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Latest market news and consulting services are provided by Emerging Markets Direct Media Holdings LLC, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

Regional analysts, economists and editors process data and produce staple articles reports throughout MENA region and Europe. Purchasers are able to subscribe to the IntelliNews service which brings out a number of industry analyses, political news, economic bulletins which are exposed in company’s e-shop, on ISI Emerging Markets and OneSource channels.

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Moreover, the company has a number of intelligence suppliers who perform analytical assistance in Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey and Malaysia. Substantive and independent expertise is either focused on clients’competitive abilities, investment perspectives and income opportunities within the scrutinized sector.

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China Coal Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

... ’s coal production and consumption. There were more than 7,900 companies in the coal industry recording a total of RMB 4.8tn in total industry asset value. The ... end-October. The leading players of the industry are China Shenhua Energy, China Coal Energy, Shanxi Coal International Energy Group, Yang Quan Coal ...

February 2014 34 pages
Indonesia Pharmaceuticals Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

... for this low figure. Hence, immense potential exists for growth in Indonesia’s pharmaceutical sector. However, the sector is often plagued by regulatory flip- ... 2012, a single physician served 4,900 citizens in the country. The government of Indonesia has targeted to bring down this figure to 2,500 at the end ...

February 2014 31 pages
Indonesia Banking Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

This report profiles Indonesia’s banking industry, discussing market trends through H2 2013 and outlook for 2014 and in the long term ... deposits grew by 12.2% y/y while foreign exchange deposits grew by 28.3% y/y to IDR 606tn. Indonesia’s consumer price inflation spiked up in the second half of 2013. It almost ...

February 2014 37 pages
India Electronics Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

This report offers a profile of India’s electronics industry, with an overview of market trends through H2 2013 and forecasts for 2014 and beyond. ... turnover in the industry. During 2003–13, the trade deficit in the electronics sector grew at a CAGR of 18.3%. However, the recent government initiatives have ...

February 2014 37 pages
India Pharmaceutical Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

... China, Japan, and the United States. Over the last decade, India’s pharmaceutical and health care sector has made great strides. ... and health care sector witnessed a challenging period in 2013. The domestic pharmaceutical market grew by 9% in 2013, having grown by 12% in 2012. The notification of Drug Prices ...

February 2014 37 pages
China Steel Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

... production expanded at a CAGR of 4.34% between 2005 and 2012. In the first 11 months of 2013, crude steel output in Asia was up by 5.9% y/y to 967.1mn tons. In the same period, China’s steel industry revenue was up 3.3% y/y to RMB 3.35tn, but net profit margin remained low at ...

February 2014 28 pages
China Pharmaceuticals Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

This report reviews the current trends and market outlook in China’s pharmaceuticals and health care industry. It also discusses the stock ... rural areas is trending up. Nevertheless, public health care expenditure as percentage of total GDP in China still trails many developed economies like the United States, ...

January 2014 34 pages
Malaysia Aviation Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

This report surveys the current trends and market outlook for the aviation sector in Malaysia. In the last decade, the Malaysian aviation ... grew by 16.6% in the first nine months of FY13. The outlook for Malaysian aviation is positive and the growth trend in passenger traffic is expected to continue in the ...

January 2014 37 pages
India Paper Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

... growth in consumption, in turn increasing production. This trend motivated the paper manufacturers in the country to move forward with capacity expansion and ... extremely low compared to other developed countries. India consumed less than 2% of the world’s paper production as of FY13, a low figure for a country ...

January 2014 31 pages
Singapore Health Care Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

... country to be well poised to benefit from global trends. In 2012, Singapore’s health care services industry had a total of 4,600 establishments with over ... Medical Corporation Ltd. IHH Healthcare is the largest healthcare provider in Singapore and one of the largest in Asia Pacific, with a presence in Malaysia ...

January 2014 35 pages
China Tourism Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

... brand strategies. In 2014, the authority will push the theme of smart tourism in China. Key Points: Leading players whose financial performance is summarized ... to adopt the 72-hour visa-free transit policy to open a stream of tourism revenue. Companies with innovative solutions that provide user-friendly ...

January 2014 31 pages
Indonesia Insurance Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

... leading players in the sector including PNIN, ABDA, and AMAG. Indonesia’s insurance industry is characterized by a low penetration rate. The gross premium ... performance information for leading companies in the sector, including PT Panin Insurance Tbk (PNIN), PT Asuransi Bina Dana Arta (ABDA), and PT Asuransi ...

January 2014 26 pages
Indonesia Utilities Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

This report profiles Indonesia’s utilities and energy industry and discusses market trends through H2 2013 and the current outlook. It also includes ... also plans to build 250 solar-powered plants. Key Points: Currently, Indonesia's largest electricity provider Perusahaan Listrik Negara PT (PLN) has two ...

January 2014 34 pages
China Auto Parts Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

... Automotive, Fuyao Glass, Changchun FAWAY, Weifu, and Zhongding Group. China’s auto parts industry revenue expanded at a CAGR of 27.3% between 2005 and 2012. ... behind international competitors in automotive electronic control systems. The new China IV emission standards would create new demand for exhaust after ...

December 2013 28 pages
India Food Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

... an economic slowdown with high inflation in FY13 as well as FY14. As a result, India’s food and beverage players faced margin pressure owing to a rise ... ). The index of industrial production (IIP) recorded a growth of 1% in FY13. The food products and beverage manufacturing index saw a growth of 3% during the ...

December 2013 32 pages
India Metals Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

... the sector, including Hindalco Industries, Hindustan Zinc, and Hindustan Copper. India's metals and minerals sector has been an important constituent of economic ... sector is stable in the long term because of low per capita metal consumption, vast mineral resources, and a growing construction sector. Reforms ...

December 2013 36 pages
India Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

This report discusses developments in India’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMGC) industry through H2 2013. The report also profiles the market ... confidence behind Indonesia and the Philippines, according to a survey published by Nielsen. Consumer price inflation was hovering around the 10% mark, which prevented ...

November 2013 28 pages
Malaysia Steel Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

... to grow at an annual rate of 4% until 2020. More demand for domestic steel products is expected with the stepping-up of the implementation of various mega- ... financial information and a comparative matrix for the leading players in Malaysia’s steel sector, among them Lion Industries Corporation Berhad, Ann Joo ...

November 2013 33 pages
Singapore Information and Communications Technology Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

This report profiles Singapore’s information and communications technology (ICT) industry and discusses market trends through H2 2013. It also analyzes the ... players in the industry, including SingTel, StarHub, and M1 Limited. The Singapore ICT or infocomm industry has witnessed a period of high growth during ...

November 2013 32 pages
India Agriculture Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

... , Ruchi Soya Industries, and McLeod Russel India. Agriculture is the third-largest sector of India’s economy after services and industry. Though ... and allied sectors contributed around 13% to the country’s GDP as of FY13. The agriculture sector witnessed subdued growth in FY13. The sector registered a growth ...

November 2013 35 pages
Indonesia Steel Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

... consumer of steel (in second place between Thailand and Vietnam). Indonesia’s steel consumption grew at an impressive rate of 14.1% to 12.5mn metric tons in 2012 in line with the growth in domestic steel demand as well as the national economy. As the country with the largest economy and ...

November 2013 35 pages
China Automotive Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

This report discusses China’s automotive industry, starting with a sector profile and continuing on to provide analysis of trends through H2 2013 and forecast the ... Company Limited. Sales of automobiles in the first nine months put China in line to top 20mn in vehicle sales in 2013. Intense competition and ...

October 2013 33 pages
India Steel Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... demand slowdown in FY13 after a decade of high growth. The slowdown in Chinese steel demand created a problem of global oversupply, which caused a decline in global steel ... the major threats for this sector. However, the outlook for India’s steel industry is stable in the medium term owing to a low per capita ...

October 2013 32 pages
Singapore Banking Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... data for each of these firms. The asset base of domestic banking units (DBUs) in Singapore grew at a CAGR of 10.8% during 2003–12. The total assets ... (ACUs) grew at a CAGR of 8.8% during 2003–12. The total assets of the banking system increased by 4.3% y/y in August 2013. Total loans and advances of domestic ...

October 2013 33 pages
India Electricity Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... fast, with demand outstripping supply, which has resulted in power shortages. India consumes roughly 3% of the world’s total energy. Despite increases in energy ... increase of 30 basis points during FY13. During the 11th Plan, India’s electrical energy consumption grew at a CAGR of 11%. In the fiscal year 2011 ...

October 2013 36 pages
Singapore Property Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... (These include CapitaLand, City Developments, Keppel Land, and Singapore Land.) The Singapore property market proved to be resilient in 2012 on the back of strong ... Limited, City Developments Limited (CDL), Keppel Land Limited, and Singapore Land Limited (SingLand). It also contains a SWOT analysis for these ...

October 2013 31 pages
India Cement Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... producers of the world have an established presence in India. India’s cement industry witnessed growth even amidst a grim economic situation in the country ... extent. The industrial slowdown and consequent moderation in demand for cement resulted in a lower capacity utilization for the industry in the last ...

August 2013 31 pages
India Property Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... economic growth during the last decade. The housing sector of India ranks fourth in terms of multiplier effect on the economy. However in last ... vacant office spaces acted as catalysts in lowering rental prices of commercial properties in major hubs of the country. Residential prices, though, showed resilience ...

August 2013 34 pages
Malaysia Cement Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). The recent growth in demand for cement is driving companies towards capacity expansion. By the end of 2013, the ... new projects for enhancing their existing capacity. Around 80% of cement produced in Malaysia is consumed by the domestic market itself and the remainder ...

August 2013 30 pages
India Healthcare Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... spending on infrastructure. Huge demand-supply gap exists in the Indian healthcare sector. The country lags behind in terms of average number of hospitals, ... 2005-2011. According to the World Health Organization, the size of India’s healthcare industry was around USD 73bn as of 2011. Government accounted for ...

August 2013 33 pages
Indonesia Oil Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... 2012, as a result of industry investments of about USD 21.3bn in 2012. Indonesia has become a net importer of oil largely due to maturing fields and rising ... industry increased from 107 in 2002 to 308 by the end of 2012. Indonesia has identified floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) as a strategic ...

August 2013 29 pages
India Telecommunication Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... also helped in stimulating other sectors of the economy. The telecommunication sector in India comprises several segments, namely wireless services, wire line ... broadband subscriptions grew by 13.1% year on year. The contribution of telecom sector to India’s GDP was around INR 2tn in FY12. The sector recorded ...

July 2013 36 pages
Indonesia Property Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... faced by the prolonged European debt crisis and global slowdown, Indonesia’s economy grew by 6.2%, coupled with increased foreign direct investment. The ... growth, controlled inflation and rising purchasing power. However, a risk to Indonesia’s property sector is the hike in the price of subsidised fuel which ...

July 2013 30 pages
Malaysia Oil Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... 15.36bn boe, respectively. The country operates a total of 124 producing oil and gas fields and the domestic resource replenishment ratio ... 1.5 times in 2011 to 1.6 times in 2012. Deepwater fields are expected to contribute as much as 30% of oil production by 2020. Malaysia could potentially add 166,000bpd ...

July 2013 29 pages
China Banking Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... in mid-2012, allowing a minimum net interest margin of 90 basis points for banks. Total lending rose to RMB 62.99tn and new lending expanded by ... 2013 for Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor or RQFII. Key Points: China Banking Regulatory Commission announced a five-year plan for local banks ...

June 2013 32 pages
India Aviation Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

Over the last ten years, the Indian aviation industry witnessed a period of high growth, with total passenger traffic growing at a CAGR of around ... rising middle class and consistent growth in tourism bodes well for the aviation sector. Depreciation of rupee, rise in fuel prices and highly leveraged balance ...

June 2013 33 pages
India Textile Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... handicrafts as well as handlooms. FY13 was a difficult year for the Indian textile industry. Eurozone sovereign debt crisis led to a slowdown in demand for ... accounted for 10% and 7%, respectively. In FY13, the export earnings from textile sector grew by 8% year on year in INR terms. However, in USD terms ...

June 2013 32 pages
Indonesia Cement Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... still lags behind its peers in terms of per-capita consumption. Total cement production reached 52mn tonnes in 2012 while designed capacity grew ... as well as low current consumption per capita. Key Points: Indonesia’s domestic cement consumption grew by 14.5% to 55mn tonnes in 2012, making it the second- ...

June 2013 33 pages
India Coal Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... prices during the fiscal year 2013 which made coking coal imports cheaper. India’s growing energy requirements and rising per capita consumption, ... FY13 budget, the government waived off customs duty of 5% on non-coking coal. It also decreased countervailing duty to 1% from 5% to ease import of non-coking ...

May 2013 28 pages
Malaysia Healthcare Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... between urban and rural regions and the inability to meet the demand of healthcare services in towns and rural areas will set the market back. According to the World Bank health statistics, Malaysia’s spending on healthcare was estimated at 4.4% of its GDP, with government expenditure accounting for ...

May 2013 31 pages
India Tobacco Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... is one of the major commercial crops in India. Irrespective of the health hazards associated with it, the Indian tobacco industry contributes significantly to the ... at a CAGR of 15% during the same period. The overall index as well as tobacco production index slipped in the first half of FY13. However, in the ...

May 2013 29 pages
Indonesia Telecommunication Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

... like banking, finance, software, hospitality and trade. The telecommunication sector in Indonesia comprises several segments, namely mobile cellular services, fixed ... the sector. Key Points: In FY12, mobile cellular subscriber base in Indonesia grew by 11% year on year. The big three mobile service players ...

May 2013 33 pages
Singapore Food Industry Report - H1, 2013 US$ 475.00

Singapore’s food and beverage (F&B) services industry contributed approximately SGD 11.98bn or 3.5% to the country’s total GDP in 2012. On a per capita basis, Singapore has the highest food consumption levels in Southeast Asia, accounting for 3% of GDP. Due to limited domestic agricultural production and ...

May 2013 30 pages
India Tourism Industry Report - H2, 2012 US$ 475.00

... domestic tourists. Most of the big hotel chains were in expansion mode. India’s growing young population and rising per capita consumption, coupled ... 6.6 million, recording a growth of 5.4% year on year. Foreign exchange earnings from tourism grew by 7.1% in USD terms and 21.8% in INR terms. During 2006-2012 ...

April 2013 34 pages
India Oil Industry Report - H2, 2013 US$ 475.00

India's oil and gas sector is highly regulated by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. The ministry influences exploration, production, distribution, ... , the production was 0.3% higher than projections for the period. India’s crude refining throughput grew at a CAGR of 7.5%, reaching 211 MMTPA in FY12. ...

April 2013 39 pages
Indonesia Textile Industry Report - H2, 2012 US$ 475.00

... , providing a large source of jobs and export earnings. Indonesia is one of the largest textiles and apparel producers in the region. It has a long ... and garment products, machinery restructuring, as well as investment in the industry. The textile, leather products and footwear sectors combined were the fourth ...

April 2013 30 pages
China Telecommunications Industry Report - H2, 2012 US$ 475.00

... 2012, business revenue of the Chinese telecommunications industry recorded the fastest annual growth since 2009. China has the world’s largest ... output value of Internet of Things (IOT) is expected to reach RMB500bn by 2015 China aims to commercialize TD-LTE in 2013 by providing network coverage to over 500mn ...

March 2013 28 pages
India Chemical Industry Report - H2, 2012 US$ 475.00

India's chemical industry has played an important role in the development of the country's economy. The industry includes basic chemicals and chemical ... uncertain conditions in the global economy and slowdown in industrial production, the chemical industry performed better than its historic average in the first ...

March 2013 33 pages
Indonesia Palm Oil Industry Report - H2, 2012 US$ 475.00

... Agro Lestari, Sinar Mas Agro Resources & Technology, London Sumatra Indonesia, Sampoerna Agro and BW Plantation. The industry players posted mixed ... producing countries together represent about 85% of the global palm oil production. In 2013, Indonesia’s CPO production is projected to reach 28mn tonnes, mainly ...

March 2013 33 pages
India Banking Industry Report - H2, 2012 US$ 475.00

... the number of reporting offices in the last few years. With Reserve Bank of India stressing the policy of financial inclusion, there has been a ... of 15.2% as a result of reduction in the CRR rate. Total deposits of scheduled commercial banks grew by 11% year on year at the end of December 2012, much below its ...

March 2013 43 pages