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Targeting Medical Tourists from the UK 2014

July 2014 | | ID: T20109018CDEN
Ian Youngman

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The British are again travelling abroad in substantial numbers, but will they go overseas for medical treatment?

Many organisations target the UK as they have read somewhere or been told at a conference that it has huge potential. But few take the time or trouble to study the UK market, which is why many attempts fail.

Do you know about?
  • The National Health Service and private healthcare.
  • State and private insurance.
  • Insurer and NHS attitude to medical tourism.
  • How the EU cross-border directive works in the UK.
  • Where the British go on holiday and what they look for.
  • Where they go now for medical care.
  • What types of treatment they go for.
  • What is driving medical tourism and what may restrict it.
  • What the potential is for differing types of treatment.
  • Age profiles.
  • Recent initiatives.
  • Trends.
These and many other questions are answered in this new type of business report that is designed specifically for organizations targeting UK medical tourists
UK structure
Life expectancy
Age profile of population
Age of medical tourists
Healthcare costs
Healthcare system
State health insurance
Dental care
Private health insurance
Health insurers and medical tourism
Problems with local healthcare
Paying for private healthcare
Outbound travel numbers
Outbound travel trends
Top 20 outbound destinations 2013
Business versus personal travel
What outbound travellers seek
Official figures on outbound medical tourism
IPS numbers
Unofficial figures on outbound medical tourism
Recent initiatives on UK outbound medical tourism
Research on outbound medical tourism
Where medical tourists go
Diaspora and expatriate and traveller numbers
Overseas clinics in the UK
Purchase by medical tourists- via agency or direct to hospital
Why people go to another country
Language skills
State/insurer paid medical tourism
NHS rules on EU cross-border healthcare
Media confusion
Consumer health tourism shows
Active outbound medical tourism portals
Active outbound medical tourism agencies
Medical price comparison sites
Trends in outbound medical tourism
Why social media is essential
Potential for outbound dental tourism
Potential for outbound cosmetic surgery tourism
Potential for outbound surgical tourism
Potential for outbound fertility tourism
Potential for outbound weight loss tourism
Potential for outbound cancer treatment

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