Smyyth LLC

More than 50 years Smyyth LLC has been providing credit-to-cash services to companies inquiring financial support and revenue increase. Having gained an incredible outsourcing experience in the management of a customer credit lifecycle Smyyth LLC is a sole deliverer of critical and unparalleled knowledge on:
  • Credit information and insurance
  • Scoring and workflow
  • Deduction
  • Account reconciliation statements
  • Accounts receivable and more.
Credit management is a core target of Smyyth LLC grounded on reliable and extensive database. Due to elaborate subject-matter research done by skillful experts the customers obtain an independent expertize and avoid poor value and redundant paperwork. Among Smyyth’s clientele are 1,000 corporations that encompass multiple industries including pharmaceutical, finance, electronics, technology, consumable goods and others. Smyyth's platforms CARIXA™ and CREDIT2B™ are unique automotive services that ensure relevant business information, high-value solutions and profitable decisions. These networks are helpful to trace and monitor credit and payments, cash flows, accounts, analytical reports, etc

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