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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC): Market Research Reports

Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) is a subsidiary company of the Taiwan Institute for Information Industry with the main office in Taipei. Founded in 1987 MIC offers ad-hoc research and market intelligence service within ICT industry. Specializing in investigating this industrial area the agency extensively studies a variety of sectors:

  • Network and Mobile Communications
  • Computer Systems
  • Multimedia Consumer Electronics
  • Display Technologies
  • IT service and others.

Asian economy attracts great many manufacturers, suppliers, think tanks, educational establishments and investment funds. The APAC market participants obtain valuable information thoroughly analyzed by experts and consultants. Applying primary research together with cross-domain approach the company delivers high profile advisory service, integrity analysis and approved data.

Those who strive to start business from scratch, make more headway or expand into a new market in Asia are guided by MIC and provided with multifaceted assistance including: research and featured reports, industry intelligence programs and scientific literature. Follow-up activity of MIC comprises strategic design, program of economic activities and forecasting.

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Worldwide Smartphone Market Forecast, 2020~2024 US$ 800.00

... of the total mobile phone market. On top of that, the smartphone's global share is forecast to top 80% in 2018. MIC predicts the global smartphone market will benefit from 5G since ... 2020 and the its global volume will reach about 1.9 billion units in 2022, ...

February 2020 12 pages
Three Major Graphene Battery Patent Assignees and Their Patent Deployment Strategies (pre-order) US$ 1,200.00

After Nobel Prize in Physics was given to the experiences regarding two-dimensional graphene materials in 2010, graphene has regained attention from the industry and academia. Due to excellent electri...

February 2020 21 pages
Applications of 5G in Healthcare Sector US$ 1,500.00

Some regions of the United States and Korea have launched 5G commercial services while the rest of the world is expecting a large-scale of 5G commercialization sometime after 2020. The use of 5G in th...

February 2020 16 pages
Impact of Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak on the Cross-Strait IT and Semiconductor Industry (pre-order) US$ 800.00

China’s coronavirus outbreak, first found in Wuhan, has got out of hand in China in 2020, leading to a further global spread and panic. To encounter the situation, the Chinese government has pro...

February 2020 15 pages
Impact of Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak on the Global ICT Industry (pre-order) US$ 500.00

Due to early neglect and cover-ups of the Chinese government, a new type of pneumonia outbreak, now known as Wuhan coronavirus, has taken place in China since last year. The Chinese lunar new year tra...

February 2020 13 pages
Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry, 4Q 2019 US$ 800.00

The report finds that the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing industry - comprising mainly of foundry, DRAM, flash memory, and IDM sectors - ... is estimated to have grown over 10% in 2018 compared to 2017. The industry's shipment value is forecast to have reached USD 12 billion in the fourth ...

January 2020 23 pages
Taiwanese IC Packaging & Testing Industry, 4Q 2019 US$ 1,000.00

The report finds that shipment value of the Taiwanese IC packaging and testing industry arrived over USD 4.1 billion in the third quarter of 2018, up ... expected to be major growth drivers to bolster high-end wafer-level packaging service demand and thus the industry is anticipated to have grown ...

January 2020 18 pages
Development of the Global IC Packaging and Testing Industry, 2019 and Beyond US$ 2,000.00

Worldwide OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test) companies who perform IC packaging and testing services registered significant shipment value growth in 2018, thanks to a continued increase...

January 2020 30 pages
Autopilot Vision System Startup Mobileye and Its Patent Deployment Strategies (pre-order) US$ 1,200.00

The Israeli startup Mobileye Vision Technologies is dedicated to the development of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) based on image processing algorithms. This has subsequently expanded into...

January 2020 13 pages
Autonomous Car Startup Waymo and Its Patent Deployment Strategies (pre-order) US$ 1,600.00

Waymo is a subsidiary of Alphabet (Google) and focuses on the development of hardware, software and systems related to autonomous driving. To reduce the construction cost of autonomous driving sensor...

January 2020 19 pages
Development of China's OTT Online Streaming Platforms US$ 1,600.00

In 2019, China’s online video service market was led by three platforms: Tencent Video, iQiyi, and Youku. As growth in paid membership has slowed, however, self-made dramas and variety shows hav...

January 2020 34 pages
Digital Twin Patent Analysis and Major Brands' Patent Deployment Strategies (pre-order) US$ 1,800.00

Digital twins are a convergence technology that involves making a digital replica of a living and non-living physical entity. In addition to performing digital simulation analysis and presenting the r...

January 2020 31 pages
Worldwide Major Mobile Phone Vendor Performance, 4Q 2019 US$ 1,200.00

... third quarter of 2018, reaching 473.3 million units. Of the total mobile phones, 373 million smartphones were shipped in the same quarter, up sequentially ...

December 2019 20 pages
Taiwanese IC Packaging & Testing Industry, 3Q 2019 US$ 1,000.00

The report finds that shipment value of the Taiwanese IC packaging and testing industry arrived over USD 3.9 billion in the second quarter of 2018, up ... to become major growth drivers to push up high-end wafer-level packaging demand and thus the industry is anticipated to have about 8% year ...

December 2019 18 pages
2018-2019 Taiwanese Wholesale and Retail Industry IT Investment US$ 1,200.00

In 2018, the overall IT investment of Taiwan's wholesale industry was NT$ 3.348 million (US$111,488; US$1 = NT$30) on average. The findings suggest the higher the number of employees and the turnover...

December 2019 27 pages
Joint Construction and Sharing of 5G Telecom Infrastructure in Asia US$ 1,800.00

5G rollout requires the deployment of a large number of base stations in a high-density pattern, leading to increased construction and operating costs. If telecoms construct their base stations on the...

November 2019 21 pages
Global and Taiwanese IT Hardware Industry Year Book 2019 US$ 2,000.00

According to Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) of Information Industry Institute (III), shipment value of the global IT hardware industry totaled about USD 172.7 billion in 2018, up 0.8...

November 2019 23 pages
Global and Taiwanese Software Service Industry Year Book 2019 US$ 2,000.00

The global information services market value grew from US$877.5 billion in 2017 to US$113.9 billion in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.6%. Thanks to the development of the IoT applicatio...

November 2019 17 pages
Global IT Industry 2020 Trends and Outlook US$ 1,800.00

The US-China trade war continues to have its toll on the global IT industry. Coupled with the global economic slowdown, the global desktop PC market and notebook PC market are expected to decline in 2...

November 2019 24 pages
Applications of 5G in Energy Industry (pre-order) US$ 1,500.00

2019 marks the starting year of commercialization of 5G networks as every industry keep a close eye on the development of 5G applications across a broad range of industries. This report analyzes 5G ma...

November 2019 15 pages
Applications of 5G in Healthcare, Energy, and Smart Manufacturing (Pre-order) US$ 3,000.00

Some regions of the United States and Korea have launched 5G commercial services while the rest of the world is expecting a large-scale of 5G commercialization sometime after 2020. Healthcare, energy,...

November 2019 38 pages
Development of Major Chinese AI Chip Startups US$ 1,800.00

With increased complexity of AI (Artificial Intelligence) modules, AI chip performance has played a key role in the widespread adoption of AI technology and has thus become the focus of future develop...

November 2019 27 pages
Market Trends and Applications of Electronic Stored Value Cards and Strategies of Five Major Asian Vendors US$ 1,800.00

As the electronic stored value card market has gradually become saturated and mobile payment providers have started to enter the transport sector, traditional electronic stored card vendors who mostly...

November 2019 25 pages
Applications of 5G in Smart Manufacturing Industry (pre-order) US$ 1,600.00

Driven by the development of Industry 4.0, a national strategic initiative from the German government, many countries have established smart manufacturing strategies, making it the most eye-catching t...

November 2019 17 pages
Impact and Challenge on Taiwan's ICT Industry under the US-China Trade Conflict US$ 1,200.00

US-China trade fight continues to have its toll on the global economy this year, weakening financial markets and slow down investment plans. Major financial institutions such as IMF, OECD, and EIU hav...

November 2019 30 pages
Face Recognition Patent Deployment Strategies of Major IT Brands (pre-order) US$ 1,800.00

Face recognition combines knowledge and techniques in biology, psychology, pattern recognition, image processing, image analysis, machine vision, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and can be widely used i...

November 2019 29 pages
Worldwide Major Mobile Phone Vendor Performance 3Q 2019 US$ 1,200.00

... second quarter of 2018, reaching 460.2 million units. Of the total mobile phones shipped, 358.9 million units were smartphones, which also had ... third quarter of 2018 and reached 4.84 million units as a number of branded vendors have launched their flagship smartphones such as Samsung's Note 9, Huawei ...

October 2019 20 pages
The Taiwanese Fabless IC Industry, 3Q 2019 US$ 1,000.00

The report finds that the Taiwanese fabless IC industry's shipment value witnessed double- ... second quarter of 2018. Shipment value of the industry has continued the growth momentum in the third quarter ... drive the demand for wireless communications ICs, the industry's shipment value is anticipated to reach NTD 579 ...

October 2019 10 pages
Taiwan Generation Z: Characteristics, Online Behaviors, and Patterns of Consumption (pre-order) US$ 3,000.00

Generation Z (Gen Z) is the demographic cohort after Millennials and is composed of those born between 1995 and 2010. Nowadays, nearly every Gen Z have their own smartphones, and iPhone remains their...

October 2019 67 pages
Recap and Outlook for Global and Taiwanese IC Design Industries in 2019 US$ 1,600.00

While IC demand was affected by a slowdown in smartphone market and a slight decline in the PC market, the worldwide IC design industry continued to grow in 2017 thanks to the trend towards high-performance computing driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence). In Taiwan, despite decreased demand for communication ...

October 2019 30 pages
Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry, 3Q 2019 US$ 800.00

The report finds that the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing industry comprising mainly of foundry, DRAM, flash memory, and IDM sectors ... electronics, are expected to bolster the global semiconductor market with an estimated 10.1% year-on-year in 2018. The industry's shipment value is forecast to have reached ...

October 2019 23 pages
Development of Taiwanese Industrial PC Industry, 2019 and Beyond US$ 1,600.00

Shipment value of the Taiwanese industrial PC industry broke the NT$200 billion (US$6.56 billion; US$1= NT$30.48) mark for the first time in 2018, hitting NT$214.3 billion (US$7.03 billion) with 19.7%...

October 2019 19 pages
Implications Behind Chinese Government' Decision to Award 5G License to CBN US$ 1,200.00

In early June, China issued 5G licenses earlier than expected. One of the recipients, China Broadcasting Network Corporation Ltd. (CBN), little-known to outsiders, has generated much discussion. Using...

October 2019 9 pages
Artificial Intelligence Patent Portfolio Strategies of Amazon and Qualcomm, and AI Investments of Tencent US$ 3,600.00

In the IoT (Internet of Things) age, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is considered a major accelerator to smarten up electronics products, leading to the emergence ... has come with its own AI patent portfolio strategies following a noticeable decline in its revenue and patent royalty from the mobile phone market ...

September 2019 91 pages
Development of Smartphone Fingerprint Recognition Technology US$ 1,800.00

... S10 smartphone which came with significant design changes, especially the adoption of Qualcomm's ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint technology ... This report outlines the mainstream fingerprint recognition technology and the fingerprint sensor market, and examines the development of major players, including ...

September 2019 19 pages
Analysis of Change in Chinese Telecoms' 5G Deployment Plans Following China's Early 5G Commercialization US$ 1,600.00

... move marks the commercialization of 5G six months ahead of schedule. The Chinese government’s decision to grant 5G licenses ahead of schedule is to keep ... report provides an overview of 5G service licenses granted to three major Chinese telecom operators as well as China Broadcasting Network, looks at their 5G ...

September 2019 18 pages
Taiwanese Digital Game Players' Game Preferences, Paying Habits, and Payment Experiences (pre-order) US$ 1,800.00

... & Consulting Institute) conducted an online questionnaire survey on Taiwan’s digital game players during the fourth quarter of 2018 to investigate their profiles ... with an aim to gain a deeper understanding of Taiwanese game players’ game preferences, paying habits, payment preferences, and payment experiences.

September 2019 23 pages
Potential Vertical Applications for AI Virtual Assistant US$ 1,600.00

... electronics markets. Companies are now in the process of exploring potential business opportunities related to these virtual assistants. This reports examines ... and requirements for AI virtual assistants in different industry verticals, their applications in the several industry sectors, including the banking, ...

August 2019 27 pages
Japanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry Development and Strategies of Key Players US$ 1,800.00

The Japanese semiconductor industry, which previously operated under the IDM (Integrated Device Manufacturer) model ... , not only was a leader in Asia, but also had a unprecedented role in the world. After many years passed, Japan ... the current status and future development of the industry as it ...

August 2019 29 pages
The Impact of China-US Trade Fight and Huawei and ZTE Bans on the Global Communications Equipment Supply Chain US$ 4,800.00

... G20 Summit seems to help ratchet down the trade fight between the US and China. This report provides a description of how this all ...

August 2019 64 pages
US-China Trade War Impact on Cross-strait Relations: From an IT Industry Perspective (Pre-order) US$ 1,000.00

... and plenty of goods. Since then, the trade fight between China and the US has started and become intense ... but also has its toll on the Taiwan-China relations which have been on tenterhooks since 2016. ... key issues resulting from the trade fight and their consequences for both China and Taiwan in the IT sector ...

August 2019 20 pages
India Solar Energy Policy and Market Outlook for 2019 and Beyond (Pre-order) US$ 1,600.00

With sufficient sunshine, India has a good motivation to develop its solar energy industry due to electricity and power shortages in urban ... This report provides an overview of the economic development in India, outlines solar energy policies of the government, and analyzes its market and industry developments ...

August 2019 36 pages
Global Smartwatch Development Trends and Brand Strategies US$ 1,200.00

... a result, the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of the global smartwatch market between 2018 and 2022 is estimated at 16%. Apple Watch has ... and functions. This report provides the development of the global smartwatch market, focuses on three key development trends observed and examines product strategies of ...

August 2019 22 pages
Development of US-China Trade Conflicts After Trump-Xi Meeting At G20 US$ 1,600.00

... have eased the tension to the worldwide supply chain, the US-China trade conflict has severely affected the division of labor in the global ... few decades. This report provides an overview of the latest development of US and China trade conflicts and examines how the IT industry must reposition in the new ...

August 2019 10 pages
Blockchain IoT Development in China: Patent Distribution, Market Trend, and Opportunity Analysis (Pre-order) US$ 1,800.00

... cooperation between blockchain technology and IoT (Internet of Things) has become an important development trend. This main reason is that the blockchain has ... of what Chinese big names and startups have invested in blockchain IoT and fully examines their patent deployment strategies in this sector.

August 2019 27 pages
Global Wi-Fi Enabled Devices Shipment Forecast, 2019~2023 US$ 1,500.00

The shipment volume of global Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) enabled devices in 2018 reached 2.97 billion units, up 3.1% year-on-year. The continued market ... next five years. This report provides an overview of how Wi-Fi enabled devices perform in terms of shipment volume for the period 2019-2023 and examines ...

August 2019 18 pages
Intelligent Marketing Voice Assistant: Patent Distribution, Market Trend, and Opportunity Analysis (Pre-order) US$ 1,800.00

... , Walmart, and identifies key fields and technologies with regards to intelligent marketing voice assistant patents.

August 2019 24 pages
Smart Medical Image System: Patent Distribution, Market Trend, and Opportunity Analysis (Pre-order) US$ 1,800.00

... , Samsung Medison, IBM, GE Healthcare, and Philips Healthcare which possess US patents with regard to smart medical image systems, and examines their market trends and opportunities.

August 2019 27 pages
Development Strategy of 3D Sensor Unicorn Orbbec US$ 2,000.00

... a startup headquartered in Shenzhen of China and dedicated to 3D sensing technology development, has the world&'s third-largest number of patents related to 3D sensing ... greater than US$1 billion. This report analyzes Orbbec&'s development milestones, product portfolio, business operations, secretes behind its ...

July 2019 29 pages
Outlook for the Taiwanese ICT Industry, 2019 and Beyond US$ 1,600.00

... of digitalization. Thus far, household internet connection rate in Taiwan has risen to 82.3% while mobile phone penetration rate has ... to reach US$111.1 million in 2019, up merely 0.3% compared to 2018. The Taiwanese network communications industry's production value is estimated at US$20.97 million in 2019 and ...

July 2019 32 pages