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Marketdata is a U.S. nonpublic consulting firm offering primary and secondary research to niche markets that have been previously unresearched. In 1979 it was founded in Florida and since then has been rendering viable service on:
  • weight loss markets;
  • industry studies;
  • self-help businesses;
  • service sector (money transfer, janitorial, debt collection, fertility);
  • customized research.
Along with it the company undertakes Website DevelopmentĀ and provides advisories to small entrepot and medium-sized business, banks, public bodies, trade blocs, publicity bureaus, brokerage houses and others. The clients are assured to obtain unique data and large-scale expertize enclosing:
  • market segmentation;
  • company profile;
  • emerging trends;
  • competitive intelligence;
  • end customer overview;
  • industry revenues;
  • key economic issues analysis; etc.
Empowered with significant and insightful information the customers effortlessly arrive at right decisions, elaborate efficient business plans, improve manufacturing performance, assess own opportunities and operate to the best advantage.

Research Reports By Marketdata Enterprises

Found 33 publications
The U.S. Health Coaching Market US$ 895.00 May, 2018 58 pages
The U.S. Sleep Aids Market US$ 1,495.00 Apr, 2018 175 pages
Sleep Labs in America: An Industry Analysis US$ 350.00 Apr, 2018 80 pages
The U.S. Personal Coaching Market US$ 895.00 Apr, 2018 82 pages
The U.S. Autism Treatment Market US$ 895.00 Nov, 2017 50 pages
The U.S. Meditation Market US$ 895.00 Sep, 2017 62 pages
How To Start A Medical Weight Loss Program US$ 995.00 Jul, 2016 220 pages
The U.S. Dating Services Industry US$ 1,395.00 Feb, 2016 227 pages
The Medical Foods Market US$ 995.00 Jul, 2015 91 pages
Medical Weight Loss Programs: A Growth Market US$ 995.00 Jun, 2015 140 pages
The U.S. Janitorial Services Industry US$ 995.00 Oct, 2014 155 pages
The U.S. Addiction Rehab Industry US$ 995.00 Aug, 2014 113 pages
U.S. Service Sectors Ripe For Investment US$ 995.00 Jul, 2014 74 pages
The Multi-Level Market for Weight Loss Products US$ 995.00 Apr, 2014 107 pages
The U.S. Strip Clubs Industry US$ 995.00 Feb, 2014 74 pages
Worksite Weight Loss Programs: A Market Analysis US$ 995.00 Dec, 2013 147 pages
The U.S. Medical Marijuana Market US$ 995.00 Oct, 2013 129 pages
The U.S. Diet Food Home Delivery Market US$ 995.00 Jul, 2013 162 pages
Medical Spas: A Market Analysis US$ 995.00 Nov, 2012 127 pages
The U.S. Carpet Cleaning Industry US$ 995.00 Nov, 2011 164 pages
The U.S. Medical Laboratories Industry US$ 995.00 Apr, 2010 230 pages
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