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2009 Top Healthcare Payer ITO Vendors, Black Book Survey 2009 Results

February 2010 | 42 pages | ID: 208A53A0CEFEN
The Black Book of Outsourcing

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In order to rank the organizations, 18 key performance indicators (KPIs) or criteria are employed, scored on each respective vendor in ITO initiatives, and ranked on a 1–10 scale in mean format. The key follows in the report detail.

Slices of the data fields (provided in the registration of ballot submitters) allow Black Book to also determine the top rankings among provider and payer outsourcing users, and by function and project type as described/defined directly by the user.

Key findings

Key finding: the most important customer satisfaction KPIs increased significantly in all healthcare payer client types in 2009–10

In 2009, payers' most important attributes influencing their satisfaction with their outsourcing suppliers were cost-based. KPIs in scalability, client adaptability and flexible pricing and marginal value adds were identified by the majority of payers and insurers as the major satisfaction drivers from their contractual outsourcing arrangements.

Technology enhancements were the most important issues to hospitals and health systems and provided client satisfaction in 2009. Confidence in innovation, best of breed technology, data security and back-up protection and successful integrations and interfaces are the most overwhelmingly important attributes influencing hospital customers' satisfaction with their outsourcing providers.

Relationships were the most important attributes influencing government healthcare customers' satisfaction with their outsourcing providers, specifically naming support and customer care, customizations and reliability as 2009’s key deal keepers.

Key finding: ITO vendor dissatisfaction is rare in the healthcare payer industry

Real dissatisfaction is uncommon in the health plan sector, occurring in only 4.9% of contracts, increasing satisfaction over 50% from managed care client user responses recorded in 2007–08.

Key finding: in healthcare payer ITO contracts, single-vendor arrangements produce the highest satisfaction rates

Single-vendors offering both comprehensive ITO and bundled ITO/BPO services to healthcare clients are the highest rated overall.

Key finding: payers greatly increase outsourcing spend in 2009

Payers are accelerating their spending on outsourcing, largely driven by national initiatives toward EMR adoption. Collectively, payers that outsource believe that the level of ITO service they receive from their outsourcer is an improvement over the services they have received previously.

Healthcare payers ITO – top honors overall 2009
Top honors overall
Hexaware Caliber Point
Healthcare payers ITO – top vendor by function 2009
Applications development and maintenance
Hexaware Caliber Point
Infrastructure management
Professional IT services
QA and bundled ITO/BPO services
Hexaware Caliber Point


Impact of the economic stimulus package
Target users of the survey
The Black Book of Outsourcing’s healthcare payer vertical survey


Survey overview
Using Black Book to evaluate healthcare payer industry vendors
Key findings
Healthcare payers ITO – top honors overall 2009
Healthcare payers ITO – top vendor by function 2009
Most important factors in choosing your vendor
Healthcare industry increases use of outsourced IT and ITO: market activity increases sharply in Q4 2009 forward
Findings review


How the data sets are collected
Understanding the statistical confidence of Black Book data
Who participates in the Black Book ranking process
Mid-market HRO vendor rankings and results, 2009



Operational excellence of healthcare payers ITO vendors


Top score per individual criteria
Outsourcing vendors with most top individual criteria scores



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