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Analytical reference «Possibilities and risks by production for private labels of the largest Russian retail chains»

January 2007 | 35 pages | ID: AFD8F50B363EN
Proriv Company

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Methods of the research

1. Depth interviews with representatives of retail trade networks which develop or are going to develop own private labels. Interviews with well-known owners of private labels, as Sedmoi Kontinent (The Seventh Continent), Kopeika (Copeck), Azbuka vkusa (ABC of taste), Victoria (chains Kvartal (Block of buildings), Victoria, Dioshevo (Cheap)), SPAR, Lenta (Band), «O.K.», Nakhodka (Find), Grossmart (chains Billa, Prodmag (Grocery Store), Raiden, Apelsin (Orange)), and series of regional chain retailers.

2. Depth interviews with representatives of companies which produce for private labels of retailers and representatives of companies which don’t produce such items in principal. Interviews with more than 50 popular foodstuff suppliers were conducted, among them Wimm-Bill-Dann, Ostankinski barankas plant, Farm Frites, Ramkon, Valuiski fat-and-oil factory (trade trademark Milora), Russkart, Imperatorski tchai (Imperial Tea), Abasko, Prosto Petro Group, Moskovskaya Orekhovaja kompania (Moscow Nut Company), confectionary plants Kolomenskoye (trade mark Shokoladnitsa), Tcheriomushki and many other well-known companies.

3. Analysis of information regarding private labels of Russian retail chains, which has been published in the Internet and mass media.


Part 1. Tendencies in development of the private labels segment in the Russian retail

I. Private labels in the world

II. Private labels in Europe

III. Private labels in Russia

IV. Private labels in the Ukraine

Part 2. Possibilities and risks by production for private labels

I. Wrong beliefs of manufacturers regarding production of goods for private labels

1. A private label enables launching a the manufacturer’s brand and helps to displace competitors from shop shelves

2. A retail chain guarantees launching of a private label

3. A private label reduces costs concerned with «admission» into the chain

II. Possibilities which manufacturers open up by production for private labels

1. Higher load of production facilities

2. Stability and predicted sales amount by production of private labels

3. Production for private labels enables to launch own manufacturer’s brands into retail chains or broad the assortment of own brands there

4. Reduction of costs, concerned with admission into chains

5. Improvement of terms of cooperation with a retail chain

6. Reduction of costs for marketing, advertising, launching of manufacturer’s goods and brands

7. Production of private labels is a way to displace competitors from shop shelves

III. Risks by production for private labels for manufacturers

1. Strong dependence on supplies to the retail chain

2. Discounts which the retail chain expects, can considerably exceed the marketing budget, which the manufacturer spends for launching of own brands

3. Sooner or later the retail chain will strive for replacement the manufacturer’s brand by a private label

4. Competition between a private label and manufacturer’s brands

5. Lack of skill of retail chains to work with the own trademark

6. Extension of requirements of retail chains, which result in increase of production costs

Chart 1. Variation in prices between private labels and brands of manufacturers by different commodity groups.

Table 1. Shares and rate of sales growth of private labels by commodity groups, in value.

Table 2. Relation between the concentration level of retail trade and the share of private labels in retail trade.

Table 3. Share of sales of the goods under private labels in the turnover structure of the largest Russian retail chains. Estimation by representatives of the companies.

Table 4. Possibilities and risks by production for private labels of the largest Russian retail chains

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