Goulden Reports

Located in the UK, Goulden Reports is a prominent consultancy agency providing diverse research for individual and multi-clients. Over 40 years the company has been delivering significant industry knowledge within electricity sector.

Along with manufacturers the agency offers its unique service to top managers regionally and worldwide to assist in trade and industry evaluation, investment enhancing, financial data and market segmentation.

The company is an eminent and budget-friendly publisher of numerous reports to suit any information requirement, including: ad hoc studies, multi-client surveys and published reports.

A team of research executives and analysts disseminates far reaching and relevant knowledge that comprises:
  • Major market participants overview;
  • Latest technologies survey;
  • Consumer research;
  • Integrated survey;
  • Mergers and acquisitions analysis;
  • Business planning;
  • Forecasting;
  • Strategic business advice; etc.
Goulden Reports’ team incorporates various scientific approaches, unique methodology and various interviewing procedures to perform cost-effective and innovative business solutions for the customers.

Research Reports By Goulden Reports

Found 16 publications
World Market for Industrial Motors 2012 - 2020 US$ 5,600.00 Feb, 2014 157 pages
World Market for T&D Equipment & Systems 2012 - 2022 US$ 5,600.00 Dec, 2013 569 pages
World Market for Insulators and Bushings 2010 - 2020 US$ 4,560.00 Jul, 2012 185 pages
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