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IDATE: Consulting and Market Intelligence

Founded in 1977, IDATE is an independent European digital consulting firm.
IDATE's experts support their clients worldwide through hundreds of projects designed to meet the challenges of the digital economy and inform strategic decisions.

Consulting: The guarantee of independent and reliable consulting solutions, based on the expertise of teams specialised in monitoring the telecom, media and Internet markets.

Market Intelligence: A publication program offering an international view of the major digital disruptions, both in the digital sectors and in the traditional sectors undergoing transformation, around thematic collections (FTTx, Wireless, Smart Verticals & IoT, Future TV & Digital Content, Enabling Digital Technologies, Digital Economy).

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5G indoor: Demand analysis: 5G indoor overview and challenges, evolution of the ecosystem, diversity of applications and real use cases

US$ 4,950.00

5G offers enhanced capabilities such as ultra-high speed, very low latency, and the potential for network slicing, making it a valuable asset for both consumer and industrial applications. With up to...

July 2023 36 pages

How and when will 6G emerge from 5G? Milestones and next steps: How can Europe stay ahead in the 6G race?

US$ 6,600.00

Unlike other sectors of the digital economy, Europe is one of the world’s market leaders in telecommunications equipment. Thanks to world-class companies, innovative research project platforms and div...

July 2023 45 pages

Open RAN and network virtualization: Open RAN and network virtualization strategies of MNOs

US$ 4,950.00

Open RAN and network virtualization are transformative technologies that are revolutionizing the mobile network industry. Particularly in the second half of 2020, the emergence of the Open RAN movemen...

July 2023 47 pages

5G indoor deployment strategies and technical trends: 5G indoor overview, deployment approaches, technical trends, and vendor landscape analysis

US$ 4,950.00

5G offers enhanced capabilities such as ultra-high speed, very low latency, and the potential for network slicing, making it a valuable asset for both consumer and industrial applications. Considering...

July 2023 42 pages

Optical Distribution Network (ODN) innovation and market sizing: Exploring the key trends and growth opportunities in the ODN Market

US$ 4,950.00

The report discusses the Optical Distribution Network (ODN), which plays a critical role in fiber-based networks by connecting central offices and end users. It highlights the strategic importance of...

July 2023 43 pages

Web 3.0 value chain demystified: Analysing the ecosystem and regulatory framework: A comprehensive study of key Web 3.0 components, including blockchain wallets, decentralised finance (DeFi) and institutional staking

US$ 4,950.00

This report analyses the dynamic trends and changes taking place in the Web 3.0 landscape with main focus on blockchain wallets, decentralised finance (DeFi) and institutional staking services. In add...

June 2023 44 pages

Telecom operators in Web 3.0: Navigating the changing landscape of services and infrastructure: Analysis of leading telco initiatives and assessment of telco market opportunities in Web 3.0

US$ 4,950.00

This report analyses the dynamic trends and changes taking place in the Web 3.0 landscape with a focus on the involvement of telecom operators. In addition to breaking down the Web 3.0 value chain, it...

June 2023 35 pages

Artificial intelligence applications and challenges: Exploring the impact of artificial intelligence on the telecommunications industry: Applications and Challenges

US$ 4,950.00

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most disruptive technologies of this decade and has the potential to transform every aspect of our society, including vertical industries. Telecom operators...

May 2023 28 pages

Artificial intelligence in the telecommunications industry: Unlocking opportunities: How AI is transforming the telecoms industry

US$ 4,950.00

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most disruptive technologies of this decade and has the potential to transform every aspect of our society, including vertical industries. Telecom operators...

May 2023 37 pages

Future TV: What are the market scenarios in the face of the current disruptions?

US$ 4,950.00

The uncertainties about the future of broadcasting are changing in nature. It is now a given that linear television channels will not disappear tomorrow, but that their consumption will continue to de...

April 2023 35 pages

Network Sharing: A cost-saving strategy to be considered on a case-by-case basis

US$ 4,950.00

In the field of 5G, what are the main practices and trends in terms of network sharing? This report addresses the following issues:What are the different types of sharing agreements?What are the key c...

March 2023 50 pages

What are the global growth areas in the fibre industry? Countries where more needs to be done in terms of FTTH/B deployment

US$ 4,950.00

This report highlights the global growth areas of the fibre industry, focusing on Europe, APAC, the Americas and MEA. It shows that there are still millions of homes still to be connected to fibre in...

March 2023 45 pages

Connected TV: The TV streaming accelerator

US$ 4,950.00

This report examines the market for connected TV (CTV) services, solutions and devices. The first part presents the segmentation of the CTV market as well as the main trends in the evolution of usages...

March 2023 40 pages

Industrial 5G deployments: Key findings

US$ 4,950.00

This report analyses 5G network deployments in industrial use cases.It presents the underlying technologies needed to achieve 5G objectives for industry.As an introduction, it also reviews current 5G...

February 2023 43 pages

The future of V2X market: An intermediate step towards self-driving systems

US$ 4,950.00

This report analyses the major upcoming innovations in the global automotive market. It explores the driving forces behind the market transformation, including a review of the two main technologies, k...

February 2023 47 pages

The Video Surveillance Market: Analysis of a very dynamic IoT market

US$ 4,950.00

This report analyses the major innovations taking place in the video surveillance market around the globe. It explores the driving forces behind the transformation of the market, including a review of...

February 2023 48 pages

In-home broadband: Technologies for in-home broadband

US$ 4,950.00

The outbreak of the pandemic has led to an inevitable surge in the use of digital technologies and placed broadband networks as a key enabler for various digital applications in home, including teleco...

December 2022 36 pages

Cloud and Data center markets: Market Trends

US$ 4,125.00

This report analyses the datacenter and cloud markets’ development.It presents the key stakes and challenges for each of them.The market structure is also examinedAn analysis of the market development...

December 2022 40 pages

5G mmWave use cases: When will mmWave unleash the full potential of 5G?

US$ 4,950.00

This report provides an update on mmWaves, the new frequencies available for 5G. It details their availability, assignments and reminds of their key characteristics. It also stress opportunities and c...

December 2022 41 pages

European regulation of media and digital entertainment

US$ 4,950.00

The media and digital entertainment market is still largely impacted by the weight of non-European players, including the Internet giants. In this context, the European Union has initiated processes t...

October 2022 54 pages

Main trends in the Technology, Media, and Telecom sector: From infrastructure to services: the rise of ecosystems

US$ 3,300.00

This study places the key digital technologies which are being adopted into a broad yet deep perspective. The choice of the most promising infrastructure and services in the period ahead is based on a...

September 2022 49 pages

World OTT video services markets: Revenues and usages, 2018 - 2026

US$ 4,400.00

This observatory covers the OTT video market according to multiple inputs, players and markets:Access to OTT video services (subscriptions and subscribers to paid offers, by country and service), acti...

September 2022

Telecom operators’ strategies in the health market

US$ 3,300.00

Telecom operators are looking for new opportunities in other sectors to increase their revenues, and digital healthcare is one of them. This report provides an overview of the digital health market, i...

September 2022 47 pages

Digital Markets Act: What impact on digital players?

US$ 1,650.00

As Internet usage has grown and tech companies have expanded considerably in the digital marketplace, the Digital Markets Act aims to regulate this market by establishing uniform rules to ensure conte...

September 2022 42 pages

Digital Services Act: What impact on the European digital market?

US$ 1,650.00

The growth in Internet usage and the diversification of online activities have increased the risk of users being confronted with illegal content. Recognising the need to regulate Internet content at a...

September 2022 36 pages

Cybersecurity: Outlook for the main threat in the digital economy

US$ 3,300.00

This report analyses the development of the cybersecurity market.It presents the key cyber stakes and challenges the digital economy is currently facing.It also provides solutions and recommendations...

August 2022 50 pages

The future of (N)GPON: Will 25G or 50G be the winner beyond 10G PON?

US$ 3,300.00

This report provides a global overview of PON technologies and their future developments, which are among the most important in the telecommunications sector today. It begins with a retrospective of P...

July 2022 42 pages

FAST services, the new television? After the USA, offers are developing in Europe

US$ 3,300.00

This report examines the market for Free Ad Supported Streaming TV (FAST) services. The first part presents a segmentation of OTT video services and positions the FAST offers in this environment. It a...

June 2022 57 pages

2G and 3G network shutdowns: Rationale, lessons learned and best practices

US$ 3,300.00

... , LTE reached its mid-stream and 5G is heating up. 2G networks started to be shutdown in Asia and in the USA. Some European MNOs announced plans ...

June 2022 97 pages

The global market of Open RAN: Towards a major shift in the telecom industry

US$ 3,300.00

This report analyses the adoption of Open RAN technology.It reminds the global context of Open RAN development.It also describes the different initiatives around the world promoting this technology.Th...

June 2022 49 pages

Copper switch-off: Economic analysis and operator experiences of decommissioning copper

US$ 3,300.00

As ultra-high speed network deployments continue to progress, operators have to decide on the fate of their legacy copper networks. Literally, they must manage their exit from the copper era. Aging co...

June 2022 55 pages

Private 5G networks tracker: Analysis of current deployments

US$ 3,300.00

This report analyses the adoption of private 5G networks.It presents the monitoring of private 5G networks worldwide since 2018.It also analyses the regulation of spectrum allocation for private netwo...

May 2022 29 pages

Smart Utilities: Outlook for the leading IoT market

US$ 4,400.00

This report analyses the smart utilities solution market development.It presents the key stakes and challenges the energy sector is currently facing.The key use cases are also described in detail.It a...

May 2022 102 pages

Tech Giants in Digital Entertainment: Scale effect drives to leadership

US$ 4,400.00

This report examines the digital entertainment market (video, music, games) from the specific perspective of the Tech Giants.The introductory section describes the market dynamics of digital entertain...

May 2022 48 pages

Manufacturing 4.0: Opportunities for the telecom industry

US$ 3,850.00

This report analyses the adoption of manufacturing 4.0 solutions in the industry.It presents the underlying networking technologies needed to attain the goals of smart manufacturing.The key use cases...

May 2022 76 pages

LEO satellite constellations: What’s the future of LEO constellations?

US$ 3,300.00

In recent years, the new LEO constellations have received much attention as a means of bringing ubiquitous Internet connectivity, including to rural areas. To this end, more than 1,000 small satellite...

April 2022 54 pages

Metaverse, a brave new world? Video gaming as the most advanced option

US$ 6,000.00

In this study, we present the nature and main value proposition of the metaverse, as well as its key enablers and limitations. We address the potential impacts of metaverse on the gaming industry. Our...

March 2022 60 pages

5G B2B Market: A challenging growth path for telcos

US$ 3,300.00

As telcos are not expected to gain significant added revenues in the consumer 5G market, what are the opportunities for them in the B2B market? This report focuses on the following questions:What are...

February 2022 91 pages

Smart Farming: Towards precision agriculture

US$ 3,300.00

... innovations in the agriculture landscape, encompassing three distinct categories: Plant-related applications Livestock-related applications Machinery and equipment-related ... The report further analyses the market dynamics and quantitative opportunities of each category and among the major geographical zones.

February 2022 46 pages

Future TV: Where do European players fit into the future TV landscape?

US$ 3,300.00

The nature of the doubts surrounding the future of the TV sector is changing. It is now accepted that linear television channels will not disappear overnight, but they will be watched less and less as...

January 2022 46 pages

Electric vehicle charging points: The basics of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure

US$ 2,200.00

This report reviews the current and foreseeable trends in the deployment of the electric vehicle charging points. It explores the driving forces behind the market’s growth and transformation, includin...

December 2021 49 pages

The eSports market: A dynamic ecosystem appealing to Big Tech, Telcos and Media

US$ 2,200.00

This report explores the rapid growth of the market for video game tournaments as a spectator sport, known as eSports. It begins by examining the key dynamics of the sector in terms of usage and volum...

December 2021 63 pages

HBVOD in Europe: Competing with US Giants

US$ 3,300.00

This report addresses the dynamics of Hybrid Broadcast VOD services (HBVOD). Focused chiefly on Europe, the study also looks at the situation in the US. This report also presents the broadcasters’ pos...

December 2021 45 pages

Artificial Intelligence for Deepfakes Creation and Detection: Friends or foes?

US$ 3,300.00

This report is an all-encompassing analysis of the current state of the art of deepfakes and their underlying technology, the contexts in which deepfakes are and can be used, the impact of deepfakes i...

December 2021 42 pages

Smart City Markets 2021: Smart project spending by cities in Europe and Africa/the Middle East

US$ 4,400.00

This report analyses cities’ spending on the smart city market. It details the scale of their projects, the percentage of (inter)communal budgets it represents, both overall and by “smart” area, along...

November 2021 47 pages

Has 5G changed the spectrum price evolution? Towards more regulatory intervention in assigning spectrum

US$ 3,300.00

The advent of 5G and the use of medium and higher frequencies have changed the game. Prices seem to have fallen and interventionist actions have increased. Radio spectrum is a vital asset for MNOs and...

October 2021 44 pages

AVOD services: A window of opportunity for TV Broadcasters

US$ 3,300.00

This report covers the market landscape and dynamics of the advertising VOD segment. The regions studied include the United States, Asia and Europe, with the corresponding key players discussed in det...

October 2021 54 pages

Telcos & the Green equation: How telcos are contributing to the climate change?

US$ 3,300.00

Although often hailed as an enabler for a smarter, more sustainable future, the environmental impact of the telecoms sector is also seen as problematic. In this report, we try to better understand the...

October 2021 84 pages

IoT Platforms: Technology-centric offerings at the core of the Internet of Things

US$ 2,750.00

... technological innovations in the IoT platform business, encompassing five distinct categories: Infrastructure as a service Application enablement platforms (AEPs) IoT device management platform (DMP) IoT connectivity management platform (CMP) IoT ...

August 2021 50 pages

How could Cloud Gaming benefit from 5G technology? Trends, player profiles, impact of 5G technology and market sizing

US$ 3,300.00

This report sets out to answer the following questions:What are the dynamics affecting the cloud gaming market?What strategies are players adopting to compete on this market?What main use cases can be...

August 2021 53 pages