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A Pune-based (India) research company, ValueNotes, has been providing a full range of business-to-business bespoke research projects, competitive intelligence and consultancy solutions, systematic and ad hoc monitoring and analysis, and also CI research training and education since 2000.

ValueNotes has become extremely experienced in gathering, interpreting and analysing quantitative and qualitative data. Its main strengths are grounded in the analytical capability, industry expert knowledge, and the research and data acquisition skills of its research workers and analysts.

The company is shrewdly informed about how to elaborate studies and inquirers, how to obtain answers, and how to correlate allegedly unrelated elements of information.

ValueNotes’s customer base includes, amid others, the world’s leading multinational corporations, management consultancies, research publishing organisations, private equity and venture capital firms, and investment managers. For its diverse clients, the company is not merely a globally reputable research supplier, but also a long-time partner who is capable of assisting them maximise the value of information.

Research Reports By ValueNotes Strategic Intelligence Pvt Ltd

Found 61 publications
Bread Industry in India, 2015-2020 US$ 250.00 May, 2015 58 pages
Faucets Industry in India, 2014-2019 US$ 250.00 Feb, 2015 60 pages
Chocolate Industry in India, 2014-2019 US$ 250.00 Sep, 2014 60 pages
Industrial Compressors Industry in India 2014-19 US$ 250.00 Jun, 2014 62 pages
Integrated Cold Chain Industry in India 2013-17 US$ 250.00 Dec, 2013 66 pages
Warehousing Industry in India – 2013-17 US$ 250.00 Nov, 2013 52 pages
Analytics: Financial Performance Review US$ 295.00 Sep, 2012 86 pages
Banking BPO Services: Getting Back to Basics US$ 295.00 Mar, 2012 30 pages
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