Shift Thought Ltd

Shift Thought Ltd is a UK independent company providing unparalleled business solutions to global market players since 2003. It employs non-conventional methods to develop business thinking and secures better understanding of diverse subject domains that are primary prerequisites for beneficial performance and progressive decisions.

Possessing an extensive knowledge Shift Thought shares it with the customers to help them manage their business in a complex environment represented as a system of interacting players, services and regions. Incorporating best consulting practices, knowledge and skills Shift Thought delivers the following services:
  • business planning and strategy;
  • IT strategy design;
  • process support strategy and re-engineering;
  • modification of management;
  • outsourcing strategy;
  • solution delivery.
Being assisted by Shift Thought experts across the globe the clientele benefit valuable and viable solutions. The focus on supervising and coaching enables the clients to visualize the goals, achieve desired outcomes and easily overcome the obstacles.

Research Reports By Shift Thought Ltd

Found 8 publications
Digital Money in China 2013 US$ 4,000.00 Jul, 2013 295 pages
Digital Money in Indonesia 2013 US$ 4,000.00 May, 2013 250 pages
Digital Money in Nigeria 2013 US$ 4,000.00 May, 2013 289 pages
Digital Money in Malaysia 2013 US$ 4,000.00 Mar, 2013 209 pages
Digital Money in Mexico 2013 US$ 4,000.00 Mar, 2013 271 pages
Digital Money in Nepal 2013 US$ 4,000.00 Feb, 2013 291 pages
Digital Money in Bangladesh 2013 US$ 4,000.00 Jan, 2013 226 pages
Digital Money in Pakistan 2013 US$ 4,000.00 Jan, 2013 234 pages
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