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The forecast of the meet products market development in 2007-2008

February 2007 | 32 pages | ID: F567AEFD875EN
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Methods of the research

1. Depth interviews with experts.

2. Depth interviews with consumers. ( 2 stages: 2005- sampling – 40 respondents, 2006 - sampling – 70 respondents)

3. Standardized interviews with confectionery consumers (2 stages: 2005 - representational sampling in Russia, 400 respondents, 2006 - 950 respondents).

3. Analysis of statistical information

4. Analysis of secondary sources


The consumption volume of meet and meet foods in 2006 amounted approximately 8,5 millions of tons The market capacity of sausages in 2006 amounted more than 2,1 millions of tons in natural value. The growth rate of meet and meet products won’t be very high, because behavior stereotypes and standards of consumption of such a category of food can’t change rapidly.

The market of Moscow and of one of the typical provincial region Kaluga were chosen as subjects of research.

The average sampling of respondents for 2 years – 1350 of standardized interviews and 110 of nonstandard interviews.

In the first part of the research there were analyzed the factors, which determine meet and meet products consumption in Russia. There was also showed the dynamics of these factors and the forecast of the meet and meet products market development for the years immediately ahead.

Most likely, in future the meet and meet products market will grow moderately, but there will be changes in its structure.

In the second part of the research there was analyzed the dynamics of sausages market, its structure, the dynamics of the basic sausages market players’ activity and their further development.

The sausages market grows mainly in the regions, where its conversion takes place.

In the third part of the report there were marked out some key consumer groups according to their choice. There are also their description and comparative assessment of their presence in Moscow and provincial cities of Russia (by the example of one of such regions).

In future the market structure in Moscow and in Russia according to consumer motives will undergo important changes. It will give an opportunity to branding in this very market.

In the fourth part of the research there were described the most probable scenarios of the meet and meet products market development and the consequences of these scenarios for market players.
1. The general tendencies of meet and meet products consumption in the condition of grows of living standard in Russia.

2. The sausages market, its dynamics and forecast of development.

2.1. The general characteristics of the market, their dynamics.

2.2. The market structure by different kinds of products, the forecast of changes in its structure.

2.3. The main players of sausages market. Their shares in the Federal market, the forecast of its structure changes.

3. Consumers behavior in the sausages market

3.1. The main segments of consumers in the sausages market.

3.2. The differences in behavior of consumers in Moscow and province (by the example of one of the typical regions).

3.3. The dynamics of consumers behavior in the sausages market.

4. The main scenarios of sausages market development.

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