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Renaissance Analytics: Market Research Reports

Renaissance Analytics is a research agency established by a holder of Master and Bachelor degrees Vincent J. Lentini. Vincent has been successfully carrying out market research for a long period and in 2010 a first-class agency under his rule appeared.

In-demand research of the energy sector, encompassing renewable energy, gas and oil, crude and coal challenges many experts together with Vincent to ensure reliable, available and timely market reports. Renaissance Analytics publishes an assortment of data, overviews and financial prospects obtained from such credible resources as: company press releases, Bloomberg, Reuters and the Associated Press articles, The U.S. Energy Information Administration, etc.

Renaissance Analytics reports cover essential issues and feature:

  • Company characteristics
  • Pipeline enterprises and value chain
  • Company’s revenues summary
  • Everyday business activity
  • Potential rivals and players at the energy market;
  • Geographic characteristics of the region;
  • Exploration and production companies’ overview, etc.

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Will Canada Become The Next Oil Superpower? 

US$ 900.00

Executive Will Canada become the next oil superpower? The mission of this research paper is to explain how Canada plans to become one of the world’s leading crude oil producers. I have utilized over...

March 2012 75 pages

Coal's Global Power Generation Dominance & The Growing Importance Of Natural Gas

US$ 475.00

Executive The mission of this research paper is to explain why coal continues to dominate global power generation. The research paper will also explain the growing importance of natural gas. Informa...

January 2012 40 pages

20 Major Exploration & Production Companies Within The Oil & Natural Gas Industry Within North America, and the Global Crude Oil and Natural Gas Environment in Which They Operate

US$ 499.00

Executive The mission of this industry research report is to present a comprehensive analysis of the Oil and Natural Gas Industry, by using Michael Porter’s Five Forces Industry Analysis. Porter’s Fi...

December 2011 82 pages

How The Global Automobile & Airline Industries - Are Impacting The Global Energy Business

US$ 1,699.00

Executive The mission of this research paper is to explain how the global automobile and airline industries are impacting the global energy business. I have utilized over 350 sources for this extensi...

November 2011 170 pages

The Increasing Role of Alternative Energy

US$ 399.00

Executive As hydrocarbons continue to dominate the globe with supplying the necessary energy for transportation fuels and power generation, many nations of the globe are investing in alternative sour...

June 2011 67 pages

The Global Crude Oil Environment in 2011 - The Fundamentals Behind The Global Crude Oil Addiction

US$ 299.00

Executive The mission of this paper is to provide individual and investors with a comprehensive background surrounding the crude oil environment in 2011. I have utilized over 50 sources which include...

March 2011 59 pages