Revera Consulting Group

Revera Consulting Group (RCG) is a major consulting deliverer in the associated market that is providing advising services for clients who care to boost or expand their business performance in Belarus. Efficiently working with national customers, it proudly collaborates with various overseas firms in multiple industry fields.

RCG’s scope of procurable services comprises:
  • financial and lawsuit problem solving;
  • levying advisories;
  • corporate rules consulting.
In constantly changing market environment RCG is flexible while persistently monitoring and taking the innovations into account.

Being the only holder of an upscale position in «Acquisition International Legal Awards 2011 Winners List» in Belarus RCG is a key advisor and current regulator of national economic policy and WTO issues. Revera Consulting is client-oriented, determined and progressive when delivering strategic planning and tailor-made solutions.

Research Reports By Revera Consulting Group

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Doing Business in Belarus 2011 US$ 0.00 Apr, 2011 73 pages
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