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Red Mountain Insights: Market Research Reports

Red Mountain Insights is an essential resource for entrepreneurs who search for overall market analysis within a studied field. Founded in 2002, nowadays Red Mountain Insights is recognized as a forefront provider of market intelligence across technology, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, biotech, power and renewable energy and many more sectors.

Red Mountain Insights enables the clients take an advantage of the obtained knowledge making feasible decisions and using unrivalled data to boost their competitiveness.

Delivering reports round the globe the company consistently serves to varied associations, corporations, governmental bodies and educational institutions. A consulting maturity within every sector and insightful analysis made by high-level experts are the basis for further financial success and unceasing activity of the business. Moreover, the following information is available in the reports:

  • contract opportunities;
  • company profiles;
  • key participants and brands data;
  • product profile and manufacture characteristics.

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Mobile Device Use in the Energy Industry

US$ 197.00

... and reach over $113 billion. Fueled by the launch of Apple's iPad and iPhone along with the corresponding Android smartphone market explosion the mass adoption of mobile devices is creating huge opportunities for energy companies to leverage mobile technology to boost profit ...

October 2013 117 pages

Pharmaceutical Companies Directory-Global-Excel Format

US$ 297.00

This is an excel file with over 5,000 global pharma industry contacts at 1,600 pharmaceutical companies around the globe. This Directory provides profiles of the international leaders in the pharma industry in Microsoft Excel format so the data can be searched, sorted and exported for other ...

October 2013 5000 pages

Pharmaceutical Companies Directory-USA-Excel Format

US$ 197.00

This is a directory of 1,333 professionals in U.S. Pharmaceutical companies in Microsoft Excel format. It is searchable, and exportable for use in mailings and lead generation. This database includes the following fields, where available: Company name Mailing address City State Zip (easy sorting by ...

September 2013 1333 pages

Directory of US Biotechnology Companies-Excel Format

US$ 197.00

The USA Directory of Biotechnology Companies 2014 is a comprehensive Excel Directory of companies and executives in the biotechnology industry. It contains contact information for more than 1,300 biotechnology companies. This powerful Directory is your connection to key decision-makers in the biotechnology ...

August 2013 255 pages

Energy Efficient Buildings Market Guide

US$ 197.00

... hills can provide shade and block wind. In cooler climates designing buildings with an east-west orientation to increase the number of south-facing ... This report outlines the elements that can be incorporated into an energy efficient building design details financial considerations and industry trends examines ...

July 2013 206 pages

Venture Capital for Energy Company Directory

US$ 250.00

... features companies that focus on providing funding to energy-industry firms. This Directory of venture capital firms, angel investors, and government funded ... , The Carbon Trust, The Reinvestment Fund, Tondu Capital, Transconnect Private Equity, Trellis Capital, Trillium Group LLC, Triodos International Fund ...

July 2013 132 pages

Global Wind Power Market Guide: Economics Technologies and Opportunities

US$ 249.00

... growth strategies. This report details technology development in the global wind power market, outlines individual country programs and policies, and ... increase ten-fold from 0.2 GW in 2010 to 2 GW in 2015. Africa has an excellent wind resource, although it is not evenly distributed, and there is potential for ...

June 2013 632 pages

Energy Savings Guide for Home and Small Business

US$ 29.00

This Energy Savings Guide is a detailed handbook for reducing energy usage at home, at the office, and on the road. It provides energy-saving tips that ... electricity using solar, wind, and small hydropower systems. Each year, we waste energy worth billions of dollars and a large portion of that loss comes from ...

May 2013 255 pages

Key Pharma Industry Trends

US$ 197.00

... licensing deals in order to survive. Real Publishing presents a study of key pharma industry trends. This report offers an analysis of the impact of those ... take advantage of the opportunities presented by the many patent expiries What trends are impacting the leading generic drug manufacturers such as Teva, ...

May 2013 83 pages

U.S. Clean Technology Industry Directory-Excel Format

US$ 349.00

... A perfect companion for strategic planners, sales teams, and researchers. This directory will help you understand your market including potential customers as well as your competitors. Download this excel directory now and start identifying sale leads, partnership opportunities, and ...

April 2013 3897 pages

3D Printing Market Potential: Changing the Face of Product Development Sales and Manufacturing

US$ 249.00

This research report analyzes the potential of 3D printing technologies and market potential and the various applications where 3D printing is currently being used. We ... technologies are creating a fundamental paradigm shift that will change how companies and individuals model prototypes and the speed at which ...

March 2013 100 pages

Global Shipping Industry Directory

US$ 197.00

... development projects. It contains 7,988 records with contact information for global shipping companies. It includes contact information including: Company name First ... Canada South Korea China Philippines Taiwan And More This is a Global License, which allows your entire company to farm this data ...

February 2013 7988 pages

Chemical Industry Contacts Directory

US$ 197.00

This is a comprehensive contact directory for the Global chemical industry. Perfect for marketing, lead generation, sales, business development, and competitive ... information for 9,830 professionals in the chemical industry. Includes: Company name First and last name Job title Address Phone Email (for ...

January 2013 1098 pages

Global Shipping Industry Trends

US$ 197.00

This report discusses the trends impacting the Global Shipping Industry such as the high cyclicality of the industry, industry fragmentation, fleet management, ... shipping industry and its economic impact. It provides an analysis of the container shipping market, crude tanker market and dry bulk carrier market. ...

January 2013 157 pages

Military Microgrids Market Potential

US$ 249.00

... Department is the largest single global consumer of petroleum, and its military operations comprise the largest demand for all forms of energy. ... , and demand response at its bases. The growth potential for military microgrid market is anticipated to result in upwards of 54.8 megawatts total capacity by 2018. ...

January 2013 100 pages

Personalized Medicine Market Opportunities

US$ 229.00

... and scientists are looking at options for curing AIDS as well with personalized medicines. Often described as the right treatment for the right ... technology platforms as well as the technological requirements for the personalized medicines market. Challenges facing the industry as well as a look at the key ...

January 2013 178 pages

Smart Grid Industry Market Guide

US$ 397.00

... technologies needed for smart grid development, and profiles 68 smart grid technology providers. The smart grid market has experienced tremendous ... Association ESMIG ZigBee Working Together This comprehensive report explores Smart Grid development, technologies, and challenges. Discover what companies are ...

November 2012 343 pages

Disaster Management and Recovery Planning For Energy Industry

US$ 197.00

Every year, tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters injure and kill thousands of people and damage billions of dollars worth of property ... , businesses, governments, communities and emergency operations teams to develop and maintain a disaster management and recovery plan. It outlines the four phases ...

October 2012 208 pages

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment

US$ 195.00

... examines the Causes of ADHD including Genetics Environmental and Social causes. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD is one of the more common mental ... settings including home school and in relationships with peers. If untreated the disorder can have long-term adverse effects into adolescence and ...

October 2012 95 pages

Global Rare Earth Elements Market Guide

US$ 147.00

... for export to other countries. This report examines the Global Rare Earth Elements market, how skyrocketing demand will affect supplies, and ... dominance, REEs continue to remain supply constrained commodity. The heavier elements, in particular, are geologically scarce and likely to remain in deficit for ...

October 2012 187 pages

Military Biofuel Applications

US$ 195.00

... consumption by 30 percent by 2015. The greatest barrier to large-scale commercialization of biofuels is their relatively high cost of production. Because they are used ... cut fossil fuel usage by half, largely through the use of biofuels. This report offers case studies on military biofuel uses, and outlines ...

October 2012 58 pages

US OTC Pharmaceutical Market Guide

US$ 197.00

... about the U.S. OTC Pharmaceutical Market’s competitive landscape, market share and industry segmentation in this research report. The United States is a large ... expected to grow at a moderate pace in the coming years, the U.S. OTC pharmaceuticals market is also looking for a decelerated growth till the year ...

October 2012 62 pages

Biofuel From Algae Market Potential

US$ 249.00

... water resources. This report examines the vast global market potential of biofuel from algae. It explores the technology new research and profiles the ... to coal-fired power plants. It's critical to understand how to select the right algae species create an optimal photobiological formula for each species and ...

September 2012 183 pages

iPad and Smartphone Use in the Energy Industry

US$ 295.00

... technology is much more than just the latest 'app' downloaded to a smartphone or tablet; mobile is comprised of many technologies that are impacting everyday ... of the portability and capabilities of ipads, tablets and smartphones internally? Order this report: iPad and Smartphone Use in the Energy Industry ...

September 2012 117 pages

iPad and Smartphone Use in the Pharma Industry

US$ 197.00

... mass adoption of tablet technology, savvy business leaders are using iPads, smartphones, and Android Tablets to arm mobile workers, improve internal ... in the PharmaIndustry now and we'll include a Special Report: Customer Acquisition using Mobile Technologies) In this report, we analyze the overall market for ...

September 2012 160 pages

Oil Sands, Gas and Oil Shales Market Guide

US$ 297.00

... years, there has been a significant number of direct investments made in Canadian oil sands by Asian companies as producers turn to overseas partners to provide capital ... these three forms, government programs to spur growth in the oil sands, gas shale and oil shale industries, and profiles of major industry ...

September 2012 285 pages

Energy Markets: Oil Gas Coal Solar Wind Biofuel Nuclear

US$ 295.00

With the mass adoption of tablet technology savvy business leaders are using iPads smartphones and Android Tablets to arm mobile workers improve internal efficiencies build customer loyalty and reach out to new customers in innovative ways.

September 2012

Green Airports: How Airports are Realizing Energy Savings

US$ 229.00

... often struggle to comply with environmental regulations arising out of operations. Airports must grapple with reducing tons of toxic emissions caused by landings, ... requirements. But there are as many airports leading the way in converting their operations and facilities into Green Airports. This report ...

August 2012 93 pages

Utility Energy Storage Market Guide

US$ 197.00

This Utility Energy Storage Market Guide report provides a comprehensive assessment of the state-of-the-art for energy storage technology and describes ... and construct installations. Applicability and benefits are discussed for each storage technology, key players are profiled, and existing installations are ...

August 2012 147 pages