phamax AG

Founded in Switzerland in 2011, phamax AG is a research and consulting company, specialising in analytical and scientific market access programmes in the healthcare field. The companies’ clients comprise health authorities, patient and physician associations and pharmacos.

The company’s devoted team is composed of physicians, marketing and sales experts, and data analytics experts from various backgrounds, including non-governmental organisations (NGOs), physician associations, hospital management, pharmacos, and more.

phamax’s geographical focus includes emerging marketplaces, particularly Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, CIS, and APAC, where the firm’s highly competent team have conducted over 100 analytical and scientific projects over the past three years.

Through its research platform – Focus Scientific Research Center (‘FSRC’), the company develops and implements scientific programmes to enhance general awareness of diseases as well as patients’ access to diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. Through FSRC's activities, phamax has built a wide international network of universities, disease experts, healthcare authorities and patient groups. By leveraging this network, the firm offers actionable and pragmatic solutions to its clients.

Research Reports By phamax AG

Found 8 publications
Healthcare Market Access: Thailand US$ 1,999.00 Jan, 2015 136 pages
Healthcare Market Access: Poland US$ 199.00 Jan, 2015 25 pages
Healthcare Market Access: Morocco US$ 1,299.00 Jan, 2015 89 pages
Healthcare Market Access: Vietnam US$ 1,999.00 Jan, 2015 126 pages
Healthcare Market Access: Egypt US$ 1,299.00 Jan, 2015 79 pages
Healthcare Market Access: Indonesia US$ 1,999.00 Jan, 2015 113 pages
Healthcare Market Access: Czech Republic US$ 199.00 Jan, 2015 36 pages
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