Reinsurance Market Research ReportsĀ & Industry Analysis

A complex business, reinsurance has become relatively widespread. Rising importance of the risk management tends to be the key factor spurring growth of the industry. Reinsurance services are mainly used when an insurance company intends to cut the financial cost it will experience in case of a claim.

At present, there are above 115 prominent reinsurance companies around the globe active on the reinsurance market. Most of them are US or Germany-based, though operate in several countries. The number of small-sized firms is much higher.

This sub-catalogue provides access to unique reinsurance market research reports analyzing the reinsurance market at a global, regional and country scale. The reports offer overviews of past and current reinsurance market trends, its drivers and challenges. Detailed insights into the business environment, valuable research data and comprehensive analyses of market segments are comprehensively reviewed in the researches. Descriptions of market participants and reinsurance market expansion perspectives are also covered in the reports.