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The forecast of the confectionery market development in 2007-2008

January 2007 | 26 pages | ID: F247B4B5B12EN
Proriv Company

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Methods of the research

When preparing this research the data from the following reports of Proryv company was used:
- How to create a successful brand on the Russian confectionery market? (Supplemented version of 2006)

The research was based on:

1. Depth interviews with confectionery consumers. Sampling – 50 respondents.

2. Quantitative research. Standardized interviews with confectionery consumers (representational sampling in Russia, 1000 respondents).

3. Depth interviews with representatives of the largest confectionary manufacturers of the Russian market.

- “Quantitative research of the confectionery market in large Russian cities (consumers’ poles in 12 large Russian cities)”, representational sampling in Russia, 1400 respondents.


The forecast, presented in this research is based on the depth motivational analysis of confectionary consumers behavior and on data extrapolation of the quantitative research of the confectionery market in large Russian cities, which was carried out by the experts of Proryv company in May-June 2006

The method of consumers segmentation by the main motive of choice, used by Proryv Company, allows to understand the reasons and peculiarities of behavior of different consumer groups, to forecast changes in the market structure, to predict the most effective positioning strategies and possible ways of market development.

Part 1. Extrapolation forecast of growth of confectionary market segments

1. Confectionary market in 2006

2. The forecast of confectionary market development until 2009

3. Competitive environment in the segments of confectionary market

Part 2. The forecast of confectionary market development based on the motivational research of consumers behavior.

1. The “experimentalist” consumer segment

2. Conservative consumers segments.

3. The “naturalist” consumers segment

4. The “rationalist” consumers segment

5. The segment of consumers - lovers of fresh confectionary

6. The segment of consumers which prefer home-made taste of food

7. The segments of consumers that are less than 3%

Summary. The main development trends of the confectionary market in 2007-2008

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Quantity of tables: 10

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