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A European investigation agency IDATE, founded in 1977, delivers consulting and research services for individual and public companies scrutinizing media and telecom industries. An ample experience in advisory assistance rendering and ever increasing professional staff has enabled IDATE to renovate its business philosophy and develop into a leading-edge provider of market intelligence.

Today IDATE carries out insightful analysis of digital economy, ensures clients’ competitiveness and undertakes accurate and relevant data. High-level IDATE experts regularly publish a number of market reports, track innovative climate and establish credible dealings with industry participants and governmental bodies. All of above empowers the clients with unrivaled business knowledge, effective decision making, solid strategic position and viable tools for further advancement.

Moreover, IDATE has launched DigiWorld programme which accumulates and demonstrates multifunctional capabilities and performance of the company. DigiWorld Institute offers such events as the DigiWorld Summit, the DigiWorld Yearbook and Clubs held every month where clients participate in various research programmes, collaborate and find efficient business solutions.

Research Reports By IDATE Consulting & Research

Found 169 publications
Next Gen Telcos: New Telco Economics by 2025 US$ 3,300.00 Dec, 2016 159 pages
New LEO Projects: Game Changers and Opportunities US$ 2,200.00 Dec, 2016 53 pages
Sport Going Digital: A Driver for Wearables US$ 2,200.00 Dec, 2016 58 pages
Blockchain - A New IT infrastructure US$ 3,300.00 Oct, 2016 59 pages
Telco Investment Challenges - CapEx Dynamics US$ 4,400.00 Oct, 2016 35 pages
FTTx Vendors: Strategies and Market Share US$ 1,100.00 Oct, 2016 19 pages
LTE for Fixed Access: The Next Big Thing? US$ 3,300.00 Sep, 2016 72 pages
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