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Genericsweb Pty Ltd. has been providing patent intelligence and patent searching services to the generic pharma industry since 1999. The company is localised in Sydney, NSW, Australia, with customer support offices scattered across the territories of Europe and North America.

GenericsWeb’s high-quality patent information is of pivotal assistance to clients in considerably reducing the risk of patent-infringing pharma drug development, as well as staying informed as to the right place and time for an effective roll-out of novel products.

The company’s clientage is diverse, comprising generic drug producers, legal firms, government institutions, consultancy companies, patent advocates, and more with localities in over forty countries.

Amid GenericsWeb’s top customers are the globe’s ten generic behemoths, like Pfizer, Novartis/Sandoz, Sanofi-Aventis, Hospira, Dr Reddy’s, Baxter, Mylan, Amgen and Baxter.

Full commitment to the generics industry, rich experience and large investments into customer motivation research build a firm foundation for securing the most inclusive, applicable and authentic patent information.

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