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Global Telcos Customer Loyalty Programs in 2016: Building Relationships, Enhancing Competitivenes

January 2016 | 114 pages | ID: G4ECF047829EN

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Executive Summary

The global mobile subscriptions growth is being driven by increased subscriptions in Asia and African countries. With the declining voice revenues, the telcos increasingly focusing on data driven-which is expected to account for higher ARPU contribution in the coming years.

In order to increase the monetization from the existing customers, retain their existing market share owing to increasing competition, the telcos are focusing on retaining their customers through various customer loyalty programs.

A well designed, planned and executed loyalty program can help the telcos achieve various benefits. Customer loyalty program is one such pillar of marketing strategy and its theory and objective is quite simple. It simply helps the telcos in their business to retain customers and help them get incremental revenues from their existing customer, whilst spending very less on them.

Benefits which can be offered by a customer loyalty program includes- points, benefits, discounts, rewards, free services, upgrades etc. The loyalty program in addition to providing specific loyalty program benefits to the customers, also provides telcos with an opportunity for creation of an open dialog between the customers by offering them with meaningful contacts through their loyalty program offering and marketing communications.

This report “Global Telcos Customer Loyalty Programs-Building Relationships, Enhancing Competitiveness” consists of 4 major sections namely

Overview of Mobile Services- Highlights the trends in the emergence of mobile telephony globally and on a regional basis, and also includes the comparison of adoption of various technologies.

Introduction to Customer Loyalty Programs- Provides an overview regarding the customer loyalty program, features to be included in loyalty program, ways to enhance customer loyalty, increasing the effectiveness of customer loyalty programs etc.

Survey finding of WiseStrokes- Contains graphical analysis of the inputs received from more than 60 telecom operators globally (exclusively for customer loyalty) for the survey conducted by WiseStrokes.

Customer Loyalty Program of Telcos- Offers detailed overview of the customer loyalty programs of more than 25 mobile operators globally.

Key Features:
  • An overview of the global mobile telephony market and growth trends across regions from 2005-2017.
  • Emphasizes on the various aspects of the customer loyalty programs- Features, promotional methods, measuring effectiveness, enhancing its effectiveness, success measurement parameters of customer loyalty programs.
  • Includes a brief overview, features and benefits offered by the customer loyalty programs of telcos across all regions- which can used as a benchmark parameter.
  • Exclusive feature of the report is the graphical analysis of the inputs received from more than 60 telcos globally for the survey conducted by WiseStrokes exclusively for Customer Loyalty program.
  • Report contains data, details and analysis in graphical and tabular format- which makes it easily interpretable.
  • Loyalty program details and features of the telcos included in the report are -Turkcell, Spark, Singtel, Grameenphone, Robi, Swisscom, Tashicell, Mobily, Ooredoo Qatar, Airtel India, Airtel Rwanda, Airtel Malawi, Tunisie Telecom, Claro Argentina, Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI), MTN Africa, Vivo, Orange Romania, Telcel Mexico, Entel Chile, Banglalink, Etisalat Nigeria, Vodafone Ghana, Dialog, STC, Verizon, Airtel Nigeria, Glo Nigeria. Some of the telcos which find mention in the report includes Aircel, AT&T USA, Airtel India, Reliance Communications

Mobile Services overview
Global Mobile Subscriptions growth trends, 2005-2015
Regional Mobile Subscription growth trends, 2005-2015
Mobile Subscription growth trends
Mobile subscriptions per 100 inhabitants, 2005-2015
Mobile Broadband subscribers across regions, 2010-2015
Global Mobile Broadband subscribers growth by technology, 2015-2021
Global Data Traffic, 2015-2021


Overview of Customer Loyalty Programs
Loyalty Programs: Ways to enhance Customer Loyalty
Loyalty Programs: What should it focus upon
Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programs
The 4 Gaps which needs to be addressed
Popular customer focused methodologies by telcos to drive mobile data revenues
Key factors resulting in customers change mobile data provider
Way to increase the customer loyalty
Customer Centric Insights
How customer experience and better customer insights drives the customer loyalty programs
Customer Experience
Loyalty Management
Five distinct stages during a customer lifecycle
What should telcos focus upon
Key questions mobile service providers need to answer, in order to focus on customer experience
An end-to-end view of customer experience
How to increase the efficiency of loyalty program
How to increase the optimization of loyalty management programs
Major parameters for the success of any loyalty program
Increasing the effectiveness of customer loyalty program



Airtel Malawi
Airtel Rwanda
Ooredoo Qatar
Tunisie Telecom
Claro Argentina
Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI)
MTN Africa
Orange Romania
Telcel Mexico
Entel Chile
Etisalat Nigeria
Vodafone Ghana
Airtel Nigeria
Glo Nigeria


Figure 1: Global Mobile Subscriptions growth trend, 2005-2015
Figure 2: Mobile Subscriptions growth trend across regions, 2005-2015*
Figure 3: Mobile Subscription per 100 inhabitants across regions, 2005-2015*
Figure 4: Global Mobile Broadband Subscribers growth Trend, 2016-2020
Figure 5: Active Mobile broadband subscriber growth trend across regions, 2010-2015*
Figure 6: Mobile Subscription trend by Technology, 2015 & 2021
Figure 7: Monthly Data Traffic, 2015 &2021
Figure 8: Ways to Enhance customer loyalty
Figure 9: The 4 Gaps which needs to be addressed by Telcos
Figure 10: Popular customer focused methodologies to drive mobile data revenues
Figure 11: Airtel Night Plan
Figure 12: Reliance Postpaid Device sharing plans
Figure 13: Social Networking plans offering by Telenor India
Figure 14: Factors impacting churn for mobile data providers
Figure 15: Factors impacting customer experience for mobile data services offering
Figure 16: Key constituents involved in Customer Loyalty Management
Figure 17: Key constituents involved in Customer Loyalty Management
Figure 18: Five distinct stages during a customer lifecycle
Figure 19: Key factor for telcos to focus upon to enhance customer loyalty
Figure 20: End-to-end view of customer experience
Figure 21: Turkecell’s Sari Kutu success KPIs
Figure 22: Turkcell’s Sari Kutu Platinum program offering
Figure 23: Spark New Zealand Thanks programme offering
Figure 24: Singtel Loyalty program offerings
Figure 25: Grameenphone Star Program partners & offerings
Figure 26: Airtel Rwanda rewards program offerings
Figure 27: Ooredoo Maldives Club Premier program details
Figure 28: Mobily Neqaty program partners and offerings
Figure 29: Ooredoo Qatar Nojoom partners
Figure 30: Tunisie Telecom KELMA Pro program
Figure 31: Claro Club Program categories
Figure 32: Claro Club Program benefits
Figure 33: MCI Turquise Club Program benefits
Figure 34: MTN 141 Program
Figure 35: Benefits of the Vivo comprass loyalty program
Figure 36: Telecel Mexico Circulo Azul promotional offerings to customers
Figure 37: Zona Entel products and services benefits
Figure 38: Vodafone Ghana loyalty program
Figure 39: Dialog Priority Club offerings
Figure 40: Dialog Priority Club partners
Figure 41: STC Qitaf Loyalty Program
Figure 42: STC Qitaf benefits
Figure 43: STC Qitaf Loyalty Program partners
Figure 44: Verizon Smart loyalty program benefits


Table 1: Mobile broadband subscriber per 100 inhabitants, 2010-2015*
Table 2: Customer focused initiatives and Customer maturity Lifecycle
Table 3: Turkcell’s Loyalty Program Points and Benefits offering
Table 4: Singtel Gift card and charges offering
Table 5: Grameenphone Star Program customer category
Table 6: Grameenphone Star Program offerings
Table 7: Robi Dhonnobad Program customer offering
Table 8: Robi Dhonnobad Program customer categories
Table 9: Airtel Malawi Reward Program Benefits and description
Table 10: Swisscom Priorite rewards program details
Table 11: Tashicell customer loyalty program details
Table 12: Mobily Neqaty program details
Table 13: Ooredoo Qatar Nojoom program details
Table 14: Tunisie Telecom KELMA program details
Table 15: Tunisie Telecom KELMA PRO program details
Table 16: Telcel Mexico Circulo Azul details
Table 17: Priyojon program customer categories
Table 18: Priyojon program points offerings
Table 19: Priyojon program voice, internet and SMS benefits
Table 20: Priyojon program points and rewards details
Table 21: Priyojon program points Insurance details
Table 22: Etisalat Nigeria GEM program benefits
Table 23: Dialog Loyalty Rewards Club Categories
Table 24: Dialog Priority Club discount details
Table 25: STC Qitaf categories and benefits
Table 26: Airtel Nigeria Rewardz loyalty program details

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