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IRN Research is a prominent full-service market consulting and research company founded in 1991. A partner of the Market Research Society (MRS) Company, it specializes in the survey of Europe’s industries and markets. The firm gives support to its customers in making insightful business decisions and developing efficient strategies by offering them unparalleled understanding of their clients and rivals as well as expertise in the respective field.

IRN Research provides a slew of the research techniques and analysis, among them: telephone, postal, face-to-face and on-line surveys; focus groups, panel and omnibus surveys; desk researches and many others. The reports worked out by IRN Research present research results in the form of detailed conclusions, recommendations and impartial advice. The company disposes a whale of the ready-made reports devoted to the following areas: legal services, content and publishing industries and travel and tourism. Unique information disclosed in the IRN research’s reports enhances customers’ ability to take advantage of the emerging opportunities and help them to improve business activities.

Research Reports By IRN Research

Found 22 publications
UK Continent Passenger Profiles US$ 1,250.00 Jan, 2018 41 pages
FreightStat Monthly US$ 395.00 Jan, 2018 6 pages
France UK Visitors US$ 1,050.00 Jan, 2018 14 pages
FerryStat Monthly US$ 1,120.00 Jan, 2018 23 pages
UK Maritime Shipping & Admiralty Law Market US$ 235.00 Nov, 2017 57 pages
UK Ferry Market US$ 660.00 Apr, 2017 23 pages
UK Cruise Market Report US$ 133.00 Mar, 2017 28 pages
UK River Cruise Report US$ 265.00 Mar, 2017 12 pages
UK Legal Services Market Report 2017 US$ 520.00 Mar, 2017 86 pages
UK Medico-Legal and Insurance Market 2017 US$ 235.00 Feb, 2017 66 pages
IRN Legal US$ 1,553.00 Sep, 2013
Global Financial Data Market 2010 US$ 550.00 Jan, 2010 85 pages
European STM Information Market US$ 480.00 Sep, 2009 49 pages
Asia Pacific Business Information Market 2008 US$ 870.00 May, 2008 97 pages
European B2B Information Market 2008 US$ 1,098.00 Feb, 2008 149 pages
European Online Information Market 2007 US$ 1,098.00 Jul, 2007 72 pages
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