The Black Book of Outsourcing

Datamonitor’s subsidiary, the Black Book of Outsourcing, is a highly recognised unbiased source of crucial outsourcing information and the best practices. Their products are particularly designed to accumulate customer satisfaction ratings from receivers of outsourcing services the world over.

Based on the survey findings, the Black Book of Outsourcing’s reports investigate major issues and applications of outsourcing by geography, industry and service domain. Besides rankings of individual vendors’ performance, the reports incorporate in-depth analysis of customers’ experience, trends in the market, besides speculating on how to achieve the much wanted results.

Whether to identify weaknesses and strengths of individual vendors, establish high end industry benchmarks to determine required satisfaction ratings, negotiate terms of contract to endure the wanted outcomes are realised, understand the key trends in outsourcing customer satisfaction – clients resort to the Black Book of Outsourcing.

At large, the Black Book of Outsourcing puts readers on redefining their existing perceptions about outsourcing while showing the way to convert it into an opportunity.

Research Reports By The Black Book of Outsourcing

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2009 Safe and Dangerous Locations US$ 495.00 Mar, 2010 16 pages
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