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For more than 30 years within the medical industry Kalorama Information has been a foremost provider of market intelligence covering such sectors as:
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical equipment.
Kalorama’s service publishes comprehensive and timely reports grounded on in-depth analysis, authentic data and valid interpretation. The analyzed information comprises:
  • Market segmentation;
  • Competitive climate;
  • Competitor profiles;
  • Key and emerging brands monitoring;
  • Growth forecasts;
  • Medical innovations survey;
  • Product development and distribution overview; etc.
Every report is done by experienced team which performs insightful overview of the sector, penetrate to the slightest details, and assess new and historical trends through primary and secondary research. Thus, the consumers obtain unique information and exhaustive analysis plus long-range outlook for their business.

Independent and critical overview is provided under the assistance of clinical practitioners, governmental officials, industry executives and other qualified consultants.

Research Reports By Kalorama Information

Found 162 publications
The World Market for Cardiovascular Diagnostics US$ 3,995.00 Jun, 2013 180 pages
The Market for Tablet PCs In Healthcare US$ 3,500.00 Jun, 2013 200 pages
The World Market for Orphan Drugs US$ 4,500.00 Jun, 2013 400 pages
Bioinformatics in IVD Testing US$ 1,995.00 Jun, 2013 198 pages
The Global Market for Medical Devices, 4th Edition US$ 1,995.00 May, 2013 150 pages
EMR 2013: The Market for Electronic Medical Records US$ 3,995.00 Apr, 2013 322 pages
Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring Systems US$ 4,995.00 Mar, 2013 380 pages
The U.S. Market for Urgent Care Centers US$ 2,500.00 Mar, 2013 70 pages
IVD Procedure Volume and Pricing Analysis US$ 3,995.00 Jan, 2013 210 pages
Food Safety Diagnostics, The World Market US$ 2,500.00 Jan, 2013 140 pages
Worldwide Facial Rejuvenation Markets, 4th Edition US$ 3,995.00 Jan, 2013 248 pages
The U.S. Market for Rx to OTC Switches, 6th Edition US$ 3,995.00 Jan, 2013 290 pages
The Global Orthopedic Trauma Device Market US$ 3,995.00 Dec, 2012 178 pages
The World Market for Point of Care (POC) Diagnostics US$ 4,200.00 Dec, 2012 200 pages
Hernia Repair Device Markets and Procedures US$ 3,995.00 Nov, 2012 185 pages
EMR in Europe US$ 2,995.00 Oct, 2012 193 pages
Medical Imaging Markets: Molecular Imaging US$ 3,995.00 Sep, 2012 136 pages
The World Market for Transdermal Drug Delivery US$ 2,500.00 Sep, 2012 100 pages
Early Toxicology: Markets and Approaches US$ 3,995.00 Sep, 2012 180 pages
Hospital Acquired Infections: Testing Markets US$ 3,995.00 Aug, 2012 117 pages
Medical Imaging Markets: Contrast Agents US$ 3,995.00 Jul, 2012 145 pages
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