Chemicals & Petrochemicals Market Research Reports

The chemicals and petrochemicals market comprises companies involved into the production of chemical substances from various feedstocks (e.g. natural gas, crude oil, minerals, etc.) by means of chemical reactions. Market participants offer an extensive range of products categories: acids, polymers, aromatics, alcohols, to name a few. Methanol, toluene, propylene, benzene, butadiene, ethylene and xylenes are amid the most in-demand products.

The chemicals and petrochemicals market is highly dependent on the world economic trends. Characterized the presence of many players, the market sees dog-eat-dog competition in a slew of sectors. At present, such behemoths as BASF, DOW Chemical, ExxonMobil, Braskem SA represent the strongest players of the worldwide market for chemicals and petrochemicals.

The Catalogue includes research reports dedicated to the market for chemicals and petrochemicals. The reports analyze performance of minor and major industry participants as well as factors affecting the market. The research studies uncover industry opportunities and provide relevant data on the latest market changes. Future industry projections, information on prices, production volumes, and export-import ratios are included in the research reports, too.