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Established in 2005, Koncept Analytics is an independent business analytics and research company committed to supporting to clients in decision making process and strengthening their competitive edge. The company is renowned for its remarkable product portfolio, premium-quality services and foremost customer solutions. The reports prepared by the Koncept Analytics’ team contain descriptions of potential business opportunities, deep insights into industries, reviews of prominent market players, and a far more.

Koncept Analytics has a huge client base made of customers from various industries: real estate, telecommunication, logistics, media, technology, food & beverage, healthcare to name a few. The company’s studies focus on Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. The reports published by Koncept Analytics meet global standards and grant access to all-round knowledge of a respective industry.

Research Reports By Koncept Analytics

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Global Jack-up Rig Market Report: 2018 Edition US$ 1,000.00 May, 2018 78 pages
Global Banknote Market Report: 2018 Edition US$ 1,100.00 May, 2018 84 pages
Global Shipbuilding Market Report: 2018 Edition US$ 800.00 Apr, 2018 95 pages
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