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20 Major Exploration & Production Companies Within The Oil & Natural Gas Industry Within North America, and the Global Crude Oil and Natural Gas Environment in Which They Operate

December 2011 | 82 pages | ID: 2AB887D79E3EN
Renaissance Analytics

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Executive Summary

The mission of this industry research report is to present a comprehensive analysis of the Oil and Natural Gas Industry, by using Michael Porter’s Five Forces Industry Analysis. Porter’s Five Forces Industry Analysis, is a very effective method for analyzing an industry, and was very helpful in structuring the industry research report.

This industry research report features over 250 hours of extensive research, and I have utilized over 100 sources for the material contained in this report. The sources include over 50 annual reports, company websites, several books, and various other websites.

The Oil and Natural Gas Industry Environment section will discuss demand fundamentals, depletion, countries with good exploration prospects, and the global emergence of natural gas. The Competitive Environment section will cover the global super-majors competitive advantage over smaller competitors, industry profitability, returns on capital employed, and attractive price objectives for both crude oil and natural gas. The New Entrants section will discuss many of the difficulties of smaller competitors, the advantages of the global super-majors, vertical integration, Standard Oil, and Canada’s tar sand companies. The Buyers section will discuss the countries which use the most crude oil, and the bargaining power of buyers. The Suppliers section will discuss the pipeline companies, and the deepwater drillers, and their respective bargaining power. The Substitutes section will discuss the alternatives to fossil fuels for power plants, Brazil’s energy independence, the Pickens Plan, ethanol as a substitute for transportation fuel, natural gas as an alternative to crude oil, and electric cars as a substitute. The industry research report will also highlight 20 major exploration and production companies within the oil and natural gas industry within North America. There will be a summary of each company’s revenues and profits over a 10 year period, as well as a description of each company’s major operations. The industry research paper will also have several tables showing various statistics regarding crude oil production and consumption. There will also be one page dedicated to the country of Iraq, which has the potential to rival the crude oil output of Saudi Arabia and Russia, in the coming years. I will also highlight the country of Venezuela, which in 2010, has struck several oil agreements, to expand its oil production in its vast Orinoco region. The industry research report will also cover four major areas of North America, which are prolific for oil and natural gas production. They include: the Gulf of Mexico, Bakken Oil Shale Formation, Canada’s Alberta Oil Sands, and the Shale Gas regions of the United States. The report will also highlight many of the large producing oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, there will be a two page summary of some of the largest oil sands projects in Canada, which will be developed from 2011-2020. The conclusion will feature, several of my observations from writing this extensive industry research report of The Oil & Natural Gas Industry.
Executive Summary
The Crude Oil and Natural Gas Industry Environment
The Growing Importance of The Natural Gas Industry
Competitive Environment
New Entrants
Peak Oil
Standard Oil & Vertical Integration
Occidental Petroleum
Marathon Oil
Anadarko Petroleum
Devon Energy
EOG Resources
Murphy Oil
Chesapeake Energy
Ultra Petroleum
SouthWestern Energy
Suncor Energy
Canadian Natural Resources
Imperial Oil
Cenovus Energy
Talisman Energy
Husky Energy
Statistical Tables
Canada’s Alberta Oil Sands
Major Oil Sands Projects in Development in Canada
Major Pipeline Operators
United States Shale Gas/Alaska/Piceance Basin
Gulf of Mexico/Bakken Oil Shale Formation
Major Gulf of Mexico Oil Fields
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