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Kalorama Information: Market Research Reports

For more than 30 years within the medical industry Kalorama Information has been a foremost provider of market intelligence covering such sectors as:

  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical equipment.

Kalorama’s service publishes comprehensive and timely reports grounded on in-depth analysis, authentic data and valid interpretation. The analyzed information comprises:

  • Market segmentation;
  • Competitive climate;
  • Competitor profiles;
  • Key and emerging brands monitoring;
  • Growth forecasts;
  • Medical innovations survey;
  • Product development and distribution overview; etc.

Every report is done by experienced team which performs insightful overview of the sector, penetrate to the slightest details, and assess new and historical trends through primary and secondary research. Thus, the consumers obtain unique information and exhaustive analysis plus long-range outlook for their business.

Independent and critical overview is provided under the assistance of clinical practitioners, governmental officials, industry executives and other qualified consultants.

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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Markets 2015 (Systems, Consumables, Services, Acquisitions, Agreements, Competitive Analysis, Platforms, Applications, Brand Ownership and Other Trends) US$ 4,200.00

... ’s Next Generation Sequencing Markets. This Informative Analysis Helps You Track These Developments, with Reliable Market Estimates The report provides the world markets for next generation sequencing in U.S. dollars ... sequencing market includes capillary electrophoresis sequencing systems (based on the early Sanger sequencing method) and also the rapidly growing next generation sequencing market. The market estimate includes both sequencing ...

January 2015 391 pages
Blood: The Worldwide Market for Blood Products, Blood Testing, Blood Equipment, and Synthetic Blood Products US$ 4,200.00

Kalorama Information's Blood: The Worldwide Market for Blood Products, Blood Testing, Blood Equipment, and Synthetic Blood Products provides an analysis of all the key market segments involved in this industry, including products, equipment and testing. There is an expanding market for human blood and blood components as a result ...

October 2014 225 pages
The World Market for Minimally Invasive Surgical Devices US$ 4,500.00

... ) Urological and Gynecological MIS Device Market (Scopes, Surgical Instruments) All market data pertains to the world market at the manufacturers’ level. The ... volumes are available for the following surgeries for which minimally invasive equipment is utilized: Hip Replacement, Pinning, etc. Knee Repair/ ...

August 2013 400 pages
The Impact of Healthcare Reform (PPACA) On the U.S. IVD Industry US$ 1,500.00

... RECENT IVD CONSOLIDATION THE ROLE OF ACOS IMPACT OF THE MEDICAL DEVICE TAX AND RECENT DEVELOPMENTS STATE EXPANSION OF MEDICAID IVD CAPITAL PURCHASING, PUBLIC ... plans offered at that level. Different aspects of the complex health care reform legislation will affect the IVD industry differently, with some ...

August 2013 68 pages
The Market for Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) and Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) US$ 3,995.00

... cells (CTCs) are believed to detach from primary or secondary tumors and enter the bloodstream, traveling to distant organs and forming new ... process of metastasis; however, their biology is still not entirely elucidated. Circulating tumor cells have tremendous utility in cancer research, aiding scientists ...

August 2013 164 pages
The Market for Hospital-Acquired Infection Control (Sterilization, Disinfection, Testing and Treatment) US$ 3,995.00

... for solutions that can help the healthcare industry reduce infections and the costs associated with them. The U.S. Centers for ... . This opportunity is detailed in Kalorama Information's report, The Market for Hospital-Acquired Infection Control (Sterilization, Cleaning, Testing, Treatment) This report ...

August 2013 230 pages
Lateral Flow Technology And The Future Of Point Of Care Diagnostics, 2nd Edition US$ 4,200.00

... reduce the cost of both device development and care. This report, Lateral Flow Technology and the Future of Point of Care Testing, 2nd Edition, takes ... acknowledging the reality of payors’ emphasis on cost/benefit analysis for new technologies. Current sales and predictions for 2017 sales are provided for the ...

July 2013 210 pages
Next Generation Sequencing Trends (Clinical Applications, Systems Used, Accreditation Status, Regulated Patient Sample Handling and Other Trends) US$ 4,200.00

... seeks to answer the following questions: What is the status of clinical applications for Next Generation Sequencing in laboratories currently? What vendors are winning? ... both types of systems. The survey asked labs about the following trends in Next Generation Sequencing and provides insights into the status ...

June 2013 159 pages
The World Market for Cardiovascular Diagnostics US$ 3,995.00

... markers Cardiac contrast agents and radiopharmaceuticals For each of these segments, market size and forecast, along with compound annual growth rate is ... within the global cardiac diagnostics market remained challenging in 2012. Demand for cardiovascular diagnostics slowed during the historical period due ...

June 2013 180 pages
The Market for Tablet PCs In Healthcare US$ 3,500.00

... on reducing hospital days, and proven cost-effectiveness. In particular, the Tablet PC has been focused on as it mimics clipboards and other products already ... Rest of World. The list of trends and factors affecting the market for tablet PCs in healthcare include: EMR Compatibility and Functions Efficiency ...

June 2013 200 pages
The World Market for Orphan Drugs US$ 4,500.00

... top area of concern—drug resistance. This report provides estimates for the world market for orphan drugs, as well as the E.U. and Japan ... and reimbursements. Both primary and secondary sources were consulted in developing market estimates. Demographics, Costs, Regulation and Other Trends Examined The ...

June 2013 400 pages
Bioinformatics in IVD Testing US$ 1,995.00

... complements the skills of human test interpretation. This report, Bioinformatics in IVD Testing looks at the various IVD market segments where bionformatics ... Selected Histology Analyses Software Tools Selected Blood-Based Cancer Biomarker Tests That Use Software Analysis Tools Selected Chronic Diseases ...

June 2013 198 pages
The World Market for Pain Management Drugs and Devices US$ 3,500.00

... options available to physicians and other clinicians has expanded. Solutions to pain disorders are still elusive but continued human and animal studies ... , and increasing interest in multidisciplinary approaches to pain management. This report, The World Market for Pain Management Drugs and Devices, provides ...

May 2013 270 pages
The World Market for Cancer Diagnostics, 5th Edition: Precision and Personalized Testing Arrives US$ 4,500.00

... analysis in this report covers world markets for in vitro cancer diagnostics, however the reader will find a bias toward the developed ... LLC OncoCyte Corp. OncoHealth Corp. OPKO Health, Inc. Polymedco Cancer Diagnostic Products, LLC Proteomika S.L. Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation Saladax Biomedical ...

May 2013 670 pages
The World Market for Catheters (Cardiovascular, Urological, Intravenous and Specialty Devices) US$ 3,500.00

... size and discusses the competitive activity in each category. Among the catheters used in urological applications are the Foley and the urethral ... seeking opportunities in this medical device market will want to utilize Kalorama Information's World Market for Catheters. This report is a comprehensive look at ...

May 2013 125 pages
The Global Market for Medical Devices, 4th Edition US$ 1,995.00

... new devices and invested in R&D in response. In this report, The Global Market for Medical Devices, 4th. Edition, Kalorama Information analyzes the ... -Rom Coloplast Teleflex Kalorama Information has, in many of the largest device markets, conducted detailed primary and secondary research-based studies and ...

April 2013 150 pages
Cell Culture: The Market for Media, Sera and Reagents, 5th Edition US$ 3,995.00

... currently employed and emerging in the cell culture area, Kalorama's exhaustive report provides specific information on: Market Size, growth, and forecasts ... Discussion of the preferences in media types vying for dominance in the market, including the following: ADCF - animal derived component free media ...

April 2013 152 pages
The World Market for Dialysis Equipment and Services (United States, Japan, UK, Italy, India, China, Australia and Canada ) US$ 3,995.00

... report looks at both the equipment and service aspects of the dialysis industry. The industry enjoys a unique place in the healthcare sector ... be used to supplement internal memos or presentation. Detailed World Dialysis Market Review including specific reviews of the dialysis service, equipment and supplies ...

April 2013 244 pages
EMR 2013: The Market for Electronic Medical Records US$ 3,995.00

... incentives spurring revenues. This Kalorama Information report, EMR 2013, is a look at the market and trends impacting electronic medical record software ... Markets and Trends The electronic medical records market in the United States is competitive, with over 400 providers; however, increasing mergers and ...

March 2013 322 pages
Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring Systems US$ 4,995.00

... personnel, and a reduction in errors and are expected to lead to better patient care and the recognition of serious health problems before they ... Coverage of This Fast-Growing Medical Device Area This Kalorama Information report, Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring Systems , is a comprehensive study on the ...

March 2013 380 pages
The U.S. Market for Urgent Care Centers US$ 2,500.00

Urgent care centers in the United States provide an increasingly important option between a physician’s office and a hospital emergency room. They provide ... a decisive role in healthcare in the near future. This report, The U.S. Market for Urgent Care Centers, represents Kalorama's analysis of the current ...

March 2013 70 pages
Lab Automation Markets, 3rd. Edition (Systems, Key Companies, Forecasts and Trends) US$ 3,995.00

This report, Lab Automation Markets, 3rd Edition, (Systems, Key Companies, Forecasts and Trends), represents Kalorama Information's latest study of the ... Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) As a report with international focus, markets for North America, Europe and Asia are provided. Revenues ...

February 2013 200 pages
The World Market for Implantable and Needle-Free Drug Delivery Systems US$ 2,995.00

This report, The World Market for Implantable and Needle-Free Drug Delivery details the types of drug delivery systems and ... Drug Delivery Systems by Pharmaceutical and Drug Delivery Component Selected Suppliers of Implantable/Injectable Drug Delivery Technology Cost per Million Injections by Injector ...

February 2013 120 pages
IVD Procedure Volume and Pricing Analysis US$ 3,995.00

... categories., Global procedure volume estimates are provided for the historic 2012 period and forecasts are provided through 2017. Price estimates are ... growth through the foreseeable future. Which company is performing what share of IVD procedures? This unique business planning tool answers this question, ...

January 2013 210 pages
Food Safety Diagnostics, The World Market US$ 2,500.00

... unprecedented in an age of mass media, consumer alert systems and industrialized food production that together have led to high publicized outbreaks and food ... to pathogenic microbes Unlike other studies on the market, Food Safety Diagnostics, The World Market does not limit analysis to pathogens alone. ...

January 2013 140 pages
Worldwide Facial Rejuvenation Markets, 4th Edition US$ 3,995.00

... on extensive interviews with senior management of top companies in the worldwide facial rejuvenation market. As part of its coverage, the 4th Edition includes ... pressures in the new millennium. While plastic surgery and cosmetic rejuvenation modalities offered this opportunity, it also came with a price and ...

January 2013 248 pages
The U.S. Market for Rx to OTC Switches, 6th Edition US$ 3,995.00

... product areas contribute to the growth and development of the OTC market; however, new product development and additional regulatory review and ... label manufacturers. Competition will likely continue to be moderate in the OTC market, especially with the patent expiration of key products nearing. Consolidation ...

January 2013 290 pages
World Market for Molecular Diagnostics, 5th. Edition (Infectious Disease, Oncology, Blood Screening, Pre-Natal and Other Areas) US$ 4,500.00

... been growing at a remarkable clip. This report, The World Market for Molecular Diagnostics (Infectious Disease, Oncology, Blood Screening, Pre-Natal ... , Tissue Microarrays and Mass Spectroscopy Integrated Sample-to-Results Testing Market size and forecasts in the report are for manufacturer's revenues ...

January 2013 880 pages
The Global Orthopedic Trauma Device Market US$ 3,995.00

... screws or and external fixation devices such as stabilization bars. The strongest driver of the global orthopedic trauma market is the increasing elderly ... largely based on demographic trends, new developments, innovative technology and global expansion.There are a number of issues and trends affecting this ...

December 2012 178 pages
The World Market for Point of Care (POC) Diagnostics US$ 4,200.00

... and industry activity. This Kalorama Information report, 'The World Market for Point of Care Diagnostics', the result of primary and secondary ... role it plays in medical practice. This report takes an in depth look at the market, technologies, and trends in decentralized testing, looking at both self-testing ...

December 2012 200 pages
The Next Wave In Cancer Treatment - Kinase Inhibitors US$ 2,500.00

This Kalorama Information report – The Next Wave in Cancer Treatment--Kinase Inhibitors - is focused on a growing area of cancer treatment, kinase inhibitors. Several ... currently marketed and late stage development kinase inhibitors for cancer treatment. Revenues for this market segment were generated using ...

December 2012 160 pages
Retail Clinics 2012: Growth of Stores, Consumer Opinion Surveys, Winning Competitors, Supplier Sales of Products to Clinics, Clinic Sales Forecasts and Trends US$ 2,500.00

... many are evaluating these small healthcare venues inside a heavily trafficked retail setting as a one of many possible answers to an expected increase in insured patients. ... assumptions previously made about these clinics. This report Retail Clinics 2012 looks at retail clinics’ impact and growth over the next ...

November 2012 70 pages
Hernia Repair Device Markets and Procedures US$ 3,995.00

... from year to year. This report, Hernia Repair Device Markets and Procedures looks at the hernia repair industry segment. New product ... ; life expectancy by country, and other general issues affecting the market. Information is presented as a worldwide overview, with special emphasis on the U.S., Europe, and ...

November 2012 185 pages
The World Market for Infusion Pumps (Large Volume Pumps, Ambulatory Pumps, Insulin Pumps, Enteral Feeding Pumps, Others) US$ 3,995.00

... area for several manufacturers. Kalorama's report details the important types of infusion pumps, projects revenues and discusses the key companies who manufacture ... verify early findings and confirm sales and market share data. All market data pertains to the world market at the manufacturers’ level. The base ...

October 2012 185 pages
The World Market for Stents (Drug-Eluting and Bare Metal Product Markets in US, EU, Japan, India, China and ROW) US$ 3,995.00

... disease, encouraging also more patients to undergo stent implantation surgery. This Report, The World Market for Stents (Drug Eluting and Bare ... Recent Mergers and Acquisitions Key Company Profiles The major markets of US, Europe, and Japan experienced significant challenges in recent years, including ...

October 2012 164 pages
World Market for Clinical Nutrition Products (Infant, Parenteral and Enteral Foods), 5th Edition, The US$ 3,995.00

... Numbers for Recession Disease Statistics Nursing Home and Hospice Trends Nutrition and Education DHA and ANA Additives Counterfeit Infant Formulas ... continue to break into the growing demand for clinical nutrition in new world markets. Companies highlighted in this study include: Abbott Baxter ...

October 2012 245 pages
EMR in Europe US$ 2,995.00

This report, EMR Europe 2012 is a look at the market and trends impacting electronic medical record software and related services in Europe. Included in the report are statistics influencing the industry, demographics, and company strategies. A market summary includes a ...

September 2012 193 pages
Medical Imaging Markets: Molecular Imaging US$ 3,995.00

... want to keep abreast of this new market. As part of its comprehensive coverage, Medical Imaging Markets: Molecular Imaging includes: Overview and Explanation ... of the world population are alsolikely to increase the need for imaging procedures. One example involves obesity, which is often linked to increased ...

September 2012 136 pages
Vaccines 2012 World Market Analysis, Key Players, Trends, Pediatric and Adult Segments US$ 3,995.00

... past year, and these are covered in this report Vaccines 2012: World Market Analysis, Key Players, and Critical Trends in a Fast-Changing ... elderly populations. This report includes profiles of the key players in vaccines, including: AlphaVax, Inc. Bavarian Nordic A/S Baxter Healthcare Bharat Biotech ...

September 2012 249 pages
The World Market for Transdermal Drug Delivery US$ 2,500.00

... and the ability to quickly discontinue treatment by removal of the system. This report, World Markets for Transdermal Drug Delivery is a comprehensive look at the ... , revenues have been reported that include pharmaceutical sales for products utilizing that technology. This market is divided into two segments ...

September 2012 100 pages
Early Toxicology: Markets and Approaches US$ 3,995.00

... drug discovery & development. This report, Early Toxicology Markets and Approaches , focuses on markets for early toxicology testing services. The objective of ... process. The report begins with an overview of drug discovery, ADMET, and early tox testing. It continues with some of the ways big pharmas ...

September 2012 180 pages
DNA Sequencing Equipment and Services Markets, 3rd. Edition US$ 3,995.00

This report, DNA Sequencing Equipment and Services Markets, represents the third time Kalorama has detailed the market for DNA ... , purchases by first-time users. Consortia, initiatives, a Groups have been organizing to sequence hundreds or thousands of individuals, species, tumors and the like in a short ...

September 2012 180 pages
Cell Phone-Enabled Diagnostics: mHealth Applications in IVD US$ 2,500.00

... medical record. This report, Cell Phone-Enabled Diagnostics: mHealth Applications in IVD tracks cell phone-enabled products on the market and ... How Upstarts are Faring Vs. Established Products Analyst Conclusions Kalorama lead diagnostic analyst Shara Rosen, R.T., MBA presents the new developments in the ...

August 2012 130 pages
Hospital Acquired Infections: Testing Markets US$ 3,995.00

... based both on medial considerations and on market considerations. This report Hospital Acquired Infection Testing Markets looks at the market for diagnostics that ... (more often countries that are not a part of the major markets for nosocomial diagnostic and therapeutic products). In many instances, we have ...

August 2012 117 pages
Epigenomics, Present and Future Applications for Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics US$ 3,995.00

... have been known for many years to cause changes in gene expression. This report 'Epigenomics, Present and Future Applications for Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics' describes the progress that has been made in our understanding of the basic science of epigenomics and considers ...

August 2012 160 pages
Epigenetics: Applications for Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics (Methylation, Histone Modification and miRNA expression) US$ 3,995.00

... by Epigenomics Examples of Clinically Relevant Epigenetic Biomarkers Currently Approved Epigenomic Drugs Epigenetic Drivers of Disease Pharmaceutical R&D: A Need for Better Returns Look at Applications in Alzheimer’s Disease, Mental Illness, Auto-Immune Diseases, Autism and Cardiovascular ...

August 2012 160 pages
Pharmaceutical Products of the Future: 50-Company Biopharma and Traditional Pipeline Analysis to 2016 US$ 2,500.00

... Market Facts and Forecast For the purpose of this study, Kalorama Information has extracted sales for human pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products; consumer pharmaceuticals and products; diagnostics; devices; chemicals; agriculture; and animal health. These are areas where many of these companies ...

August 2012 220 pages
The Worldwide Market for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Tests, 8th Edition US$ 6,500.00

... , throughout the world, in one complete volume. The report, The Worldwide Market for In Vitro Diagnostic Tests , is a testament to the Kalorama methodology. ... with an exhaustive review of the medical, business, and company literature. Market numbers for business planning matched with a discovery of the trends ...

July 2012 1400 pages
Markets for Electrostimulation Devices (Neurostimulation, Cardiac Rhythm Management, Fracture Healing and Others) US$ 3,995.00

... years, rTMS has received a growing attention in thepopular and scientific media. The market forecasts reflect growing professionalmedical acceptance. The demand of electrostimulation productsbased on external electrodes is expected to benefit from innovativedevelopments in FES designed to augmentmovement of ...

July 2012 198 pages
Medical Imaging Markets: Contrast Agents US$ 3,995.00

... that would nototherwise be clearly seen. Although bones are readily apparent on radiographic images, other organs and tissues are not. These ... -focused reports of Kalorama's medical imaging market reports. Coverage includes: World and regional revenue forecasts for contrast agents and radiopharmaceuticals ...

July 2012 145 pages