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IDATE is a Europe-headquartered firm, renowned for being an authoritative resource for tracing Internet, media and telecommunications industry markets. For more than 35 years, the company has been happily rendering assistance to its public and private-sector customers in decision taking via consulting and market analysis services.

IDATE’s investigation team has established self confidence and independence in performing advisory and research assignments on the part of its respected clients, such as market analyses, international benchmarking studies, strategic marketing solutions, and social practices.

Besides consulting and research, the firm’s second business line is known as the DigiWorld Programme, held every year and given great support to by about top 40 players in the digital economics field. This new development phase discloses all of IDATE's endeavours, comprising DigiWorld Summit, DigiWorld Yearbook Communications and Strategies, DigiWorld monthly Clubs.

Research Reports By IDATE Consulting & Research

Found 143 publications
State of Video Game Worldwide US$ 2,300.00 Jan, 2015
World Video Game Market (Dataset) US$ 3,050.00 Jan, 2015
Mobile Gaming - Crushing it US$ 1,438.00 Jan, 2015
Future Telecom: Trends and Scenarios for 2025 US$ 3,660.00 Dec, 2014 45 pages
State of FTTx Worldwide 2H 2014 US$ 2,300.00 Dec, 2014
State of M2M Wrldwide (o is missing) US$ 2,875.00 Dec, 2014
Serious Gaming US$ 1,438.00 Dec, 2014
World FTTx Market 2H 2014 US$ 5,750.00 Dec, 2014
State of LTE worldwide 2H 2014 US$ 2,300.00 Dec, 2014
Netflix in Europe US$ 1,438.00 Dec, 2014
World FTTx Market 2014 US$ 7,920.00 Dec, 2014
Voice over LTE 2014: Finally, the starting point US$ 1,438.00 Nov, 2014 29 pages
World Mobile Spectrum Dataset US$ 2,875.00 Sep, 2014
State of Online ad Worldwide US$ 2,875.00 Aug, 2014 41 pages
World Video Delivery Platforms US$ 2,300.00 Aug, 2014
Market and State of World Online Advertising US$ 4,025.00 Aug, 2014 41 pages
World Online Advertising Markets US$ 2,300.00 Aug, 2014
State of Video Delivery Platforms US$ 2,300.00 Aug, 2014 42 pages
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