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Marketing strategies of the confectionery producers on the Russian market

September 2006 | 51 pages | ID: M3245DBEAEBEN
Proriv Company

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Method of the research

1. Depth interviews with representatives of large and medium enterprises, participants of the Russian confectionery market, owners of trademarks which are well-known in Russia. More tan 50 interviews with the most famous companies were held.

2. The analysis of the information about the brands in the Russian confectionery market, published in the Internet.


This research represents the “bank” of experience of the largest Russian companies in creating and developing their own brands. The leading players of the Russian confectionery market, such as the Unied Bakers, “SladCo”, “Chipita International”, Confectionery and Baking Factory «Cheryomushki», MBKK “Kolomenskoye”, “Russkij Biscuit”, “Khlebnyj Dom”, “Ramenskij Konditerskij Kombinat”, “Lakom”, “Maharishi Products”, “Lubimyj Kraj”, KelenBiska and dozens of others which you very well know gave exclusive interviews to “Proryv” company, in which they shared their secrets, and gave information about the strategies of marketing and branding used by them. We held interviews with more than 50 largest enterprises of the branch.

The marketing strategies of the largest Russian companies are being analyzed and classified by the special technology, due to which effective marketing strategies not used at present can be found.

The result of the research is making the matrix of marketing strategies and branding strategies, which are used or cannot be used by the producers of confectionery on Russian market. Thus, any enterprise, after analyzing the contents of the presented report can choose the marketing or branding strategy that suits it depending of the peculiarities of its development, its resources and special expectations of the confectionery consumers market.

The mistakes which have already been made by Russian confectioners in creating brands, as well as the causes of their success represent the material which will help you to create the effective strategy for your enterprise. This information is presented in your report.


I. The characteristic features of branding in the confectionery market

Characteristic feature No 1. High range of competitiveness among the product groups

Characteristic feature No 2. Great extent of requirement for diversity of tastes and forms of confectionery by the consumers.

Characteristic feature No 3. Great degree of impulsiveness when choosing the product and make of the confectionery

Characteristic feature No 4. Absence of rigid positioning and understanding of their target group by the majority of the producers

Characteristic feature No 5. Creating of new products and brands is performed without taking into account the expectations of the end consumer.

II. Warnings in the sphere of branding

III. Marketing and branding strategies

1. «Differentiate or die» - search and creation of the new segments of the market.

2. «Acclimatization» in the Russian market of the products’ ideas which already exist in Europe.

3. Concentration of efforts on creating a brand in the exact category previously filled only by products without brands.

4. Creating the lower-priced analog to a leading brand.

5. Focusing on a single segment of the market

6. Using the image of the trademark formed in the related segments of the market to enter the confectionery market.

7. Choosing the unoccupied pricing or product niche.

8. Attracting the customer’s attention by the lower price with the acceptable quality (correlation price-quality).

9. Making the brand wide-known by the extensive investments in advertizing.

10. Using for the brand names traditional names well-known to the consumers, the loyalty to which is, quite naturally, preserved.

11. Attracting the customers’ attention by original taste additives.

12. Attracting the customers’ attention by using the patriotic theme (frist of all, in the names).

13. Constant renewal of the assortment in order to find new tastes interesting for the consumer.

14. Creating “light” confectioneries “for women”.

15. Positioning based on the situation of consumption.

16. Brands which have been “exhausted” on the territory of Russia can be exported to CIS countries where the level of market development and the income level of the population, are, as a rule, lower than in Russia.

17. The accent on occupying the market in the regions, and not in Moscow, where the expences on “entering” and promoting the products in retail chains are very high.

18. Tumen «Choko-pie».

19. Positioning of the trademark of confectionery based on the behavioral peculiarities, values, motives of choice characteristic for the target groups of consumers.

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