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The Increasing Role of Alternative Energy

June 2011 | 67 pages | ID: I41F020C8B6EN
Renaissance Analytics

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Executive Summary

As hydrocarbons continue to dominate the globe with supplying the necessary energy for transportation fuels and power generation, many nations of the globe are investing in alternative sources of energy, to transform their societies in becoming cleaner and greener.

This transformation will take several decades and require massive investment, in the trillions of dollars. In 2009, global renewable energy investment reached $162 billion, and in 2010, renewable investment globally, was estimated between $175 billion to $200 billion. The mission of this research paper is to explain the different types of alternative energy, and how they will be used to transform economies from reducing their dependence on coal, crude oil, and to a lesser extent, natural gas. I have utilized over 75 sources including: annual reports, company publications, and articles from Reuters and Bloomberg. The research paper will dedicate five pages to explaining the fundamentals behind the global crude oil addiction. There will also be a three page discussion about coal use in the United States, in China, and about overall global coal demand. There will also be a two page discussion about the increasing use of natural gas in power generation and in natural gas liquids for transportation fuels. The research paper will discuss some of the alternative energy initiatives which are being developed in both China and in the U.S. Other major topics which will be discussed in this research paper include: wind power, solar power, nuclear power, hydroelectric power, geothermal energy, biofuels, Canadian oil sands, hybrid vehicles, and electric cars. There will also be a discussion about some of the major corporations who are having a major impact on alternative energy.

The major corporations include: Peabody Energy, PotashCorp, Chevron, NextEra Energy, Exelon, and Google. The research paper will also feature several statistical tables. The conclusion will feature a three page analysis, with several of my observations and recommendations.
Executive Summary
The Fundamentals Behind The Global Crude Oil Addiction
Natural Gas
Major Alternative Energy Initiatives Taking Place in China & The U.S.
G20 Nations and Alternative Energy
Wind Power
Solar Power
Nuclear Power
Japan’s Response to the Fukushima Disaster
Hydroelectric Power
Geothermal Energy
Hybrid Vehicles
Electric Vehicles
Canadian Oil Sands
Peabody Energy
NextEra Energy
Statistical Tables
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