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MarketPublishers Partner Program “PUBLISHERS”

Who is it for?

Market Research Companies, Research Groups and Institutes, Consulting Firms, Individual Market Experts, Consultants and Analysts, etc.

Reason For Your Interest?

MarketPublishers Partner Program “PUBLISHERS” ™ is a quick and easy method to raise profitability and efficiency of your publications.

Your Benefits?

  • Effective advertising strategies. We use Internet marketing tools (e-newsletters and press releases distribution, social media promotion) and traditional advertising techniques (e.g. local agents, direct sales, mass media advertising) to bring our partners’ products to the market.
  • Our large-scale Affiliate network unities several hundred websites with several million daily pageviews in total.
  • Contextually Targeted Advertising System. Our portal features unique and proprietary content management system based on AutoContext blocks (analogous to Google AdSense program).
  • An increasing number of registered customers on a daily basis. We attract new clients to boost your revenue.
  • Homepage postings. All of news and press releases related to your company or your products are uploaded to our homepage.
  • Being a Media Partner of numerous events and trade shows, we are able to offer your products directly to potential purchasers during an event.
  • Multilingual reports presentation. We provide professional translation of your report contents and annotations into other languages. We work with customers from China, Japan, Arabic countries and Russia directly via our web-portal which is translated into local languages.
  • Individual report promotion. Each individual publication of our publishers is promoted.
  • Logo & profile submission. We welcome our publishers to create a company profile at MarketPublishers.com and upload their logos to get a professional look and become memorable.
  • Independent information posting. You have a unique possibility to publish your reviews, news articles, and press releases at our portal.
  • Special notification system. Our system automatically informs our clients of your new and updated reports in selected areas.
  • Connecting publishers and customers. We connect our clients who wish to order a customized research with our partners providing such services.
  • TD The Market Publishers, Ltd. have local agents who represent our company in domestic markets and work directly with potential customers.

Why MarketPublishers?

MarketPublishers.com is an easy way for customers to find and purchase your reports.

Become a Partner

1. Open a free account at our website;
2. Sign a partner agreement with TD The Market Publishers Ltd (no cost involved);
3. Let us contribute to your success!

Contact Us

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