MMC International

MMC International (MMC) is an unrivaled advisory agency ready to counsel top management for healthcare products manufacturers in such aspects as:
  • business development;
  • strategic marketing;
  • general management;
  • operational consulting.
MMC’s objective is to reflect economical and management issues, offer respective support and provide a set of elaborated advice to have a powerful impact on clients’ competitiveness, balanced sustainability of the company and long-term advancement prospects.

Complex and insightful expertize is carried out to study market situation and ensure the following takeways as:
  • competitive landscape overview;
  • identifying competitive advantages;
  • financial risks and opportunities analysis;
  • ongoing and future trends data;
  • product evaluations;
  • due diligence;
  • support in brand maximizing;
  • effective product launching, positioning and promotion advice;
  • customer relationship building; etc.
MMC offers unique ideas and all-encompassing data in the product life cycle management plan including background expertize, recommendations, commercial rationale, goal setting and strategic design.

Research Reports By MMC International

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