 3,300.00

Is pay TV stuck in an inexorable decline? Is SVOD the miracle cure? Have veteran players become aware of the changing tide and adapted their strategies accordingly? Who will be the big winners in this...

December 2019 66 pages
Maritime 4.0: Upscaled digitalisation is boosting appetite for connectivity US$ 1,100.00

This study presents an overview of the challenges and technological solutions for the digital transformation of the maritime freight industry. It presents the main challenges facing the industry, alon...

December 2019 21 pages
Smart Cities in Europe: When capital cities get smart US$ 2,200.00

This report provides an analysis of smart city dynamics among five capital cities in Europe: London, Paris, Madrid, Prague and Budapest. The analysis drew on the following questions:What is the nation...

December 2019 57 pages
The Immersive Technologies Market (VR/AR/MR): Challenges and prospects for entertainment and Industry 4.0 US$ 3,300.00

Since 2016, year the market started, immersive technologies have developed and product ranges have grown to better adapt to professional and entertainment use cases. AR and VR content innovations have...

November 2019 124 pages
5G Private Networks: Drivers, ecosystem and market sizing US$ 3,300.00

This report provides a comprehensive outlook on the development and state of 5G private networks worldwide, including a market sizing covering the forecast period of 2020-2025. The main cases covered...

November 2019 52 pages
Vodafone IoT: Strategy and key verticals US$ 550.00

This report explores the Internet of Things (IoT) strategy of Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile telecom operators. It describes the Vodafone business- and consumer-oriented IoT offering and...

November 2019 30 pages
World OTT Markets – Dataset & Report: Data & forecasts up to 2023 US$ 3,300.00

This yearly observatory – report and dataset – provides a comprehensive worldwide and regional/country level market value database covering all principal OTT services for the period of 2013 to 2023. M...

November 2019
6G: So, what happens in 2030? - Will 6G actually be needed? US$ 1,650.00

With the development of 5G commercial services, research work has already begun on ‘beyond 5G’ systems with an emphasis on the use of Terahertz frequency bands. Such 6G systems could emerge in 2030, a...

November 2019 28 pages
National AI Strategies: Investments by leading digital countries and the top vertical targets for AI US$ 1,650.00

This report encapsulates the core elements of the national strategies for the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan,...

October 2019 38 pages
France’s superfast access development programme: Public Initiative Networks Insight US$ 550.00

This report analyses France’s superfast access rollout policy. It details: The current scheme (goals, regulatory measures, financial support), the technologies employed and how it applies across the c...

October 2019 28 pages
Will copper switch-off come soon? - Economic analysis and operator experiences of decommissioning copper US$ 3,300.00

As deployments of ultra-high speed networks continue their progress, operators have to decide on the fate of their legacy copper networks. Literally, they must deal with their exit from the era of cop...

October 2019 36 pages
The TV and video market in Europe – Dataset & Report: Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable, IPTV, OTT, Video on demand - Data & forecasts up to 2023 US$ 3,300.00

Europe’s TV and video market is going the way of the North American market:Declining TV viewing time and TV household numbers;Pay-TV revenue that is starting to shrink as OTT services continue to attr...

October 2019
Connected Cars: Outlook of the future of automotive technology US$ 550.00

Our report on connected cars describes the different applications and their level of adoption at present. It analyses the strategies of:OEMs (car manufacturers)Telecom operatorsInternet players, who a...

October 2019 31 pages
Public-private partnerships for the development of NGA networks in Europe: The FTTH generalisation national programs of 9 European countries US$ 2,200.00

This report examines national FTTH public policies by taking a detailed look at nine countries: Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK. It is structured in two pa...

October 2019 45 pages
Smart Buildings: To Unlock the Value Opportunities, First Break Down Those Silos US$ 3,300.00

Following a first edition published in 2017 encompassing smart home and smart buildings, this new report focuses on smart buildings with their own market characteristics and the key factors impacting...

October 2019 69 pages
Sport, films, series: funding in the age of OTT: The impact of new OTT players on the value chain US$ 4,400.00

This study examines how the growth of OTT is impacting consumption, production and distribution of premium content, namely sport, films and TV fiction. It explores the roles that each of these content...

September 2019 105 pages
5G Monetisation: QoS and customised products creating new market opportunities US$ 2,200.00

5G is not a trend evolution of 4G, but is a technological breakthrough: beyond the improvement of performance as such, the 5G will allow the development of customized offers through network slicing. B...

September 2019 56 pages
5G Markets in Asia-Pacific – Dataset & Report: Data & forecasts up to 2025 US$ 3,850.00

This report analyses the overriding trends and changes taking place in the mobile market in Asia-Pacific with the arrival of a the fifth mobile generation. It explores the driving forces behind the ma...

September 2019
Iliad in Italy: One Year Later: How did the operator enter the Italian market and what are the initial results? US$ 1,100.00

This study starts by looking back at Iliad’s strategy in France through its subsidiary Free Mobile and describes the Italian market before Iliad’s entry. It then summarises the stages of Iliad’s entry...

September 2019 16 pages
The TV & Video Market in Middle East/North Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa – Dataset & report: Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable, IPTV, OTT, Video on demand - Data & forecasts up to 2023 US$ 3,300.00

IDATE DigiWorld is forecasting a 35.7% growth in the Africa/Middle East region’s television and video market between 2018 and 2023, taking it from 10.9 billion to 14.8 billion EUR. The biggest driver...

September 2019
World Cellular M2M market – Dataset & Report: Technologies & market forecasts up to 2023 US$ 4,400.00

... the overriding trends and changes taking place in the cellular M2M market around the globe. It explores the driving forces behind ... Data & Forecasts 2012-2022 Cellular M2M modules/SIMs by region and by country (million units) Cellular M2M Communication & associated services market, by region (million EUR ...

September 2019
Asia-Pacific Smart City Panorama: Asian megacities at the forefront of Smart City dynamics US$ 2,200.00

This report provides an analysis of smart city dynamics among five key Asia Pacific Cities. The analysis drew on the following questions:What is the national context supporting the development of smar...

September 2019 52 pages