Strategic Defence Intelligence (SDI)

Strategic Defence Intelligence is a monitoring platform providing a flow of incessantly updated customer intelligence and competitive information, as well as data-rich competitor and industry research reports offering unrivalled insights the most up-to-date development trends in the global defence sector.

In a structured fashion and real-time, SDI’s business information platform keeps track of key activities for more than 2,500 global defence companies and nearly 70 product categories, allowing clients to acquire a refined understanding of all the complexities of the defence marketplace within minutes.

All the market information required is demonstrated in a highly digestible format and grounded in full-scale and insightful research, which will be a great support to clients with handling critical business issues and tasks.

SDI is an unpriced source of market, company, project and deal information in the worldwide defence industry.

Research Reports By Strategic Defence Intelligence (SDI)

Found 2579 publications
The Global Undersea Warfare Systems Market 2016-2026 US$ 4,800.00 Oct, 2016 153 pages
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