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Effective marketing and branding strategies in the Russian sausages market: an analytical research on the basis of analysis of branding experience of key Russian enterprises

April 2006 | 93 pages | ID: E3AE260DF42EN
Proriv Company

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Methods of the research

1. Depth interviews with representatives of sausage manufacturers, owners of popular brands in the Russian market. Interviews were conducted with representatives of absolute majority of enterprises, owners of popular brands (totally more than 50 interviews).

2. Analysis of information regarding brands in the Russian sausages market, which has been published in the Internet and mass media.

3. Depth interviews with sausages consumers. Sampling – 50 respondents. The interviews were conducted with the intent to reveal characteristic features of consumption of different kinds of sausages and meat dainties and to determine features of perception of the most popular trademarks.


Thinking about how to make a new successful item? Trying to come across a brand idea which would support your enterprise? Looking for new flavors, shapes, names and images which would attract consumers? Do you want to evaluate the trademark potential of the brands you are going to buy?

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1. What kind of ideas, strategies and methods has made the leaders of the Russian sausages market successful?

The key Russian sausage manufacturers shared their secrets in exclusive interviews for "Proryv” and told about marketing and branding strategies which they use, among them Cherkizovski food-processing factory, Ostankinski meat-processing combine, Tsaritsino, Taganski meat-processing factory, Dymovskoye sausage plant, Welcome, Sausage Combine Bogatyr and dozens of other authoritative players as well as leading companies from the Ukraine and Belarus. Interviews with representatives of more than 50 Russian companies were conducted.

2. Mistakes they have made and consequences.

3. Perception of consumers of 14 key brands in the Moscow sausages market. Their understanding of ideas which manufacturers put in the marks and whether these ideas are important for consumers.

"Proryv” company conducted representative polling of frozen food consumers in Moscow, with total sampling 800 respondents. On its results perception maps of 14 sausages brands which are most popular in the Moscow market were drawn up.

4. Opening of market opportunities by deeper analysis of consumers’ motivation and expectations.

"Proryv” uses an exclusive technique of dividing of frozen food consumers into segments according to their motivation, what enables to identify really working strategies of brand positioning.

5. Weak points of existing trademarks owned by the market leaders.

6. Trademark potential of top Russian brands and its real basis.

Answers to dozens of questions which are most important for your company you can find in the new outstanding research of «Proriv”.

Effective marketing and branding strategies in the sausages market

An analytical research based on analysis of branding experience of key Russian enterprises

The present research has been carried out with the purpose of analysis, generalization and classification of experience of Russian enterprises in the area of sausage branding. As a result of the research, a marketing and branding strategies matrix has been worked up. It is used or can be used by Russian sausage manufacturers. Thus, after having analyzed this research, every enterprise in the branch can choose proper marketing or branding strategies, taking into account its own development features and resources as well as expectations of sausages consumers.

Mistakes which have been already made by Russian companies in brand creation and development and causes of their progress and success – this is exactly the material, which can assist you to the utmost by creation of an effective strategy for your enterprise. So this material is the subject of the present report.

The report presents consumers perception maps of 14 most popular Russian sausages brands. The causes of success and failure of these brands and their future trends and potential are analyzed in detail. On the basis of the analysis carried out new market opportunities for the existing trademarks are described, as well as opportunities of new trademarks creation which will be headed towards non-satisfied consumers’ expectations.

The description of the research results opens with examination of the Russian sausages market tendencies. Information about sausages market capacity; its dynamics from 1999 to 2005 inclusively; market structure by types of sausages is given. Market shares of the major sausages manufacturers and growth/ reduction of the market share by the major sausages manufacturers in 2004-2005 is considered. A well-founded forecast for next 3 years is represented for each segment (by sausages types).

The Moscow sausages market is considered separately: its capacity, structure by sausages types, market shares of the major sausages manufacturers, structure by sales channels. Data for the Moscow market are compared with analogue activities in the entire Russian market. Thus analytical conclusions about characteristic features of the Moscow sausages market can be drawn.

The Moscow meat specialty market is considered, including the structure of the market by sales channels in comparison with the entire sausages market, rating of the largest manufacturers in the Moscow meat specialties market, their approximate market shares and branding tendencies in this market.

Comprehensive profiles of the most well-known sausages manufacturers in the Russian market are represented.

Then existing characteristic features of branding in the Russian sausages market are stated. Among them such features shall be mentioned as «the sausages market still doesn’t know what real competition is», «branding is in the rise stage only», «in most cases actions for development of the production and brand creation arise spontaneously», «the most manufacturers are inactive in satisfaction of new needs of consumers», «market segments are becoming shallow». Each of these characteristic features is well founded and proved; the appropriate extracts from depth interview with representatives of enterprises are given.

Further prevalent prejudices in branding are considered. Among them such statements shall be mentioned as «there cannot be any differentiate idea in sausage», «overestimation of the premium segment».

Then detailed consideration and classification of the marketing and branding strategies follows. Strategies are shown on examples of existing trade marks, sausages brands.

Potentially effective strategies which are not used at present are singled out. These strategies are based on the market opportunities which have been found in the research.

Then the content analysis of depth interviews with consumers is carried out. On basis of the content analysis characteristic perception features of the most well-known brands are considered.

According to the above-mentioned material we made analytical conclusions about reasons for success of the most popular sausages brands.


Part 1. Tendencies of development of the Russian sausages market

I. Characteristic features of development of the sausages market

II. Market capacity

III. Structure of the sausages market

1. Structure of the market by types of sausages

2. Market shares of the major manufacturers in the sausages market

IV. Forecast of the market development

V. Sausages market in Moscow

VI. Meat specialties market in Moscow

The major players in the meat specialties market:

Part 2. Marketing strategies of sausages manufacturers in the Russian market.

I. Characteristic branding features in the Russian sausages market

The first feature. The sausages market still doesn’t know what real competition is.

The second feature. Branding is in the rise stage only.

The third feature. In most cases actions for development of the production and brand creation arise spontaneously.

The forth feature. The most manufacturers are inactive in satisfaction of new needs of consumers.

The fifth feature. One of the main requirements of consumers to the product is stable quality.

The sixth feature. Market segments are becoming shallow.

II. Prejudices in branding.

1. «Quality is definitive».

2. Healthy food «boom».

3. «There cannot be any differentiate idea in sausage».

4. Overestimation of the premium segment.

III. Marketing and branding strategies

1. «Be the first, be the second or make a new market segment and be the first...».

2. Leadership as the positioning strategy.

3. Strategy of niches.

4. Innovation products as a way to improve the brand image.

5. Copying competitors` achievements.

6. Differentiation by product.

7. Differentiation by price.

8. Differentiation by image. Positioning of the sausage trademark on the basis of behavioral features, values, motivation, which are typical for target groups of consumers.

а. positioning on the basis of value of reliability, confidence, «no risk»

Making an impression of «reliability» thanks to the «state» positioning.

b. «This is the taste»

с. positioning on the basis of novelty and uncommonness value

d. positioning on the basis of hidden associations with naturalness.

IV. Strategies in the field of distribution

1. Influence on the finite element of distribution – shop assistants. In a particular case shop assistants had been replaced by those, who were interested in sales of production of exactly this plant.

2. Hearsay and buzz marketing.

V. Perception of some sausages brands by consumers (content analysis of depth interviews with consumers)


Klin meat-processing factory



VI. Reasons of success of some leaders in the meat-processing market



Supplement 1. «Profiles» of the major players in the Russian sausages market

Cherkizovski food-processing factory

Mikoyanovski meat-processing factory

Ostankinski meat-processing combine



Dymovskoye sausage plant

Meat-processing combine of a new generation – Welcome

List of charts

Chart 1. Dynamics of production and consumption of meat and meat foods in RF since 2000 with the forecast (starting 2006 to 2010)

Chart 2. Comparative capacity of foodstuff markets in 2005, in million tonnes.

Chart 3. Sausages manufacturing in Russia, 1998-2005.

Chart 4. Growth rate of the Russian sausages market, 1999-2005.

Chart 5. Structure of the Russian sausages market by production types, by volume.

Chart 6. Market shares of the key manufacturers in the Russian sausages market.

Chart 7. Dynamics of development of the major manufacturers (growth/ reduction of the sales volume in 2004-2005, by volume).

Chart 8. Capacities of the Moscow and the Russian sausages markets in comparison.

Chart 9. Structure of the Moscow sausages market by volume.

Chart 10. Comparison of consumption of main types of sausages in Moscow and in Russia entirely, by volume.

Chart 11. Market shares of the major manufacturers in the Moscow sausages market.

Chart 12. Market shares of the major manufacturers in the Moscow and in the Russian markets.

Chart 13. Structure of the market by sales channels, in 2005.

Chart 14. Structure of the meat specialties market by sales channels in comparison with the sausages market in whole, in 2005.

List of tables

Table 1. Average by capita consumption of meat and meat products in some countries.

Table 2. Forecast rate of growth of segments of the sausage market for 3 years, 2006-2009.

Table 3. Rating of companies which produce meat specialties by the sales volume in 2005, by volume.


Insertion 1. «Sausage will be made of soy»

Insertion 2. Interdependence between the income growth rate and consumption of foodstuff in the premium sector

Insertion 3. A glance into the history of imitations in business.

Insertion 4. The trademark estimation by the brand Klinskie kolbasy (Klin sausages).

Insertion 5. History of the brand Mikoyan in quotes

Insertion 6. The trendsetter in the meat market - Cherkizovski

Insertion 7. Cherkizovski gets ready for IPO

Insertion 8. Strategy «filling in niches» from the «leader».

Insertion 9. Why people from the street can visit production sectors of Ostankinski meat-processing factory

Insertion 10. Crisis-proof measures in KampoMos

Insertion 11. Quixotes of the meat market

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