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Information Trends: Market Research Reports

Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, Information Trends is subsidiary consulting agency of Information Consulting, LLC. The agency carries out research within IT and telecommunication industries.

Unparalleled and insightful research is performed in technology, industry and market reports. The customers obtain powerful knowledge due to feasible analysis and interpretation of economic data.

The expertise is conducted via interviews, primary and secondary research, trend tracking and thereto related material.

A set of services of IT agency includes the following:

  • products and key participants overview;
  • company benchmarking;
  • market segmentation;
  • competitive market situation;
  • financial indicators analysis;
  • net profit margins;
  • growth opportunity identification.

A qualified team of advisors renders its assistance to various vendors, telecom and phone service providers, mobile operators together with investment bodies and other enterprises ensuring long-term forecasting and efficient strategic decision making.

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The Net Neutrality Conundrum: Does the Internet Need Regulation? US$ 989.00

This report titled, “The Net Neutrality Conundrum: Does the Internet need Regulation,” examines the debate raging in the United States on the neutrality of the Internet. It discusses the significance...

February 2011 59 pages
Google vs. Apple: Clash of the Titans US$ 2,489.00

Google and Apple are competing head-to-head in several overlapping markets. These include devices and operating systems, browsers, web advertising, applications stores, music, multimedia TV, and cloud...

September 2010 122 pages
Apple's Market Valuation: Will History Repeat Itself? US$ 989.00

This high-value White Paper contends that Apple is overcapitalized due to “irrational exuberance.” While acknowledging that Apple produces world class products, the White Paper assets that Apple needs to reconsider its business model, increase...

September 2010 24 pages
Future of the Internet – Web 2.0 and Beyond US$ 2,489.00

This report provides a comprehensive look at Internet and the Web, examining both technologies and markets. A particular focus of the report is Web 2.0 services and their role in the globalization of...

August 2010 106 pages