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Consumers` expectations relating premium beer brands in Russia: The research prepared on the basis of non-standardized interviews with beer consumers

July 2006 | 38 pages | ID: C05DB98C993EN
Proriv Company

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The present research was carried out by means of non-standardized (non-formalized) interview with consumers of expensive beer brands (the retail price higher than 40 rubles).

The goal which had been set for interviewers was not to obtain stock phrases «I like it because it’s tasty», but concrete expres-sions. If a person answered with such a phrase the interviewer set another question to make it more precise, for example: «How do you feel, what makes it tastier than analogous beer brands?» There were 2 main ways used by depth interview: iteration and provocation.

Iteration means the maximum «deepening» in answers: «Why do you think is this beer better?» «Why do you think its taste is different from analogous beer brands?» « What exactly do you like in taste of this beer?».

By the provocation declared brand characteristics are compared with characteristics of the analogous brands: «Do other expensive beers really haven’t this «special fine beer bitterness?», «Do you think that the brands …, …, aren’t mild enough?», «Have you tasted other, analogous brands?».

This approach enables to obtain deep and interesting interview when the conversation with the respondent exceeds the limits of stereotype answers and it is possible to reveal real reasons of con-sumers` preferences and of their attitude.

Requirements for final statements:

- no stereotype answers, which can hide quite different reasons and motives;

- if this or that characteristics makes a motive, they should be separated into its constituent parts. The rule of thumb says - «the process engineer shall understand what to do with the product to satisfy consumers».

The interviews were held in chain supermarkets «Sedmoj Conti-nent» (The Seventh Continent), «Paterson» and «Ramstore». Totally 150 non-standardized interviews took place.


Part 1. Perception of the most popular premium beer brands by consumers.

1. Krusovice.

2. Guinness.

3. Budweiser Budvar.

4. Paulaner.

5. Tinkoff.

6. Heineken.

7. Corona Extra.

8. Grolsch.

9. Tuborg.

10. Pilsner Urquell.

11. Velkopopovicky Kozel.

12. Edelweiss

Part 2. Peculiarities in perception of cheap and expensive beer brands

Part 3. Consumers` expectations relating premium beer brands

1. Origin of beer.

2. Kinds of beer.

3. Taste.

4. Packing.

5. Price.

6. Sale-place.

7. Idea of positioning.


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