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The Multi-Level Market for Weight Loss Products

March 2014 | 107 pages | ID: M8A65F6C33AEN
Marketdata Enterprises

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In a U.S. weight loss market that’s characterized by flat to low growth, the MLM (multi-level marketing) sales model stands out as one of the few bright growth spots. Meal replacements sold by MLMs are a good fit for do-it-yourself dieters. This is a groundbreaking new analysis of the $2.5 billion MLM U.S. weight loss market.

The study covers dollar value and growth rate of the U.S. market from 1995-2018 forecast, worldwide estimated sales of weight loss products via MLMs, number of distributors in the U.S., the nature of the MLM sales model, how it works, and why many critics argue that they are pyramid schemes, state and government regulations, why Utah is home to most MLM companies, why the business is attractive to consumers seeking a flexible home-based business, historical size of the direct selling industry, weight loss products’ increasing share, effect of recessions on recruitment of distributors, average annual earnings per distributor for top 15 MLMs, effect of 1994 Dietary Nutrition Labeling Act on the market, and the current battle of William Ackman’s hedge fund vs. Herbalife.

Also included: Rankings & revenues of top 15 weight loss MLMs (2012, 2013), and a Reference Directory.

Contains 25 in-depth competitor profiles for: Advocare, AMS health Sciences, Conklin Company, GNLD Intl., Herbalife Intl., Immunotec, Isagenix, Lifestyles USA, Lifewave, LovingWorks LLC, Mannatech, Morinda, Nature’s Sunshine, NHT Global, Nikken Global, Pharmanex (Nu-Skin Intl.), Reliv Intl., Shaklee, Sportron, Symmetry Corp., Synergy Worldwide (Nature’s Sunshine), Univera, USANA Health Sciences, Visalus (Blyth Corp.), Vollara.

Based on extensive primary & secondary research, management phone interviews, trade associations, stock analysts, SEC docs, more.
Introduction: Scope of the study, Methodology, Sources Used 1-3
Executive Overview of Major Findings ($250) 4-17
  Highlights of all study chapters: nature and structure of the MLM market, How MLM/direct selling works, controversies regarding the MLM model, $ size of the World and U.S. market for weight loss products sold via MLM distributors, why recessions are good for distributor recruitment, $ size of U.S. MLM weight loss market: 1995-2018 forecast, avg. sales per distributor, top competitors selling weight loss products via MLM channels, strategies, major market trends, short and long-term outlook.
Nature & Structure of The Market ($100) 18-32
  Definition of network marketing
  How the Multi-level marketing model works, what MLM companies sell
  Facts and demographics about direct selling
  Top reasons why people join network marketing companies
  Why most MLM companies are based in Utah
  Issues and problems with MLMs
  Government and industry regulation
  Retail nutritional supplements: role of the FDA, FTC, 1994 Nutritional Labeling &
Education Act
  Trade groups: Direct Selling Association
  Allegations that some MLMs are pyramid schemes. Case study: William Ackman’s
Hedge fund vs. Herbalife, efforts to short the stock.
Size & Growth of the Worldwide and U.S. Market ($200) 33-55
  Discussion & summary of available information
  Analysis of the last recession’s effect on recruitment of MLM distributors
  Analysis of weight loss/wellness products as percent of total direct selling sales
  Average yearly sales of weight loss products per MLM distributor: data from
Medifast, Herbalife, Visalus, Pharmanex, Marketdata estimates.
  Estimated direct selling $ value in the U.S: 1992-2012, annual % chg.
  Estimated number of active direct salespeople in the U.S: 1992-2012
  Estimated percent of direct sales accounted for by weight loss products, vitamins and supplements in the U.S.: 1995-2012
  Weight loss meal replacement products $ sales, by MLM channel: 200011
  Weight loss OTC diet pills $ sales by MLM channel: 200011
  Combined meal replacement and OTC diet pills $ sales, by MLM channel: 200011
  No. of Herbalife distributors in North America: 2006-2013
  Herbalife’s weight management product sales, as % total company sales: 1999-2013
  Historical estimate of some leading MLM company weight loss product sales in the U.S.: 200013
  Estimated Worldwide MLM weight management product sales, by company: 2013 (25 companies)
Profiles of The Major Competitors ($495) 56-104
(Company address/contact info., history, description, products sold, prices, strategy, countries they compete in, revenues when available-actual or estimated, no. of distributors, recent developments, etc.)
  AMS health Sciences
  Conklin Company
  GNLD Intl.
  Herbalife Intl.
  Lifestyles USA
  LovingWorks LLC
  Nature’s Sunshine
  NHT Global
  Pharmanex (Nu-Skin Intl.)
  Relive Intl.
  Symmetry Corp.
  Synergy Worldwide (Nature’s Sunshine)
  USANA Health Sciences
  Visalus (Blyth Corp.)
Reference Directory of Sources 105-107
  Direct selling/MLM trade groups, magazines, special reports, surveys and analysts: name/address/contact information.

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