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Directory and Company Profiles - Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Energy and Related Nanotechnologies

June 2009 | 570 pages | ID: D3C4955F22EEN
Innovative Research & Products, Inc

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This directory is a companion to the iRAP report, EN-103: Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Energy and Related Nanotechnology – A Global Industry and Market Analysis.

As noted in the report, more than 3,870 organizations are involved in fuel cell technology, hydrogen as an energy source and related nanotechnology. Of those, more than 2,180 organizations are involved in nanotechnology related to fuel cells and hydrogen energy and will spend a total of $4.7 billion for fuel cells and hydrogen energy incorporating nanotechnology. Of that $4.7 billion, about $2 billion in 2008 expenditures, or 24% of the total spending, represents the value of nanotechnology for fuel cells and hydrogen energy separate from all other expenditures.

This directory provides profiles of more than 800 companies, government organizations and universities involved in commercializing fuel cells, hydrogen energy and related nanotechnology. The information is drawn from their websites, press releases, media stories, annual reports, conference presentations, filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and reports to the U.S. Department of Energy and other Federal agencies, as well as reports to various U.S. states and reports to various agencies in European and Asian governments. Some profiles are the result of foreign language translations of public information. Languages from which some profiles were translated include French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The companies and organizations profiled were selected for their leadership positions in sales and technology related to fuel cells, hydrogen energy and related nanotechnology, as well as those companies that are major material providers to the fuel cell industry. Companies and organizations were also chosen for their nanotechnology contributions to the fuel cell and hydrogen energy industries.

The directory is divided into four broad sections. The first section covers companies primarily involved in proton exchange fuel cells (PEMFC), direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC) and other low temperature fuel cells. The second section covers high temperature fuel cell companies involved in solid oxide fuel cells, molten carbonate fuel cells and phosphoric acid fuel cells. The third section provides profiles of companies involved in providing hydrogen and other fuels for fuel cells. The fourth section covers other companies such as those that provide the balance of plant apparatus and materials. This section is the smallest, as the focus is on those companies with involvement in both nanotechnology for fuel cells and hydrogen energy.

Within each section, the companies are arranged in alphabetical order, with a brief subtitle following the company or organization name to provide, at a glance, the chief activity with regard to fuel cells, hydrogen energy and related nanotechnology. Organization addresses, telephone and fax numbers, email contact and Websites are provided for most of the companies.


Membrane Electrode Assemblies Manufacturer, Nanostructured Catalyst
Dmfc Developer
Absl Power Solutions
Dmfc for Military
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Metal Oxide Based Nanoparticles
Acal Energy
PEMFC-platinum Free Cathode Technology
Acta SPA
Nanocatalysts for PEMFC and Dmfc
Advent Technologies SA
PEMFC Components & Systems Manufacturer
aea Technology PLC
bop for Sofc & PEMFC
Aerogel Composite, Inc.
Carbon Aerogel Supported Platinum Catalyst
Aiju- toy Research Centres of Spain
Fuel Cells for toy R&D
Airbus Deutschland GMBH
PEMFC for Aviation Auxiliary Power R&D
air Products PLC
Major Hydrogen Producer, Hydrogen Infrastructure
Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
PEMFC Residential & Vehicle Systems Developer
Akron Polymer Systems
Inorganic Nanoparticle Technology
Alberta Research Council Inc. (ARC)
Tubular Micro Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Device
Alphea Hydrogene
PEMFC & h2 Storage Deployment Consulting
Alp2s Fuel Cell Systems GMBH
Sofc Developer
Altergy Freedom
PEMFC Manufacturer 1 kw -30kw
Alternative Fuel Systems ltd (AFS)
Alkaline Fuel Cell Developer
Amec PLC
Hydrogen Infrastructure
American Power Conversion
PEMFC Manufacturer
American Trim
Joining System for Bipolar Plates
Angstrom Power Inc.
Nanostructured Materials and Microfabrication for Fuel Cells
Nanostructured Materials and Microfabrication for Fuel Cells (continued)
Angstron Materials, Llc.
Graphene-based Nanocomposites for Bipolar Plates
DMFC 5w-200w Manufacturer
Apex Nanomaterials
Manufacturer of Carbon Nanotubes
Applied Sciences, Inc.
Nanographite Materials
Apollo Energy Systems
Alkaline Fuel Cell Manufacturer
aps Energia
PEMFC Integrator for ups
Areuse Co., Ltd.
Bipolar Plate Manufacturer
Argonne National Laboratory
Aligned Carbon Nanotubes as Electrodes in PEMFC mea
Anl- Nano-engineered Platinum-nickel Surfaces
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Co., Ltd.
PEMFC Membrane & DMFC Catalyst Developer
Asbury Carbons
Graphite for Bipolar Plates
Ashlawn Group
PEMFC for Munitions
PEMFC for Munitions (continued)
Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies
PEMFC Manufacturer 100w-12kw
Aspen Technology
Fuel Cell Manufacturing Software
Astute Nanotechnology
Nanostructured Materials Manufacturer-pemfc, DMFC, H2
Nanostructured Materials Manufacturer-pemfc, DMFC, H2 (continued)
Carbon Nanotube Manufacturer
Australian National University
Carbon Nanotube Production Techniques
PEMFC Electrodes
PEMFC Manufacturer 500w-100kw
Bac2 Limited
Bipolar Plates, end Plates for PEMFC
Bipolar Plates, end Plates for PEMFC (continued)
Ball Aerospace
PEMFC Developer 30w-100w, H2 Generation
Ballard Power Systems
Major PEMFC Systems and Components Manufacturer 1kw-150 kw
Balticfuelcells GMBH
PEMFC, mea and gdl Manufacturer
Basf Fuel Cell GMBH
Major Manufacturer of PEMFC & DMFC Membranes, Meas, Nanocatalysts
Battelle Memorial Institute
PEMFC Manufacturer, 3kw Apu-5kw Multi-purpose
Baxi Innotech GMBH
PEMFC Manufacturer 1.5kw
bbt Thermotechnik
PEMFC chp Developer & Installer 5kw
Behorde fur Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt (bsu)
PEMFC and H2 for Ships
Beijing Fuyuan Fuel Cell Group
PEMFC and DMFC Manufacturer, 20 W-150kw Fuel Cell
Beijing Fuyuan Pioneer new Energy Material Corp. Limited
PEMFC and DMFC Materials, H2 Storage Materials
Beijing Institute of Technology
PEMFC Vehicle Research and Development
Beijing Ln-power Sources CO. ltd
PEMFC 1w-30kw, PSVH2
Beijing University of Chemical Technology (buct)
H2 Storage in cnt
Benaras Hindu University
H2 Motorcycles and Three-wheeler
Bioecon bv Hogebrinkerweg
Direct Conversion Biomass Fuel Cell
H2 Vehicles, fc Auxiliary Power
Hydrogen Infrastructure Development
PEMFC and Sofc Units for Aviation
Boyam Power System
PEMFC Small Vehicles Developer
bp PLC
Hydrogen Infrastructure Development
Brasil H2 Fuel Cell Energy
PEMFC Integrator
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Nanoscale Catalysts and Electrolytes r&d
Brown University
Platinum Nanocubes for Fuel Cells
Bucky usa
Carbon Nanotube Manufacturer
Bussan Nanotech Research Institute Inc.
Carbon Nanotube Research
Cabot Corporation
Metal-carbon Composite Nanopowders
Cabot Superior Micropowders
Micro Mea, Nanopowders
California air Resources Board
1000 Zero Emission Buses Mandated
Table 1 California Zero Emission bus Goals by Transit District
California Fuel Cell Partnership (CAFCP)
Hydrogen Infrastructure and Fuel Cell Vehicle Promoter
California Institute of Technology
Nanoparticulate Oxide Silica and Ptfe for Water-free PEMFC
DMFC Developer
Caran Precision
Bipolar Plate Manufacturer
Commercial Source of Carbon Nanotubes
Carbon Nanotechnologies, Inc./UNIDYM
Carbon Nanotube Acceleration Project
Carbon Nanotechnologies- Carbon Nanotube Electrodes for Micro-fuel Cells
Cardec GMBH
PEMFC Manufacturer 500w-2.5kw, H2 Hydride Storage
Carnegie Mellon University
Titanium Nitride Nano Supports for Catalytic Platinum
Case Western Reserve University
Nanocapillary Proton Network Conducting Membranes
DMFC Developer
Catacel Corporation
Nanocoating for Fuel Cell Catalytic Inserts
Catal International ltd
Catalyst Manufacturer, Hydrogen Reforming
CCR GMBH Beschichtungstechnologie
Nanotube Array Manufacturer
PEMFC for Vehicles, DMFC
Cellex Power Products
Plug Power Subsidiary for Material Handling Industry
Cell Impact AB
Bipolar Plate
Cellkraf AB
PEMFC Manufacturer 50w-2kw
Centaurus Limited
Mold/die Manufacturers
Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW)
PEMFC Robotic Manufacturing, PEMFC Developer
Centre for Solar and Hydrogen Energy Research- ZSW
Centre for Energy Research, India
PEMFC Developer 100w-5kw
Century Inc.
Manufacturer Bipolar Plate
Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry
Nano-level Platinum/carbon Electrocatalyst for Cathode
Chiba University
Nanotechnology Ruthenium Catalyst
China Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST)
PEMFC, DMFC, Sofc, H2 R&D Funding
China Automotive Technology and Research Centre (CATARC)
PEMFC for Vehicle R&D
China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
PEMFC for Ships
China Shipping Corporation
Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) Institute of Physics
Fullerenes With Light Alkaline-earth Metals
FC Vehicles
Chubu University
PEMFC High Temp Membrane
Clean Energy Technologies Incorporated
DMFC Developer
Clean Fuel Cell Energy
Fuel Cell Education
cmr Fuel Cells
DMFC Developer
Columbian Chemicals Company
Nanocarbon and Fullerenes for PEMFC Catalyst Support
Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC)
PEMFC and Sofc R&D
Conductive Inkjet Technology
PEMFC Materials
Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF)
150 mw of Clean Energy Mandated
Contained Energy Inc.
Direct Carbon Fuel Cell Developer
Cookson Electronics
Nanomaterials for Fuel Cells
Cornell University
Methods to Synthesize Nanoparticles for Electrodes
PEMFC Reformer Manufacturer
Cosmo oil
Major PEMFC Installer
DMFC Developer
Crown Equipment Corp.
Qualification of Lift Trucks for Battery Replacement Fuel Cells Project
DMFC for Recharging Batteries
Direct-glycerol Fuel Cell for Portable Power Applications
Daicel Chemical Industries Co., ltd
PEMFC Membrane Manufacturer
Daido Metal
Portable PEMFC 0.2w-100w
Daihatsu Motor Co., ltd
Platinum-free Membrane
Daimler ag
fc Vehicles and Buses
dai Nippon Printing CO. Ltd.
Bipolar Plate Manufacturer
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
Dalian Sunrise Power
PEMFC Manufacturer 10w-40kw
Dana Corporation
Bipolar Plates Manufacturer
Danfoss A/s,
chp 1-5kw PEMFC and Sofc chp Demo, 100 Units 2009
Danish Power Systems
Dart Sensors ltd
Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells
David Fuel Cell Components/ Hydrogen Works S.l.
PEMFC Materials and Systems
Defense Nanotechnology Research and Development
Nanostructured Electrodes and Catalysts
DE Nora Tech
Dual ion Beam Catalyst Deposition
Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt E.V. (DLR)
PEMFC Vehicle Research
Directed Technologies, Inc.
PEMFC Costs Analysis
Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corporation
DMFC Developer
djw Technology
Portable PEMFC
Portable PEMFC (continued)
Donaldson Company, Inc.
Nanofiber Filters for PEMFC
Dow Chemical Company
Major PEMFC Installer 35mw Planned
dt Assembly & Test Europe ltd
Automation Equipment for Fuel Cell Manufacturing
Dynatek Industries
Hydrogen Storage Systems
Ebara Ballard
PEMFC Manufacturer
ECHEM Competence Centre for Applied Elektochemie GMBH
PEM 3 Fuel Cell R&D
PEMFC and DMFC Developer
Ecotality Inc.
PEMFC bus Demonstration
Eden Energy ltd
Hydrogen Production via Reforming
E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
Membrane Major Manufacturer-gold Nanotechnology
Electrochem, Inc.
PEMFC and mea Manufacturer
Electro Power Systems
PEMFC Manufacturer 7kw
Element one Energy
PEMFC and DMFC Developer
PEMFC Buses and H2 Fueling, BZ
Eneco ltd
Alkaline Fuel Cell Manufacturer
Eneos Celltech
Major Manufacturer, PEMFC chp
Ener1 inc
PEMFC and DMFC Manufacturer, Nanotechnology
PEMFC and DMFC Manufacturer, Nanotechnology (continued)
Energie Baden-wurttemberg ag
PEMFC and Sofc Demonstrations
Energy and Environmental Technology Applications Center
Nanotechnology for Fuel Cell Development
Nanotechnology for Fuel Cell Development (continued)
Energy Conversion Devices (ecd)
Hydrogen Fuel Tanks Using Metal Hydrides
Energyor Technologies
PEMFC Manufacturer <1kw- >1kw
Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI)
PEMFC 2kw -10 kw Manufacturer
Direct Methanol Biocatalytic Fuel Cells (DMBFC)
Engineered Materials Solutions
Bipolar Plate Material Manufacturer
Entegris, Inc.
Bipolar Plate Manufacturer
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Fuel Cell Delivery Vehicle Testing
esl Electroscience
Sofc Materials and Meas
PEMFC Components, Division of Basf Fuel Cells
European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company Eads N.v.
PEMFC Aviation Auxiliary Power
European Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology Platform Secretariat
Fuel Cell R&D Sponsor
European Institute for Energy Research (EIFER)
PEMFC and Sofc R&D
eu Energy Research Under FP7
Fuel Cell R&D
ewe Aktiengesellschaft
PEMFC Major Installer 48 Systems
Exelus, inc
Nanoporous Catalyst for Fuel Cells and H2 Production
Exergy Fuel Cell S.R.L
PEMFC Manufacturer 1kw-5kw
Faam SPA
Stationary and Vehicle Fuel Cell R&D
Farasis Energy, Inc.
Developer of Nano Cathode Catalysts for Fuel Cells
Fuel Cell Test and Evaluation Center (FCTEC)
Military Fuel Cell Applications
FJ Composite Materials Co., ltd
Bipolar Plate
Fluent Europe ltd
Software for PEMFC and Sofc Modeling
fn spa new Technologies and Advanced Services
Mcfc Materials Manufacturer and Developer
Force Technology
Sofc Nano R&D
PEMFC Vehicle R&D
Freudenberg Fuel Cells Component Technology kg (FCCT)
Gdl, Seals, Humidifiers, Filters
Fuel Cell Components and Integrators, Inc.
Bipolar Plate Manufacturer
Fuelcell Energy, Inc.
PEMFC Molecular-sieve-based Nano-cathode Structures
PEMFC Nano-scale Platinum for Advanced Cathode Structure
Fuelcell Solutions ltd
PEMFC Developer 500w-10kw
Fujian Nanping Nanfu Battery Company
DMFC Developer
Fuji Electric Holdings Corp.
PEMFC Developer 1kw
Fuji Electric Advanced Technology
PEMFC Developer 1kw
Fujikura Corp.
DMFC for Mobile Equipment
Fujitsu Laboratories & ntt Docomo
DMFC Developers
Fuma-tech GMBH
PEMFC and DMFC Membrane Manufacturer
Fuyuan Century Fuel Cell Power
PEMFC Manufacturer 3kw to 30kw
Gaia Power OY
Software for Fuel Cell Evaluation
Gashub Power pte ltd
PEMFC Stationary Systems 1kw-5kw
Gencell Corporation
Bipolar Plate Manufacturer
Genepax CO ltd
PEMFC Manufacturer 120w & 300w
Fuel Cell Manufacturing-thin Film cvd for Fuel Cells
Generics Group ltd
Fuel Cell R&D
General Dynamics
DMFC & PEMFC for Military Applications
General Motors
PEMFC Major Manufacturer 80kw
Genesis Fueltech, Inc.
Membrane Structures for Hydrogen Separation
Giner Electrochemical Systems, Llc/ener1
DMFC Manufacturer
Global Environment Facility
Support for PEMFC Buses and H2 Fueling
Gore Fuel Cell Technologies
MEA Manufacturer, Nanocatalysts
Graftech International Holdings, INC
Bipolar Plate Manufacturer for PEMFC
GS Fuelcell CO
PEMFC 1kw-1.5kw Manufacturer
GSI Creos-carbon
Nanocups for mea
GS Yuasa Corporation
DMFC for Stationary Applications
Gutor Electronic Ltd.
50 kw pem Fuel Cell
H2 Economy
PEMFC Developer
H2 Logic
PEMFC Developer 500w-15kw
Hydrogen Sensor
PEMFC Developer for Boats
Hazeyama K.K. & Tottori gas Industry K.K.
PEMFC Demonstrations
Headwaters Inc.
Highly Active Core-shell Ptsnox Nanocatalyst-dafc
Headwaters Technology Innovation, llc
Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles for DMFC
BOP Manufacturer
Heliocentris Fuel Cells AG
PEMFC Integrator 10w - 2kw
Helion Hydrogen Power
PEMFC 1kw-50kw
Hgen-fractal Carbon
Hydrogen Generation Systems
Hiltech Developments Limited
Nanostructured Carbon for H2 Storage.
Hitachi, Ltd.
Nanotechnology Electrolyte
Hitachi Maxell
Nano Gold-platinum (aupt) Catalyst
Nano Gold-platinum (aupt) Catalyst (continued)
Hitachi Zosen
PEMFC Developer
Hokkaido gas
PEMFC and Sofc Demonstrations
Hoku Scientific
PEMFC Membrane and mea Manufacturer
PEMFC Manufacturer, Nanotechnology
Honeywell International Inc.
Nanocrystalline And/or Metastable Metal Hydrides for Hydrogen Sensor
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Nanoporous Zeolite Membrane
Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies
PEMFC Manufacturer
hrl Laboratories, llc
Thermodynamically Tuned Nanophase Materials
Electrolyzers for H2 Production
Huntsman Corporation
Binder Formulation for Bipolar Plates
Huttenberger Produktionstechnik Martin GMBH
PEMFC 50w-150w Battery Charger
Hydra Fuel Cell
PEMFC Manufacturer
Hydrexia pty ltd
Nano Magnesium Alloys for H2 Storage
Hydrodivide ag
Hydrogen Production
Hydrogen Corporation
Improved Fuel Cell Power Plant Efficiency Using Co-generation
Hydrogen, llc
Novel Carbon Nanotubes for Electrode Catalysts.
PEMFC Manufacturer
Hydrogen Works SL
PEMFC Developer
Hygear B.v. /hexion BV
PEMFC Developer and Hydrogen Reformer
Hyogo Prefectural University
Nano Silica for PEMFC Membrane
Hynergreen Technologies, S.A
PEMFC and H2 Manufacturer
Hyteon Inc.
PEMFC Manufacturer
Hyundai Motor Company
PEMFC for Vehicles
ian Wark Research Institute
Novel Composite High-temp PEMFC Membranes
ICI Caldaie S.P.A.
PEMFC CO-generator
ICM Plastics (imperial Custom Molding, Inc.)
Bipolar Plates, Seals, BOS
PEMFC Major Manufacturer
PEMFC Major Manufacturer (continued)
Idemitsu Kosan CO.
PEMFC Developer and Installer
Imperial Innovations
Palladium Catalysts for PEMFC & DMFC
Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc.
Regenerative PEMFC Developer
Infraserv GMBH & CO. Hochst kg
Fuel Cell Co-generation Plant Demonstration
Impact Coatings
PVD Equipment for Fuel Cell Manufacturing
Inco Special Products
Sofc & Mcfc Materials and Products
Ineos Chlor ltd
PEMFC Bipolar Plates and Electrolyzers
Ingsman Energy and Fuel Cell Research Organization (IEFRO)
Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell (DBFC)
ini Power Systems
DMFC Manufacturer
Innosense LLC
High Volume Fabrication of Hydrogen Sensor
Inorganic Specialists, inc
Nanofiber Paper for Fuel Cells and Catalyst Supports
Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation
Nanocatalyst for PEMFC
Institute of Materials Research and Engineering
DMFC Membranes With Nano-tio2 Films
Institut fur Mikrotechnik Mainz GMBH
Microstructured Ethanol Reformer
Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology
Silicon Based Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences
PEMFC and Sofc R&D
Intel Corporation
Carbon Nanotubes Hydrogen Storage
Intelligent Energy
PEMFC Manufacturer
Intematix Corporation
Hydrogen-generating Solid Fuel Cartridge
International Science and Technology Center (ISTC)
PEMFC, Sofc, H2 Reformer R&D
ION Power, Inc.
MEA Manufacturer
Iowa State University
Nano-engineered Glass-ceramic Proton Conducting Membranes
IRD A/s-manufacturer
PEMFC 1kw-50kw , DMFC 100w-1kw
Ishikawajima-shibaura Machinery
PEMFC Reformer Manufacturer
Italian National Board for new Technology, Energy and Environment
ITM Power
Membrane for PEMFC and Electrolyzers
Membrane for PEMFC and Electrolyzers (continued)
Jadoo Power
DMFC Manufacturer
Jahwa Electronics Co., Ltd.
Carbon Nanotube Graphite Composite Bipolar Plate
Japan Gore tex inc (JP)
Nano Silica for Membrane
Japan Energy
PEMFC Installer
Japan Vilene Co., Ltd.
GAS Diffusion Layer
Jemmytex International Corp.
PEMFC Manufacturer
Jiaotong University
PEMFC and Nanotechnology R&D
Johns Hopkins University
Nanoporous Gold Membranes for PEMFC
Johnson Matthey
Carbon Nanotube Catalyst and PEMFC mea Manufacturer
JSR Corp.
PEMFC Membrane
Kabushiki Kaisha Equos Research
Mixed Conductor Using Carbon Nanotubes and Nano-platinum
Kanagawa Industrial Technology Research Institute
Keio University
Nano-platinum Ruthenium Catalyst for Fuel Cells
Kent State University
Thin Platinum Shell on a Nickel Nanowire Substrate
koa gas Development Corporation
PEMFC Installer
Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST)
PEMFC and Sofc R&D
Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Nano-laminated Cr2alc Ternary Carbide Bipolar Plates
KSE, Inc.
Single-walled Nanotubes Catalyst Using Coal-based Materials
Kuraray CO.
mea Developer Using Nanotechnology
Kurchatov Institute
Universite de Poitiers
Universite Paris, Institut de Chimie Moleculaire et des Materiaux
Cnrs: Laboratoire D’electrochimie et de Physicochimie des Materiaux et des Interfaces
Nanostructured Palladium for PEMFC Anode Catalyst
Kyungwon University
Nanostructured Fuel Cell Materials.
Kyushu oil
PEMFC Installer
Kyushu University
Nanotechnology Electrode Catalyst
Landesinitiative Brennstoffzelle Niedersachsen
PEMFC and SOFC R&d, Demonstrations of PEMFC and SOFC
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
3-d Nanoscale Fuel Cells on a Chip Using Nanowire Alloy
3-d Nanoscale Fuel Cells on a Chip Using Nanowire Alloy (continued)
Nanostructured Pems
Nanocomposite Proton Conductor
Lynntech, Inc.
Enhanced Catalysts From Nanostructured Materials, PEMFC Manufacturer
Enzymatic Biofuel Cells
Manhattan Scientifics
Portable Fuel Cells
Mahindra & Mahindra
PEMFC Vehicle R&D
Martin Kurz & Co., Inc.
Thermal Management Materials
Thermal Management Materials (continued)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Nanomaterials for DMFC Membrane
Masterflex AG
PEMFC Developer
Materials and Electrochemical Research (MER)
Novel Proton Conducting Fullerene Electrolyte
Matsushita Electric Industrial
PEMFC and DMFC Manufacturer
Meidensha Corporation
Sofc Developer
mfc Micro Fuel Cells
PEMFC 10w-2kw Manufacturer
Media and Process Technology, Inc.
Membrane-enhanced Reactor for Fuel Reforming Applications
Direct Liquid Fuel Cells Manufacturer
DMFC Intgegrator for Portable Electronics
Membrane Reactor Technologies
Membrane H2 Production
Metal Nanopowders Limited
Nanopowders for Fuel Cells and H2 Storage
Miag Fahrzeugbau GMBH
Fuel Cell Powered Materials Handling Vehicles
Microcell Corporation
PEMFC Manufacturer 10w-multi-kilowatt
Microcoating Technologies/ngimat
Ccvd Produced O2 Deficient Nanocrystalline Persovskite for PEMFC
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Mintek/project Autek/
Nanoparticulate Gold for H2 Production
Mitsubishi Corporation (mc)
Fuel Cell Vehicle R&D
Mitsubishi International Corporation
PEMFC Developer
Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.
DMFC Bipolar Plate Manufacturer
Mitsubishi gas Chemical Co., Ltd.
DMFC Nanotechnology
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
PEMFC Reformer Manufacturer
Miyazaki University & Kansai University
Nano pt Catalyst, Nanotubular Polymer Electrolyte
Monash University
Nano Pt/c Catalyst for PEMFC
Morphic Technologies AB
PEMFC & H2 Production
DMFC Manufacturer, Nano GDL for PEMFC & DMFC
mti Microfuel Cells inc
DMFC Manufacturer
mtu cfc Solutions GMBH/ Tognum Group
Mcfc & PEMFC
N2telligence GMBH
Fire Preventing Fuel Cell
Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science
PEMFC Catalyst
Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science
Nano-carbon Material
Nagoya Institute of Technology
PEMFC Glass Electrolyte
Najing Binki Industry Company
PEMFC and DMFC Membrane Manufacturer
Nakajimakinzoku Co., Ltd.
Nanoplatinum for Electrodes
Nanocell Systems
Miniaturized SOFC
Nanoclay and Technologies, Inc./atlas Mining CO
SOFC Nanomaterials
Nanocyl S.A
Production of Nanotubes
Single, Double, and Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes
Nanodynamics Energy, Inc.
Micro SOFC Developer & Manufacturer
Nano Fusion Technologies, Ltd.
Electro-osmotic Pump for Micro DMFC
Commercial Source of Carbon Nanotubes
Carbon Nanotube Manufacturer
Nanomaterials Discovery Corporaton
Nanostructured Materials for Novel Fuel Cells
Nanostructured Materials for Novel Fuel Cells (continued)
Nanometrix Inc.
Schneider-picard (SP) Method Innovative Nanomaterials and Architecture
Nanopower Research Labs
Cnts for PEMFC Catalysts
Nanoproducts Corporation
Polymer Nanotechnology
Nanoquest pty ltd
Metal Oxide Nanoparticles (mop) for H2 Purification
Nanosonic, Inc.
DMFC Membranes With Improved Methanol Permeability
Nanosys, Inc.
Nanowires & Nanocatalysts for DMFC
Nanotek Instruments, inc
Nano Graphene Plate-reinforced Polymer Composites
Nanotek Instruments, Inc.
Nano-sized Graphene Platelets for H2 Storage
Carbon Nanotube Manufacturer
Nanostellar, Inc.
Nanocatalysts for Fuel Cells
Nanotek Instruments, Inc.,
low Cost Manufacturing of Sheet Molding Compound Bipolar Plates
Nano-tek (uk) Technology ltd
Nano Electrodes for PEMFC
National Research Council of Canada (NRC)
Hydrogen on Demand W-kw
National Natural Science Foundation of China
National Institute for Material Science
Nanotechnology DMFC
National Chemical Laboratory
5kw PEMFC Demonstration
National Research Council Canada (NRC)
nrc Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation
National University of Singapore
Nanotechnology and Electrocatalysis
National Chemical Laboratory,
Single-wall Nanotubes for PEMFCs
Neah Power Systems
DMFC Manufacturer, Nano-silicon, Nanocrystallites of Platinum and Ruthenium
DMFC Manufacturer, Nanotechnology Research Leader
PEMFC Manufacturer 2kw-mw
Neokismet, L.l.c.
New Japan eco System
PEMFC 2kw Manufacturer
Nihon Paint Co., Ltd.
Nanoplatinum Production Method
Nippon Kodoshi
DMFC, Inorganic-organic Complex Compound Electrolyte
Nippon oil
PEMFC & SOFC Developer, Hydrogen Fueling Stations
PEMFC & SOFC Developer, Hydrogen Fueling Stations (continued)
Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.
Technology for Nano-pt Catalyst Loading
Nippon Soken, Inc.
Measurements and Analysis of gdl
PEMFC Developer and Manufacturer
Nisshinbo Industries, inc
.bipolar Plate Manufacturer
Nanotechnology Platinum-free Catalyst
Nisshin Engineering Co., Ltd.
Nanotechnology for Platinum Catalyst
Nisshin Spinning Company ltd
Bipolar Plate
Nordic Power Systems AS
Nordic Power Norge A/S
SOFC Developer/diesel SOFC
nsc Technology
Development of Fuel Cell Cathodic Catalysts: Multimetallic Alloy Nanoparticles
Nucellsys GMBH
Manufacturer of PEMFC for Vehicles
Nuvant Systems, Inc.
Nano PEMFC Cathode Catalyst for High Temp Membrane
Nuvera Fuel Cells
PEMFC Manufacturer
Ohio Department of Development/third Frontier Fuel Cell Program (TFFCP)/
State Funding to Spur Fuel Cell Industry
Osaka gas
PEMFC Major Developer
PEMFC Major Developer (continued)
Ovonic Fuel Cell Company llc
Metal Hydride Fuel Cell
Oxford Performance Materials
PEMFC Nanomaterials Manufacturer
Pacific Fuel Cell Corporation
Nanotechnology to Manufacture Fuel Cells
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
pt and Pt-ru/carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites
Palcan Fuel Cells
PEMFC Manufacturer 100w-5kw
pan Asia Technical Automotive Centre
PEMFC for Vehicles
Paxitech sas
PEMFC Manufacturer
Pemeas Fuel Cell Technologies/basf Fuel Cell, Inc.
mea and Catalyst Manufacturer
Pennsylvania Nanomaterials Commercialization Center
Nanomaterials for PEMFC Electrodes
Plug Power
Major PEMFC Manufacturer, Fuel Cell Catalyst Nanostructures
Polish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform
PEMFC, SOFC & H2 Research & Development
Nano-engineered Membranes and DMFC
Porvair Fuel Cell Technology
PEMFC Materials Manufacturer
Powergen UK PLC
Fuel Cell chp Developer
PEMFC Manufacturer
Precision Materials, Inc.
Novel Nanoscale Intermetallic Fuel Cell Catalyst Materials and Processing
Precision Compliant Systems Laboratory (PCSL)
Fuel Cells for Portable Electronics R&D
Precision Micro ltd /microponents ltd
Supplier of Fuel Cell Components
pro Motors Group Corp.
PEMFC Vehicle Demonstration
Proton Energy Systems, Inc.
pem for Hydrogen Generation
Proton Motor Fuel Cell GMBH
PEMFC Manufacturer
Proton Power Systems PLC
Proton Motor Fuel Cell (german Subsidiary)
PEMFC Manufacturer
DMFC & SOFC Manufacturer
SOFC Materials Developer
PEMFC and SOFC Developer
Quantumsphere, Inc.
Non-platinum Nanocatalyst
PEMFC, SOFC, DMFC and Components
PEMFC Manufacturer 600w-15kw
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (rpi)
Nanomaterials for PEMFC & H2 Production
Rice University
new Class of Tubular Carbon Molecules
Rice University-nanotechnology Deemed Best Long-term Energy Alternative
rbz Riesaer Brennstoffzellentechnik GMBH
PEMFC Developer
Bipolar Plate Manufacturer
Ricardo UK LTD
Fuel Cell Vehicle R&D
Riken Venture System
Self-organizing Nano-membrane for Fuel Cells
Riso National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy
Nano Clays in Polybenzimidazole for High Temp PEMFC Membrane
Rittal GMBH & CO. kg
PEMFC Manufacturer
Rogers Corp.
PEMFC 20w-5kw
Rolls-royce Fuel Cell Systems, inc
High-pressure Stack Block Test System
Saati Group/ Seal S.P.A
PEMFC gas Diffusion Electrodes, Catalyst-coated Membranes
Saitama Institute of Technology
Nanotechnology AU, RU & PT Catalyst
Samsung Electro Mechanics
Nanotechnology for DMFC
Samsung sdi CO. Ltd.,
Fuel Processor for PEMFC
Sandia National Laboratories and University of new Mexico
Photosynthetic Proteins Manipulate Platinum at the Nanoscale
Figure 1 Platinum-lace Nanoballs
Figure 2 Transmission Electron Microscope Image of the Platinum Nano-koosh Balls
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
Carbon Nano-onion Catalyst for DMFC
Sanyo Electric Company
PEMFC Developer
Sarnoff Corporation
Nanotube Catalysts for PEMFC
Sartorius AG
MEA & Ht-pemfc Stacks
Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GMBH
PEMFC Stacks, Systems and Bipolar Plate Manufacturer, 27w-1.4kw
Science Labs, Inc.
Fullerene Production Method
Sekisui House Co., Ltd.
PEMFC Demonstrator
Seoul National University
Nanomaterials for Fuel Cells
SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG
PEMFC Manufacturer
PEMFC for Military Applications
Nanostructure Technology for DMFC
sgl Carbon
gdl Manufacturer
Shandong Dongyue Group
Pfsa Membrane Manufacturer
Shanghai Pearl Hydrogen
PEMFC Manufacturer
Shanghai Shen-li High Tech CO. ltd
PEMFC Manufacturer 0.1 Kw-150 kw
Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Powertrain Company
PEMFC Integrator for Vehicles
Shanghai-shen Li-pemfc Manufacturer 3-10 kw
PEMFC Manufacturer 1kw-150kw
Shanghai Yung-qiang Technology
PEMFCs for Marine use
PEMFC and SOFC Manufacturer
SOFC and PEMFC Major Manufacturer
Siemens Power Generation
SOFC Major Manufacturer
Sigen ltd
Fuel Cell Design, Engineering and Installations
Shanghai Forever Company
PEMFC Bicycle
Shanghai Giant & Phoenix Bicycle
PEMFC for Bicycles and Wheelchairs
South-north Institute for Sustainable Development
PEMFC Vehicle R&D
South West Electrolysers
Electrolyzer Technology
Showa Denko K.K.
PEMFC Component Manufacturer
Snecma, Safran Group
pem Fuel Cells for Space Applications
Space Plasma, Power and Propulsion
Plasma Processing Platinum Nanoparticles for gdl
Song-sing Nanotechnology Co., Ltd.
Nanocatalyst Manufacturer: RU.PD.PT.AU.AG
Sony Corporation
Nano-carbonaceous Waterless PEMFC
Sony Corp. Nanotechnology DMFC
South West Electrolysers
Water Electrolysis
Southwest Nanotechnologies Inc.
Carbon Nanotube Fuel Cell Catalyst
Sporian Microsystems, inc
Micro-electromechanical Systems (mems) Sensor Suite
Stmicroelectronics NV
DMFC Manufacturer
Sumitomo Metal Industries, ltd
Bipolar Plate Manufacturer
Sungkyunkwan University
Nanochannel Membranes
Superprotonic, Inc.
Nanomaterials for Solid Acid Fuel Cell
Surrey Nanosystems
Suzhou Small Antelope Electric Bicycle Company
PEMFC Bicycles
Suzuki Motor Corp.
DMFC Wheelchair
Symyx Technologies, Inc.
Multi-metal Nano Fuel Cell Catalyst
Tae-gu City gas
PEMFC Demonstrator
Tages Industry & Information Technologies RDI S.A.
Business Incubator for Fuel Cells and H2 Technologies
Taiyo oil
PEMFC Installer
Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd.
Membrane Nanotechnology
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K.
PEMFC Electrocatalyst for mea
Tata Motors
Technical University of Berlin
PEMFC for Helicopters
Techdrive, Inc.
PEMFC Polymer Electrolyte
Teledyne Energy Systems
PEMFC Manufacturer
Texas A & M
Bi-metallic and Tri-metallic Nanoparticles
T/J Technologies, Inc.
Nanocomposite Electrode Materials
Toho gas CO. Ltd.
PEMFC Major Installer, SOFC Developer
Tokai University
Nanotechnology Bipolar Plate
Tokuyama Corporation
Hydrocarbon Electrolyte Membrane for DMFCs
Tokyo gas
Major PEMFC Installer
PEMFC Developer and Installer
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hydrocarbon Electrolyte Membrane
Micro Hollow Fibers for PEMFC Electrolyte
DMFC Development
Tokyo University
Nanotechnology DMFC
Tokyo University of Science-microtechnology
Mems Manufacturing Technology for Fuel Cells
Rupdo Cathode Catalyst
Tongji University
PEMFC R&d, Vehicle Integration
Toray Corp.
Hydrocarbon Electrolyte for PEMFC
Nanomaterials for DMFC
Toshiba Fuel Cell Power Systems
PEMFC Major Manufacturer
Tottori gas
PEMFC Demonstrations
Toyohashi University of Technology
Nanotechnology for Conductive Membranes of Phosphorus Wolframate
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
Nanosize Pores in Polymer Electrolyte
Tropical S.A.
H2 Storage, Electrolyzers, Fuel Cells 1kw-20kw
DMFC Manufacturer
Tsinghua University
PEMFC Development for Vehicles
Turk Demirdokum Fab. A.S.
Bipolar Plates, Mea, Catalysts, PEMFC Stacks
Tsinghua University
Nano-sio2 for PEMFC Membrane
Uchicago Argonne, LLC
Nanoscale Polymers for DMFC Membrane
Ultra Cell
DMFC Manufacturer
Umicore AG & CO. kg
Meas Using Nanosized Catalyst-coated Membranes
Largest Manufacturer of Carbon Nanotubes
United Technologies Research Center
Catalyzed Nano-framework Stabilized High Density Reversible Hydrogen Storage Systems
Catalyzed Nano-framework Stabilized High Density Reversible Hydrogen Storage Systems (continued)
Universidad de Zaragoza
Zeocell-high Temperature PEMFC Project
University of Alabama
Nanostructured Catalysts for Fuel Cells
University of California
Nano Filler Oxides for Hybrid pem Membrane
University of California Riverside
Carbon Nanotubes for Fuel Cells
University of Cambridge
Carben Project: Nanotubes for High Surface Area PT/RU Catalysts
University of Houston
De-alloyed Pt-m Nanoparticle Electrocatalysts
University of Illinois
PEMFC orr Catalysts
University of Illinois Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Nano-flow, Surface Recognition, Enzyme Catalysis
University of Illinois at Urbana-champaign,
Nanoporous Silicon Membrane Based Micro Fuel Cells
University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, US
Synthesis of pt Nanostructures for Miniaturized DMFCs
University of Queensland Nanomaterials Centre
Nanomaterials, Nanowires for PEMFC and SOFC
University of South Australia
Molecular Wiring of Catalytic Nanoparticles
University of South Carolina, Center for Fuel Cells
PEMFC and H2 R&D
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Nanostructured Catalysts for PEMFC
University of Tokyo and Toyota Motor Corp
Nanotechnology for Electrode
University of Western Ontario
Nanowire Supported Catalysts for Fuel Cell Electrodes
University of Wisconsin-madison & University of Maryland
Nanoparticle of Ruthenium/platinum for H2 Purification
Nanoparticle of Ruthenium/platinum for H2 Purification (continued)
Vaillant Group
60 PEMFC Demonstration Units
Viessmann Unternehmensgruppe
PEMFC 2kw Developer
Viaspace Inc.
DMFC Developer
pem High Temperature Fuel Cell
Voller Energy Group PLC
PEMFC and DMFC Manufacturer
Wilhelm Eisenhuth GMBH kg
Bipolar Plates
Wuhan University of Technology
Nanostructured Silicon for Membrane
Wuhan wut new Energy CO. Ltd.
Wuhan Science and Engineering Co., ltd
PEMFC mea Manufacturer
Yokohama National University
PT Free air Cathode for DMFC
Zebotec GMBH
PEMFC for Boats & Stationary Systems, Integrator
Zeep Energy ltd
400w PEMFC for Bicycles
Zentrum Fuer Brennstoffzelen Technik (zbt)
PEMFC for Boats 300w APU
Zhejiang University Science Park Development Company
H2 Storage
Zhongshan University/ sun Yat-sen University
PEMFC Research and Development


SOFC Systems Manufacturer
Hybrid Ceramic/metallic Recuperator for SOFC Generators
Advanced Ceramics Ltd.
Albany Nanotech
Nanotechnology for PEMFC, SOFC & H2 Sensors
Altair Nanotechnogies inc
Nanomaterials for SOFC & H2 Storage
American Elements
Nanomaterials for SOFC MEA
Nanomaterials for SOFC MEA (continued)
Table 2 American Elements Products for SOFC
Ansaldo Fuel Cells S.r.l. (afco)
Mcfc Fuel Cells
Adaptive Materials, inc
SOFC Manufacturer 20w-250w
Adelan Ltd.
SOFC Developer
Alpps Fuel Cell Systems GMBH
SOFC Manufacturer, Portable
Arcomac Surface Engineering, llc
Nanostructured Coating for SOFC Interconnect
Ascent Power Systems
SOFC Manufacturer 20w-5kw
Aspen Products Group, Inc.
SOFC 10kw Logistics Fuel Reformer
SOFC Vehicle Auxiliary Power
Boreskov Institute of Catalysis
Scalable Propane Reformer for SOFC
btu International
SOFC Manufacturing Equipment
Celltech Power llc
SOFC Manufacturer 100w-mw, Liquid tin Anode, Nanotechnology
Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited
SOFC Major Manufacturer 1kw
Ceram Research
SOFC Developer
Ceramatec, Inc.
Nanopowders for SOFC
Ceres Power Ltd.
SOFC Manufacturer 1kw-25kw, CHP
Cerion AG
Micro SOFC Developer
Cathay Advanced Materials
SOFC Materials Manufacturer
Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry
H2 Storage
China Association for Hydrogen Energy
H2 R&D
cmr Prototech as/ BKK Fuel Cell
SOFC Developer
Central Electric Power Research Institute (cepri)
Silver Nanoparticles for SOFC, R&D
SOFC Components, Major Manufacturer
Cummins Power Generation
SOFC Vehicle Auxiliary Power
Cutec-institut GMBH
Precision Screens for PEMFC and SOFC Manufacture
SOFC Fuel Injection Devices
Delphi Automotive Systems
SOFC 3kw -10kw Stationary and Transportation
Digital Sofcell
SOFC Developer
Drayton Beaumont Kilns ltd
Kilns for SOFC Manufacturing
Eltron Research
SOFC Reformer
SOFC Manufacturer 1kw-50kw
Enerday GMBH
SOFC Developer
esl Electro-science
SOFC Tapecasting
Fabrique Research
SOFC Hollow Electrodes Loose Plates
Fine Ceramics Association
Nanotechnology SOFC
Forschungszentrum Julich GMBH
SOFC Research
Franklin Fuel Cells
SOFC Developer
Fuel Cell Energy, Inc.
SOFC 3kw-10 kw Major Manufacturer
Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd. (fct)
SOFC 1kw-75kw Stationary
Fuel Cells (scotland) ltd
SOFC Development Company
SOFC Developer
Functional Coating Technology, llc (fct)
SOFC chp Developer
GE Energy, Hybrid Power Generation Systems
SOFC 3kw-10kw Major Manufacturer
GE Fuel Cells
SOFC Manufacturer 6kw
General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals
SOFC Materials Manufacturer
Gett Fuel Cells International AB
Ltsofc Manufacturer
Georgia Tech Research Corporation
Nanomaterials for SOFC
Great Western Minerals Group ltd
Rare Earth Mineral Supplier
Goeta Technology Developer International
SOFC Manufacturer
Hefa Rare Earth Science & Technology Development Company
SOFC Materials Manufacturer
Haiku Tech Inc.
SOFC Materials
Haiku Tech Europe B.V.
SOFC Materials and Manufacturing Equipment
Hanyang University
Ni-ysz Nanopowder for SOFC
Hexis AG
SOFC chp Major Manufacturer
Hitachi Metals
SOFC Bipolar Plate Manufacturer
Hosokawa Micron Corp.
Nanostructured SOFC Developer
H.C. Starck GMBH & CO. kg
SOFC Stack Major Manufacturer
Helbio S.A.
H2 Reforming Systems, Catalyst
Hidrener Hydrogen Energy Systems Inc.
PEMFC Installer, H2 Fueling
Htceramix SA
SOFC Stack Developer
Huazhong University
R&D H2 Storage & pem Membrane, Nanotechnology
igr Enterprises, Inc.,
SOFC Materials Manufacturer
Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc.
Xstorra SOFC Regenerative Fuel Cell Manufacturer
itn Energy Systems, Inc.
Planar Oxide Stabilized Metal Nanoparticle Catalysts
Kainos Energy Corporation
SOFC Materials Developer
J-power/electric Power Development Co., ltd
SOFC 150kw
Jfcc & Noritake Co., Ltd.
Nanoporous H2 Separation Membrane
Kyocera Corporation
SOFC Major Manufacturer chp
Leibniz-institut Fuer Neue Materialien GMBH (INM)
SOFC Materials Research
Lilliputian Systems
SOFC Micro System Manufacturer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Physical Vapor Deposited Nano-composites for SOFC Electrodes
Materials and Systems Research, Inc.
SOFC Developer 300w-3kw
Meidensha Corp.
SOFC 125kw Systems
MEL Chemicals
SOFC Materials Manufacturer
Missouri University of Science and Technology
SOFC and Oxygen Separation Materials
Mitsubishi Materials Corp.
SOFC Developer
Mitsubishi Materials
SOFC Materials R&D
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
SOFC Manufacturer
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
SOFC Manufacturer
Morgan Fuelcell
SOFC & Mcfc Materials Manufacturer
Motorola, Inc.
SOFC Developer
Murata Manufacturing CO.
SOFC Research
Mixed-metal Oxide Spherical Nanopowders
SOFC Microtubular Manufacturer
National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
Nanomaterials R&D for PEMFC, SOFC, DMFC & H2
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
SOFC Evaluation
Netherlands Energy Research Foundation,
SOFC Research
SOFC Manufacturer
Nextech Materials, ltd
Nanoscale and Micron-scale Zirconia- and Ceria-based Materials
It-sofc Nanoscale Catalyst Cathode Enhancement
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.
Nano Zirconia SOL
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp
SOFC Developer
Norwegian Electro Ceramics (norecs) AS
Probe for Measuring SOFC Temperatures
Northwestern University
High Performance Nano-crystalline Oxide Fuel Cell Materials:
Northwest Mettech Corp.
SOFC Manufacturing Equipment for Components
Okayama University
SOFC Anode Film by Microwave Fabrication
Osaka gas Co., ltd
SOFC Developer and Installer
Oxford Catalysts Group PLC
SOFC Catalyst Manufacturer
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
SOFC Materials R&D
SOFC Materials R&D (continued)
Pirelli Labs
Micro SOFC Developer
Plansee SE
SOFC Materials
Protonex Technology Corporation
SOFC Manufacturer
Refractory Specialties Inc.
Kiln Furniture for low Cost SOFC Manufacturing
Research Centre Julich
Rolls-royce Fuel Cell Systems Limited
SOFC Manufacturer mw
Rolls-royce Fuel Cell Systems (US), Inc.
SOFC Manufacturer
Royal Institute of Technology
SOFC Research
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.,
SOFC Patent Holder
Shanghai Institute of Ceramics
SOFC Materials R&D
SOFC Fuel Processor, Acquired by Rolls Royce 2007
SOFC Manufacturer
Solid Cell Inc.
SOFC Developer and Manufacturer
Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance (SECA)
U.S. SOFC Research Coordinator
Spinworks LLC
Low-cost High-temperature Heat Exchanger for SOFC
Staxera GMBH
SOFC Manufacturer
Sulzer Metco
SOFC Materials
Suny Albany, Nanofab
Nano-cermet Sensor for SOFC
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Micro SOFC Developer, Nanoscale Electrolyte
TDA Research
SOFC Materials Developer
Technology Management, Inc.
SOFC Fuel Reformer
Topsoe Fuel Cell
SOFC Manufacturer
Toho gas Co., Ltd.
SOFC Developer
SOFC Manufacturer
Treibacher Industrie AG
SOFC Materials Manufacturer
Tufts University
Nanostructured, Metal-ion Modified Ceria and Zirconia Oxidation Catalysts
Union Research Center of Fuel Cell on Coal Gasification
SOFC Research
Unitec Ceramics ltd
SOFC Materials Manufacturer
US Nanocorp Inc.
SOFC Materials Manufacturer
UTC Power Corporation
SOFC 100kw Developer
UTC Fuel Cells, llc
Ceria-based Mixed-metal Oxide Nanocrystallite Structure for SOFC
Versa Power Systems
SOFC Micro Systems Manufacturer
Virginia Tech
SOFC, PEMFC, H2 Research
Wartsila Corporation
SOFC Developer 20kw
Ztek Corporation, Inc.
SOFC Manufacturer


Accentus PLC
Hydrogen Reformer Manufacturer
Acciona Energy S.A.
H2 Production From Wind Power
Adnavance Technologies Inc.
Nano-biotechnology for H2 Production
air Products
H2 Fueling Stations Manufacturer
air Liquide
H2 Production, Storage, Infrastructure & Fueling
Alternate Energy Corporation
H2 on Demand
Alternative Fuel Systems inc
H2 & fc Integrator
Alvatec Production and Sales Gesmbh
H2 Fueling & 2w PEMFC Battery Charger
American Hydrogen Corporation
H2 Production Ammonia Catalytic Electrolyzer
H2 Reformer Manufacturer
Asia Biogas
bio Hydrogen Production
Aspen Products Group, Inc.,
Robust, low Cost Membranes for H2 Production From Coal Derived Syngas
Avalence llc
Alkaline Electrolyzer for Distributed H2 Generation
PEM H2 Production Onsite
Nano Terephthalic Acid and Zinc Oxide for H2 Storage
Battelle Memorial Institute
Nano Titanium Dioxide for Storage and Release of Hydrogen
BC Hydro
H2 Infrastructure Developer
Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Silicon Nanotubes for Hydrogen Storage
Beijing Jinfeng Aerospace s&t Developments Company
H2 Production and Storage
Bloom Energy Corporation
H2 Electrolysis, SOFC Power
Blue Cell Energy
Marketer of Fuel Cells
BOC Group
H2 Major Manufacturer
H2 Major Manufacturer, H2 Infrastructure Developer
Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company
H2 Injection for Vehicles
Ceramem Corporation
H2 Separation Membrane
Chinese General Research Institute for Non-ferrous Metals
Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Storage
Casale Chemicals
H2 Electrolysis Equipment Manufacturer
Chevron Technology Ventures
H2 Production
Clearedge Power, Inc.
H2 & fc System Integrator
det Norske Veritas
H2 and fc R&D
Diamond Lite S.A.
H2 Plant Manufacturer
Efuel Technology
Regenerative Fuel Cell
Electric Hydrogen Inc. (?h!)
H2 on Demand
Eltron Research inc
H2 Production by Reforming
Enova Systems
Power Conversion for Fuel Cells
Environment Park S.P.A.
H2 Production
H2 Production From Waste
European Hydrogen Association
H2 Storage and Production Research
Table 3 European Hydrogen Association Members
H2 Fueling Stations
H2 Vehicle Reformer, Major H2 Producer
H2 Vehicle Reformer, Major H2 Producer (continued)
Firmgreen, Inc.
H2 Reformers
Fuelmaker Corporation
Onsite H2 Refueling Systems
Fuelsell Technologies, Inc.
Carbon Nanotubes and Nano Hydrides for Cassette-based Hydrogen Storage
GE Jenbacher
H2 for Vehicles and Stationary FC R&D
General Hydrogen
H2 for Vehicles
Gesellschaft fur Elektrometallurgie (GFE)
H2 Storage & SOFC Materials Manufacturer
Hydrogen Technologies/ Statoilhydro
Electrolysis Equipment
GE Global Research
Lightweight Intermetallics for Hydrogen Storage
Global Hydrofuel Technologies, Inc.
H2 on Demand
Green Fuel Resources PTE ltd
Solar H2 Production
Green Hydrotec, inc
H2 Production, Catalytic Membrane Reactor
GS-caltex Corporation
H2 Fueling Stations Manufacturer
Hydrogen Production Technology
H2 PEM Electrolyzer
H2 Logic
PEMFC and H2 Fueling Integrator
H2gen Innovations
H2 Onsite Generation
H2 Distributed Generation
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.
Silicon Nanowire for Hydrogen Fuel Storage
Hydrogen Technologies
H2 Fueling Stations, Water Electrolysis
Harvest Energy Technology, Inc.
Advanced Fuel Processors
Hydrogen Processor: Under-oxidized Burner
HEC Consulting
Solar Thermal H2 Production
HSM Systems Inc.
Merchant Hydrogen
H2 Generation Systems
Onsite Hydrogen Generation
Hydrogen Power Inc.
H2 Reforming for Vehicles and Stationary
Hydrogen Solar ltd
H2 Chemical Production Developer, Nanotechnology
Nano-crystalline Material Hydrogen Production
H2 Reformers for Vehicles
H2 and Fuel Cell Integrator
ILT Technology
Manufacturer of H2 Generators
IMM - Institut fur Mikrotechnik Mainz GMBH
H2 Reformer, PEMFC Demonstrations
H2 Reformer for Vehicles
International Development Consultants, Inc.
H2 Onsite Production With Wind
Iwatani International
H2 Fueling
Hygear B.V./ Jacques Smolenaars
H2 Fueling, Fuel Cell Manufacturer
Japan air Gases
H2 Fueling for Vehicles
H2 Fueling
Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Nano-laminated CR2ALC Ternary Carbide for PEMFC Bipolar Plates
Kraus Global inc
H2 Fueling Vehicles & Stationary FC
Kyungwon University
Nanostructured Fuel Cell Materials.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Nano H2 Storage
3-d Nanoscale Fuel Cells on a Chip Using Nanowire Alloy
3-d Nanoscale Fuel Cells on a Chip Using Nanowire Alloy (continued)
Nanoporous Metal-inorganic Materials for Hydrogen Storage
Nanostructured Pems
Linde Group
H2 Major Manufacturer, H2 Fueling Stations
H2 Major Manufacturer, H2 Fueling Stations (continued)
Lygan Technologies
Hydrogen Storage R&D
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
High Throughput Screening of Nanostructured Hydrogen Storage Materials
Magna Steyr
H2 Storage Tanks for Vehicles
Mahler ags GMBH
H2 Onsite Production
Membrane Reactor Technologies ltd (MRT)
H2 Reforming and Purification
Mesofuel, Inc.
H2 on Demand From Multiple Fuels
H2 Storage Alloy
Methanex Corporation
Methanol Manufacturer
Micro Motion
H2 Measurement Sensors
Molecular Optoelectronics Corporation
Fiber Optic Hydrogen Sensors Based on Nanosized Metal Alloys
Myfc AB
Portable PEMFC, SOFC
H2 Production
National Institute of Standards and Technology (nist)
Metal-decorated Nanotubes as Fuel Cells
Figure 3 Metal Decorated Nanotube
Nist: Hydrogen Storage in Ethylene-titanium Complex
Metal-organic Framework Nano-cages for H2 Storage
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
1617 Cole Blvd.
Nanostructured Adsorbents for Hydrogen Storage
Ngimat Company
Novel Nanocatalyst Materials for H2 Production
N-ghy, S.A.
Fuel Processors for Fuel Cells
Nippon Sanso
H2 Manufacture, Fueling Stations
oak Ridge National Laboratory (ornl)
Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Storage
Oxford Catalysts Group PLC
H2 Distributed Production
Planet GBR
Wind-driven Electrolyzer, fc Integrator
Physical Optics Corporation
Photo-electrochemical System for Hydrogen Generation
Physical Sciences Inc.
Nanofiber Reinforced Ceramic Composites
Powernova Technologies Corporation
Hydrogen Production Technology
Hydrogen Manufacturer
Procyon Power Systems
Hydrogen Production by Pyrolysis
Questair Technologies
Pressure Swing Adsorption (psa) Technology
Power & Energy, Inc.
Nanomaterials for H2 Supply
H2 Production
Powdermet, Inc.
Titanium Foam for Hydrogen Storage Container
Purdue University
Nano Aluminum and Gallium Hydrogen Production
Oxford Lasers ltd
SOFC Manufacturing Machinery Manufacturer
Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc.
H2 Production
Raufoss Fuel Systems
Manufacturer, H2 Storage Cylinders and Storage Systems
Solar H2 Production
Rentech, inc
gas to Liquids, Fuels for FC
Fuel Cell Integration Engineering Consulting
Safe Hydrogen llc
H2 Storage
Sandia National Laboratory
Nanoscale Additives for Sealing Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Savannah River National Laboratory
Hydrogen Interaction Mechanisms With Metal-doped Carbon Nanostructures
Shell Global Solutions (UK)
Hydrogen Production From Natural gas and Ethanol
Shandong University
H2 Production
Shanghai Auto Industry Corporation
PEMFC for Vehicles
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
pem Research
Shell Hydrogen bv
H2, H2 Fueling Stations, Major Manufacturer
Showa Shell Sekiyu
H2 Fueling for Vehicles, H2 Manufacturer
Siam Water Flame CO. Ltd.
H2 Electrolyzer
Sinanen CO. ltd
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Demonstration Project
H2 Major Manufacturer
South West Electrolysers
Water Electrolysis Equipment for the Production of Hydrogen
Startech/plasma Power
Hydrogen Production by Plasma Converter System
State University of new York at Albany
Metal Nanoparticle Doped ysz Nano-cermets
State University of new York at Albany
Feasibility of a SOFC Stack Integrated Optical Chemical Sensor
Sukan Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Fuel Cell Test Station and Hydrogen gas Generating Plant
Sumisho air Water
H2 Fueling Station
Surfect Technologies, Inc.
SOFC Nanotechnology
Synkera Technologies, Inc.
Nanostructured CO Sensor for Fuel Cell Applications
Nanorod Array Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production
Tatung System Technologies, Inc. (tsti)
Techdrive, Inc.
Design and Synthesis of Novel Microporous Materials for H2 Storage
Taiyo Nippon Sanso
H2 Manufacturer, H2 Fueling Stations
Tekion, inc
Formira™ Power Pack
Texas Tech University
Probing Nanometer-scale Ptco Electrocatalysts
Tianjin Highland Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd.
H2 Hydride Storage
Tohoku University
Titanium-based Alloys for H2 Storage
Tokyo gas
H2 Manufacturer, SOFC R&D
Total S.A.
Major Hydrogen Producer
Treibacher Industrie ag
H2 Hydride Storage Systems
H2 Reformer for Jp8, H2 From Biogas
University of Aberdeen
Photo-electrocatalytic Fuel Cell (pecfc)
Photo-electrocatalytic Fuel Cell (pecfc) (continued)
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Hydrogen Production and Storage in Complex Hydrides of Transitional Elements and Carbon-based Nanostructural Materials
University of Bayreuth
Hydrogen Production by Integrated Biomass Gasification/sponge Iron Process
University of Connecticut
Hydrogen Sorption/desorption o

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