Shift Thought Ltd

Shift Thought Ltd is a UK-based Private Limited company in business since 2003. Their mission is to solve complex problems that require a depth of expertise over distinct and diverse subject areas, but the solution of which is crucial to attain previously unreachable goals. The company toolsets catalyze organizations to effectively collaborate internally and externally over a global secure canvas that maintains context over geographies, players and services.

Shift Thought draws on specialist assistance from Associates and advisers spread all over the world. This is possible through extensive network of industry contacts and unique collaborative knowledge sharing tools around which a global community is being built.

Research Reports By Shift Thought Ltd

Found 8 publications
Digital Money in China 2013 US$ 4,000.00 Jul, 2013 295 pages
Digital Money in Indonesia 2013 US$ 4,000.00 May, 2013 250 pages
Digital Money in Nigeria 2013 US$ 4,000.00 May, 2013 289 pages
Digital Money in Malaysia 2013 US$ 4,000.00 Mar, 2013 209 pages
Digital Money in Mexico 2013 US$ 4,000.00 Mar, 2013 271 pages
Digital Money in Nepal 2013 US$ 4,000.00 Feb, 2013 291 pages
Digital Money in Bangladesh 2013 US$ 4,000.00 Jan, 2013 226 pages
Digital Money in Pakistan 2013 US$ 4,000.00 Jan, 2013 234 pages
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