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iData Insights: Market Research Reports

Carrying out its activities under Precision Research and Consulting Private Ltd. iData Insights provides extensive data expertise and market research for Indian and worldwide consumers. Headquartered in India the agency publishes reports, newsletters and directories as well as maintains online resources assisting clients to expand their business evaluate opportunities and implement acquired knowledge in full swing.

The company proclaims its key-note which is to become a meaningful and trustworthy collaborator to the clients. Investigating various industrial sectors iData Insights delivers such services as:

  • market entry support;
  • data mining;
  • market situation overview;
  • primary and secondary research;
  • business growth strategizing;
  • beneficial regulations;
  • major trends survey.

A diversified scope of iData Insights activity covers biotechnology, pharma and medical devices, electronic equipment, food industry, transportation, conventional and alternative energy, consumer industry, banking, insurance and many others.

iData regularly updates its website content enabling the inquirers to obtain present-day and authentic information and, thus, remain competitive and occupy an advantage business ground.

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Analysis of USFDA's Approval of Biosimilars Case in Focus: Zarxio (Biosimilar of Amgens Neupogen) US$ 1,000.00

... Regulations around approval biosimilars in the US An overview of global biosimilar market Case study on the US approval of Zarxio (Biosimilar of Amgen’s ... Business Portfolio Planning Strategic/Business Analysis Business Development Licensing Technical Analysis Portfolio Management/Planning Project Management ...

August 2015
Deal Analysis of Top 10 Oncology Companies: Monthly Report US$ 1,000.00

... What are the most important drivers for deals Deal insights How these deals will affect the current market scenario What ... Management Marketing Business Portfolio Planning Strategic/Business Analysis Business Development Licensing Technical Analysis Portfolio Management/Planning Project Management Risk ...

August 2015
Game Changers Cancer Immunotherapies: Checkpoint Inhibitors US$ 1,000.00

... HIGHLIGHTS A MUST BUY FOR How checkpoint inhibitors are revolutionizing treatment options and expectations for cancer patients An overview of global melanoma market ...

August 2015
US Launch of GLATOPA (First Generic of Teva's COPAXONE): Impact and Analysis US$ 1,000.00

... HIGHLIGHTS An overview of Glatopa (regulatory, marketing, clinical details) An overview of global multiple sclerosis market The report analyses the impact of Glatopa launch on industry competition and answers various key intelligence questions The report also analyses opinions of various key stakeholders on the US launch of Glatopa A MUST ...

August 2015
High Cost of Cancer Drugs Pharma Perspective US$ 1,500.00

... 10 oncology companies on high prices? Which are the most recurring words in media? What are the trends in oncology drug pricing? How do pharmaceutical companies justify the high prices of oncology drugs? What are the major challenges to overcoming the high prices of oncology drugs, and ...

July 2015
Coal Mining in India – 2015 US$ 1,350.00

... focusing on “Coal Mining in India”. The report is distinctly divided into two volumes: Volume I: Indian Coal Mines Volume II: Indian Coal Projects The report on Indian Coal Mines provides the most comprehensive and up to date information on 82 mines in India. The states covered ...

April 2015 400 pages
Investment Potential of Smart Cities: An Indian Perspective US$ 1,500.00

... Smart Cities in India. Highlights of the Report: Core Functions of Smart City Key Drivers of Smart City Universal Aspects of a Smart City Business Opportunities in different aspects of a Smart City Dependencies in different aspects of a Smart City Financial Models in Smart Cities ... and investment agencies, ...

February 2015 250 pages
Indian Oil & Gas Outlook - 2015 US$ 1,200.00

... prices, revenue growth of private upstream companies would slowdown. “Indian Oil and Gas Outlook 2015” is a comprehensive guide to provide the current state ... vary over the last decade? Current Status of all planned projects in India Crude Oil/Petroleum Products/Chemcials storage capacity by 2015 Natural ...

February 2015 200 pages
Kinetics of Indian Telecom Industry-2014 US$ 700.00

... report presents the dynamics of Indian Telecom Industry compiled exhaustively titled “Kinetics of Indian Telecom Industry-2014.The telecommunications sector plays ... Status of the Telecom Sector in India for the year 2014. The scope of the research includes: An overview of Indian Telecom Sector, highlighting ...

December 2014 200 pages
Evaluating Infrastructure Sector in India – Existing and Upcoming Opportunities 2014 US$ 1,250.00

... Sector, and Opportunities for Financing in the Infrastructure Sector in India, Challenges faced by the Infrastructure Sector in India, etc. QUESTIONS ANSWERED: What is the growth achieved till date? What are the growth opportunities in the Infrastructure Sector? What are the Present Status of Major ...

October 2014 250 pages
Feasibility Study of Small Hydro Power Plants in India- 2014 US$ 250.00

... on: Water Conductor System Permits and Licensing Site Selection Criteria Economics and Financial Model Operations and Maintenance Turbine-Generator Unit Case Study in Small Hydro Power Sector Station Auxiliaries Power Transformers This report will be divided in to ...

October 2014
Feasibility Study of Wind Power in India- 2014 US$ 250.00

... and Financial Model Operations and Maintenance Modern Trends in Wind Farms Case Study in Wind Sector Grid Connection Types of Generators and Controllers ... Turbine Development, Development of Off-shore Wind Equipment Technologies, Simplified Off-shore Wind Farm, A Study of Indian Wind Energy Potential, etc. ...

October 2014
NELP- A Consummate Viewpoint on Indian Oil and Gas Industry US$ 1,150.00

... following: Profiles of blocks awarded in all the rounds starting from Pre-NELP era. Month-wise Updates on the Blocks. Recent Developments and ... faced by the government in awarding the blocks, Policy Paralysis, A special Report on NELP X, etc. The second part of the report will be dedicated to profiling of ...

August 2014 1500 pages
Feasibility Study of Solar Power In india- 2014 US$ 400.00

... the Solar Resource Permits and Licensing Site Selection Criteria Economics and Financial Model Operations and Maintenance Energy Yield Prediction Case Study in Solar Sector Plant Design Construction Commissioning This report will be divided in to 14 chapters which covers information on Applications ...

August 2014
Biomass in India: Evaluating the Potential for Power Production – 2014 US$ 1,150.00

... Equipment Manufacturers and Technology Providers Business Models involved in the usage of Biomass to Produce Power Recognition of Industry Challenges and ways to diminish the ... Sources? What are the growth drivers concerned for the Biomass Power in India? What all procedures one should follow before setting ...

July 2014
Oil and Gas Pipelines India 2014 US$ 1,650.00

... as a premium research organization will be releasing a new report ‘Oil and Gas Pipelines in India 2014” in July 2014’: This report will cover ... and Proposed pipelines. Crude Oil- Existing-5, Under Construction-1 and Proposed-4. Product- Existing-30, Under Construction-7 and Proposed-21. LPG-Existing-2 and ...

June 2014 400 pages
Coal Projects in India 2014 US$ 1,080.00

Coal Projects in India- 2014 which is the most comprehensive and up – to – date information on owner- wise coal projects in India for over 85 projects. The detailed Coal Project profile include method of mining, lease area, estimated cost, end use project, project name ...

May 2014 300 pages
Performance Statistics of Coal in India US$ 1,335.00

... Coal India Limited and its subsidiaries Financial performance of Coal India Limited and its subsidiaries. Sector wise and thermal power projects wise dispatch ... report will help you to get answers to questions like: India is the 5th largest producer of Coal, still we are dependent on Imports. Why? Why has ...

May 2014 250 pages
Coal mines in India- 2014 US$ 800.00

... produce a dossier which entails most exhaustively updates and information on India Coal Mines. The detailed coal mine profile contains information on developer ( ... regulatory clearances (TOR, final EIA/EMP submitted, ground water clearance, mining plan approval), Land use details, location map, contact details ...

April 2014 200 pages
Excel Database of Waste Water Projects in India US$ 700.00

... rm. Its efforts help companies to create and improve products and services based on what the market desires. We have compiled India’s fi rst exclusive and refined database on commissioned and upcoming waste water projects featuring municipal and Industrial Projects with Status Updates till ...

March 2014
Power Transmission and Generation Tariffs in India 2013-14 US$ 890.00

The report is broadly divided into two segments. Power transmission Tariffs (including Wheeling, cross subsidy surcharge, Fuel Adjustment Charges and Open access charges) Power Generation Tariffs( including Renewable and Cogeneration Plants) The report is an indispensable ...

March 2014 400 pages
Power Tariffs in India : 2013-14 with Yearly Online Access US$ 670.00

... be attached as a seprate booklet. The report will showcase change in power tariffs across all states in the last 3 years. The report will be released in ... and a must buy for: Chemical Companies Financial Institutions Central & State Power Players Fuel Traders EPC Companies Banks Project Financers & ...

January 2014 400 pages
Upcoming and Existing Coal Washeries in India: 2014 US$ 900.00

... date comprehensive information on this sector. The report will profile around 79 coal washeries providing key data some of the important ones being:- ... Middling (Million Tonnes), System of Washing, Coal Sourced From, Equipment Required For Washery, Mode of Coal Transportation From Mines To Plant, Power Sourced ...

December 2013 180 pages
Renewable Energy in India: Potential Vs Challenges US$ 780.00

This report evaluates the development of renewable energy sector in India and tries to capture the growth prospects it offers. The report specifically analyses the sector outlook for all renewable energy technologies in India.

November 2013 250 pages
Oil and Gas Sectors in india: Factbook US$ 2,300.00

... that it accounts for 42 percent of primary energy necessity and 15 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Oil and Gas sector in India is likely to demonstrate robust growth in line with the growth of the Indian economy; representing significant opportunities for ...

November 2013 1500 pages
Captive Coal & Lignite Blocks in India: The Road Ahead US$ 1,200.00

... India. It will provide detailed information on 175 coal and lignite blocks allocated for captive use covering the following information but not ... , Central Power Players, International Coal Producers, EPC Companies Banks, Project Financers /Investment bankers, Captive Mines, Coal Importers / Transporters, Power ...

November 2013 400 pages
Ready Reckoner: Oil and Gas in India US$ 445.00

... and State Power Players, EPC Companies, Exploration and Refining Companies, Banks, Project Financers and Investment Bankers, Technical and Environmental Consultants, Power Developers, Fertilizer Companies, Chemical Companies, Fuel Traders, Gas Distribution Companies, Research Companies, Consultants etc.

October 2013 80 pages
Excel Database of Upcoming and Existing Power Projects in India US$ 720.00

Precision Research and Consulting has prepared a comprehensive database of all the “Upcoming and Existing Power Projects in India” encompassing all sub sectors such as Thermal (including Coal, Oil and Gas), Nuclear, Large Hydro, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, ...

September 2013
Upcoming and Existing Power Projects in India US$ 720.00

Precision Research and Consulting has prepared a comprehensive database of all the “Upcoming and Existing Power Projects in India” encompassing all sub sectors such as Thermal (including Coal, Oil and Gas), Nuclear, Large Hydro, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, ...

September 2013